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The NHS and the Autumn Budget: a boost for UK healthcare

EU blog - The NHS and the Autumn Budget a boost for UK healthcare

5 November 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

The NHS might have marked its 70 th birthday in July, but there’s no denying there’s been little cause for celebration in recent years. In fact, it’s widely acknowledged that the UK’s healthcare system is in a state of crisis , as it battles a lack of staff, financially stretched services, and a record demand for care.

As it stands, the

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How SIP solutions can help SMEs take control of inbound calls

how sip solutions can help smes take control of inbound calls

27 July 2018 | Jamie Ward

In a strong economy, most businesses will enjoy greater prosperity. Disposable income is at a high, consumers are financially confident, which means they’re more likely to increase their purchasing. For SMEs, it can be a double-edged sword. As trading ramps up, SME workforces can feel too stretched to handle all the new business. If the economy slumps, they’re the first to feel the

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How businesses can take the next step in their SIP trunking journey

How businesses can take the next step in their SIP trunking journey

15 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

All businesses are the same, but also different. They face broadly similar challenges – reduce costs, increase profitability, win more customers, manage growth in increasingly uncertain market conditions – but the solutions to those challenges will differ depending on the size, location, industry and objectives of the individual business.

Similarly, while digital transformation is something all businesses must address, how they do

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SIP and the City

Canary Wharf

30 May 2018 | Gary Dudbridge

The world of international finance is fast moving; modern banking is an always-on, 24 hour business, and for real success, reliable and effective means of communication are an essential component of that business.

Huge advances in telecommunications technology mean that the great banking cities like London are now hyper-connected smart cities, with burgeoning high tech commerce centres – the world of finance demands great communications tools as a fundamental backbone to doing business.

From multi-billion

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How investing in telephony can improve NHS efficiency

20 April 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

It’s no secret that red tape plagues much of the NHS. In fact, it’s an all too familiar story across many government organisations. Complex operations mean separate divisions tend to work in isolation and, as a result, information becomes difficult to share and inefficient processes ensue.

This can be seen in the health service today. Patients often move between GPs, specialists, and other parts

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