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How can the public sector respond to the NHS’ winter crisis?

How can the public sector respond to the NHS winter crisis

26 Nov 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

It’s official: last year’s winter was the worst on record for the NHS, with patient care suffering on an unprecedented scale. Hundreds of thousands of patients were left waiting in hospital corridors and ambulances, while countless procedures were cancelled, and staff battled to keep providing quality services in the face of it all.

In part, this was down to the weather – February saw a cold snap so drastic it even has its own Wikipedia page.

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Why voice communication is important to the clearing process

Voice communication clearing process

20 Nov 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

Following major changes to A-level exams in 2018, the number of students ‘who secured pass grades at A-level dropped to its lowest point in eight years’. As a result, many were forced to head through the clearing process. But scary as this might sound, tens of thousands of places were actually still available, including spots at 18 leading UK Russell Group universities.

By the end of the period, 60,100 students gained places through clearing – setting

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Improving employee satisfaction in local government

Improve employee local government

7 Nov 2018 | Sam Winterbottom


During a decade of austerity, many public sector organisations have been forced to weather stormy seas – and local councils are a prime example of this. Budgets have been slashed time and time again, leaving local governments struggling to deal with the realities of providing services for increasing numbers of people and an ageing population. But while the recent Autumn Budget has promised more funding to improve services, this won’t necessarily improve staff morale damaged

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The NHS and the Autumn Budget: a boost for UK healthcare

EU blog - The NHS and the Autumn Budget a boost for UK healthcare

5 Nov 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

The NHS might have marked its 70th birthday in July, but there’s no denying there’s been little cause for celebration in recent years. In fact, it’s widely acknowledged that the UK’s healthcare system is in a state of crisis, as it battles a lack of staff, financially stretched services, and a record demand for care.

As it stands, the NHS in England alone deals with more than 1.4 million patients every 24 hours. With the UK

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How big data is shaping the supply chain in the public sector

Big Data Supply Chain Public Sector

19 Oct 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

Public sector organisations are under huge pressure to stick to stringent budgets and meet targets. As such, a small hiccup in a supply chain can have big consequences – and for some already strained organisations, like the NHS, procurement problems really could be a life or death issue.

But what if these organisations could prevent such procurement problems from happening in the first place?

The benefits would be far reaching across a range of public sector organisations.

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