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Why effective cloud backup measures are crucial for the public sector

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19 February 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

Digital technology can have truly transformational effects on organisations – the public sector included. This is because embracing digital tools gives firms the potential to increase their efficiency, improve the user experience and unlock valuable data for future innovation. And in turn, these benefits can make the day-to-day lives of public servants, as well as citizens, much easier.
However, achieving such change doesn’t come without its own challenges.
As ever, a lack of government funding is a

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How can public sector organisations prepare for GDPR?


30 August 2017 | Sam Winterbottom

By now, you’re probably well aware that the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming. Chances are you’ve been inundated with articles saying you should be prepared for it, or else face the consequences.

However, according to one survey, a third of public sector decision makers are not yet confident that they’ll be fully prepared for GDPR by the time it kicks in. If that sounds familiar – don’t fear. Here’s a quick and

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What is the future of voice for the public sector?

What is the future of voice for the public sector

2 August 2017 | Sam Winterbottom

Pundits have a habit of proclaiming the death – or the diminished importance – of a medium or technology, only to see their predictions proven thoroughly wrong. The people who said talk radio was dead have since witnessed the explosion in popularity of podcasts. Those who announced the end of television have seen Netflix go from strength to strength. Even the printed paperback book is holding its own after the invention of the e-reader.

So let’s

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Getting a clear line for Clearing time

17 July 2017 | Sam Winterbottom

Clearing is now as much a part of the A-level results day ritual as the pictures of young people jubilantly leaping into the air that flood the news. It’s so commonplace that record numbers of students now find a university this way, with 33,000 students going through the process in 2016.

That’s a huge peak in call traffic, the kind of demand that puts a huge strain on university telephony systems. It’s gotten to the point

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What digital transformation challenges face the public sector when it comes to telecoms?

The government finally laid out its vision for public sector digital transformation in February.

23 May 2017 | Sam Winterbottom

The government finally laid out its vision for public sector digital transformation in February. Yet publishing a technology infrastructure wish-list online and actually delivering it are two different things. We’ve already shown here on the blog that voice is still crucial; that peaks in demand can cause headaches for legacy systems; and that unscheduled downtime needs a good disaster recovery plan.
But there’s a host of further challenges that face the public sector when it comes

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