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How SIP solutions can help SMEs take control of inbound calls

how sip solutions can help smes take control of inbound calls

27 July 2018 | Jamie Ward

In a strong economy, most businesses will enjoy greater prosperity. Disposable income is at a high, consumers are financially confident, which means they’re more likely to increase their purchasing. For SMEs, it can be a double-edged sword. As trading ramps up, SME workforces can feel too stretched to handle all the new business. If the economy slumps, they’re the first to feel the pinch. And unlike their enterprise counterparts, SMEs often lack the steady cashflow

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Mobility and millennials in the workplace

Mobility Millennials Blog

17 July 2018 | Jamie Ward

Millennials are getting older. They’re moving up the career ladder and bringing along a new set of standards for workplace culture and environment – ones which position seamless telecommunications as a high priority. Millennials may be stereotypes, but the assumptions are  true –  they want things faster, more reliable and easy to use.

These standards are likely to influence whether millennials decide to stay at a company or move on. They don’t want to work for

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What’s the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SMEs?

EU - Whats the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SME

7 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

2018 has already been a big year for regulatory compliance. The GDPR deadline day has come and gone – and in the noise that surrounded GDPR readiness, you may not have noticed that earlier in the year (February), the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard) version 3.2 came into effect.

PCI compliance has been a requirement, in one way or another, since 2004. And yet, according to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report,

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What are the effects of non-compliance for SMEs?


18 May 2018 | Jamie Ward

The GDPR is rightly on the minds of everyone business, of all sizes. In recent GDPR headlines, big companies seem to featuring quite heavily. After all, if anyone’s going to be hit with a fine of €20 million it’s going to be a behemoth enterprise who’s left the back door open (legislatively speaking).

However, small businesses should be equally aware of the repercussions of non-compliance. Not just because the legislators will be looking out for non-compliant businesses;

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