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Top tips to stay on top of your business mobile game

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28 February 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Technology habits are undoubtedly changing. According to StatCounter, internet usage on mobile and tablet devices exceeded that of desktop usage for the first time in October 2016. And, according to Gartner, global PC sales have been down consecutively for the last five years, including Q4 2016.

Now, more than ever, no business can afford to ignore mobile technology. If you’re considering updating your mobile telecoms strategy, here are some tips to help you make the right

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The top 3 things to look for in a business mobile provider

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1 February 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Mobile technology has become indispensable to businesses. It helps employees stay on top of calls and in touch with customers while they’re out of the office. It keeps workflows moving despite not everyone being physically at their desk. And it enables flexible working, giving way to a better work-life balance. From handsets, USB modems (dongles), data and/or voice SIMs to wireless hotspots, mobile technology is an integral part of any modern business communications plan.

To realise

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Top Telecoms Trends in 2016

Gamma voice - SIP Trunking and hosted business phone system from the UK's leading provider

16 December 2016 | Cem Ahmet

It is astounding just how quickly telecommunications technology is changing. The past year has seen two major trends arise in business communications that are altering the playing field for all organisations.

Mobile is not a new technology, but the improvement in mobile data coverage and speeds, coupled with the demand for greater flexible working, has only accelerated the adoption of Smartphones as the communications tool of choice for many employees. And further developments in cloud telephony

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Can an all-in-one solution revolutionise mobile?

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19 October 2016 | Cem Ahmet

Most mid-size businesses are heavily reliant on dependable and efficient mobile telephony. Staff need to be able to work wherever their job takes them. That means being contactable by customers and colleagues when needed, especially when 66% of companies allow their staff to work remotely.

As such, it stands to reason that companies that don’t provide greater mobile flexibility will be left behind by better-connected competitors. However, it’s not always easy for businesses when searching for

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How SMEs can benefit from greater convergence

read our mobile blogs to find out the best information on business mobile

12 October 2016 | Jamie Ward

Technology changes can make a big difference in small businesses. From incremental savings through more efficient telephony and improved connectivity, ensuring that sales calls are completed, to productivity gains without the need for new hires and better mobile for travelling staff.

These are just a few examples. And while each benefit on its own might push an SME’s communications solution to work a bit harder, when combined the impact on a business can be significant. With

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