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How mobile communications are helping SMEs to thrive

EU - How mobile communications are helping SMEs to thrive

2 January 2019 | Neil Taylor

Remote working is on the rise – undoubtedly. In large part, this is thanks to the emerging technologies that facilitate connectivity from anywhere, but it’s also a product of the way in which workplace cultures are evolving in tandem with this technology shift. With 16.1 million people employed in SMEs in the UK (which accounts for 60% of all private sector

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Why your communications strategy is key for a Gen Z workplace

Comms Strategy Gen Z Workplace

20 November 2018 | Cem Ahmet


Over the last decade, most businesses have invested a lot of time and effort into supporting millennial employees, whether that’s ruminating on their preferred communication style (do they still pick up the phone ?) or simply working out what their needs are .

But with many millennials heading into their late thirties, a fresh cohort – Generation Z – are entering the workplace. Which means your business communications strategy needs to start considering a

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5 simple steps to creating a mobile workforce

simple steps to creating a mobile workforce

14 November 2018 | Cem Ahmet

As our Digital Transformation research revealed , customer expectations have never been higher. In an always-connected world, consumers want businesses to be available around the clock, meaning a 9-5 approach just won’t cut it any more. Fortunately, employees feel the same way. Flexible and mobile working is becoming not just a perk, but a standard expectation.

But what is mobile working

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Improving employee satisfaction in local government

Improve employee local government

7 November 2018 | Sam Winterbottom


During a decade of austerity, many public sector organisations have been forced to weather stormy seas – and local councils are a prime example of this. Budgets have been slashed time and time again, leaving local governments struggling to deal with the realities of providing services for increasing numbers of people and an ageing population . But while the recent Autumn Budget has promised more funding to improve services, this won’t necessarily

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What will the iOS 12 update mean for businesses?

EU blog - What will the iOS 12 update mean for businesses

23 October 2018 | Jamie Ward

Mobile technology moves fast. While it wouldn’t be unusual to visit an office with desk phones from a decade ago, mobiles become outdated much more quickly. So, whether your business has a BYOD policy or deploys devices to staff as part of a mobility strategy, keeping technology relevant is an ongoing concern.

But while keeping devices up to date is important, not all updates

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