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Why telecoms resilience matters for Financial Services

19 February 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Today’s consumers are increasingly expectant of access to always-on technology and services, and there are few sectors where this is truer than in financial services.

Access to 24/7 banking, for example, is seen as a given. As a result, online banking outages result in significant brand damage and are unsettling for users. That same ‘always-on’ expectation applies to a financial services company’s

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How transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

Transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

30 January 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Everyone in the business has goals to achieve. And everyone in the business relies on IT, to a greater or lesser extent, to enable them to meet those goals.

That’s a lot of pressure on the IT function, especially when every team has different objectives and different ways of measuring them. Technology infrastructure must support them, not hinder them.

That’s why transforming business communications can

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The SIP Series (VI): Un-locking Your Data

The SIP Series VI Un-locking Your Data cover banner

7 September 2017 | Ian Hunter

SIP trunks offer business the opportunity to not only reduce costs but also enable fast access to up to the minute applications that organisations today need in order to gain competitive advantages.

However, the versatility of SIP trunks can only be realized by having a quality carrier circuit that has sufficient bandwidth and the robust reliability required to

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The SIP Series (V): Who is using SIP Trunking?

The SIP Series V Who is using SIP cover banner

7 September 2017 | Ian Hunter

What type of organisation is using SIP trunking?

Well, it is any and all, because the benefits that come with switching from legacy ISDN to IP based trunks are as diverse as those organisations using the service.

No matter what size a company is or in which sector they operate, the need to reduce costs and

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The SIP Series (IV): What is involved?

The SIP trunking Series IV What is involved cover banner

7 September 2017 | Ian Hunter

SIP trunking, sometimes referred to as VoIP trunking or IP trunking, is using your Internet access circuit to carry voice rather than a typical ISDN connection over the traditional PSTN network. In the UK, telco carriers are phasing out the supply and support of ISDN by 2025.

To switch your business over to SIP trunks you need to

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