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How the NHS’ 10-year plan demands improved connectivity

EU - How the NHS’ 10-year plan demands improved connectivity

28 February 2019 | Sam Winterbottom

A lot happened in July 2018. Parks across the land were scorched as the UK basked in a heatwave. Football didn’t come home, but it came (sort of) close. And the NHS celebrated its 70 th birthday, marking another decade of service for one of the country’s most important and valued public institutions.

But with this anniversary came a heightened pressure – because

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Healthcare: The benefits of migrating from legacy connections to HSCN

EU - Healthcare The benefits of migrating from legacy connections to HSCN

19 February 2019 | Sam Winterbottom

Since its launch in 2017, health and social care organisations in the UK have gradually started migrating from the old NHS national network (N3) to its replacement, the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

With N3 thought to be no longer fit for purpose, the newer HSCN is defined as providing ‘a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and social care

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How can the public sector respond to the NHS’ winter crisis?

How can the public sector respond to the NHS winter crisis

26 November 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

It’s official: last year’s winter was the worst on record for the NHS, with patient care suffering on an unprecedented scale. Hundreds of thousands of patients were left waiting in hospital corridors and ambulances, while countless procedures were cancelled, and staff battled to keep providing quality services in the face of it all.

In part, this was down to the weather –

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Why voice communication is important to the clearing process

Voice communication clearing process

20 November 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

Following major changes to A-level exams in 2018, the number of students ‘who secured pass grades at A-level dropped to its lowest point in eight years’. As a result, many were forced to head through the clearing process. But scary as this might sound, tens of thousands of places were actually still available, including spots at 18 leading UK

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Improving employee satisfaction in local government

Improve employee local government

7 November 2018 | Sam Winterbottom


During a decade of austerity, many public sector organisations have been forced to weather stormy seas – and local councils are a prime example of this. Budgets have been slashed time and time again, leaving local governments struggling to deal with the realities of providing services for increasing numbers of people and an ageing population . But while the recent Autumn Budget has promised more funding to improve services, this won’t necessarily

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