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Why telecoms resilience matters for Financial Services

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19 February 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Today’s consumers are increasingly expectant of access to always-on technology and services, and there are few sectors where this is truer than in financial services.

Access to 24/7 banking, for example, is seen as a given. As a result, online banking outages result in significant brand damage and are unsettling for users. That same ‘always-on’ expectation applies to a financial services company’s customer service phone lines. Customers want to be able to speak to someone on

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How transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

Transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

30 January 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Everyone in the business has goals to achieve. And everyone in the business relies on IT, to a greater or lesser extent, to enable them to meet those goals.

That’s a lot of pressure on the IT function, especially when every team has different objectives and different ways of measuring them. Technology infrastructure must support them, not hinder them.

That’s why transforming business communications can be so powerful. It’s a (relatively) simple way of arming other departments

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The 140 year journey to SIP

The 140 year journey to SIP

27 July 2017 | Gary Dudbridge

When Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call back in 1876, and was awarded the US patent for ‘transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically by causing electrical undulations’ , it wasn’t immediately clear that the world would change forever, and he could never have imagined a future where everyone carried smartphones as an extension of their personal being into a hyper-connected world.

One thing that hasn’t changed since those days however, would be that business

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What does digital transformation mean for business telecoms?

What does digital transformation mean for business telecoms

25 April 2017 | Cem Ahmet

In every conceivable industry, digital transformation is vital. It puts the customer experience at the heart of business, improves the functionality of the systems that each department depends on, and future-proofs technology, either through migration or maintenance.

However, digital transformation involves investment. And there’s a hierarchy of need that differs by sector. To realise the benefits of transformation – which can be anything from faster time to market for new products, to becoming 26% more profitable

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Customer Service you can Bank on: How Gamma Revolutionised Metro Bank’s Telephony

How Gamma revolutionised Metro Bank's telephony

16 February 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Metro Bank is a relatively new player in the UK high street Financial Services market. Granted a licence by the FSA in 2010, it became the first institution in over 100 years to join an industry dominated by old names.

To truly stand out against this large number of long-running competitors, Metro Bank has dedicated itself to offering a convenient banking experience through superior customer service.

Achieving this goal depends on how easy it is for customers

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