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Millennials in the workplace: Is there still a place for voice?

EU - Millennials in the workplace Is there still a place for voice

5 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

Technology has come a long way, completely transforming the way we live, work and communicate. Of all the demographic groups, it’s safe to assume that technology adoption has probably been most seamless amongst millennials. This means they now have a particular set of expectations when it comes to their own working environments, more so than their predecessors. Millennials have come to expect access to a flawless suite of systems, tools and applications that allow them

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Enabling better patient satisfaction with Horizon and EMIS Health integration

EU - Enabling better patient satisfaction with Horizon and EMIS Health integration

1 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

Today’s healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges. The demands of an aging population, coupled with chronic staff shortages, have put the strain on already stretched resources. Furthermore, providers must keep up with rapid advances in technology whilst finding ways to reduce costs.

In these circumstances, healthcare organisations must do more with less. When budgets are tight, any IT or communications spend must increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals so that they can deal with more patients

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What’s threatening voice communication today?


31 May 2018 | Jamie Ward

In today’s tech era, is there still a place for voice communication? All living organisms communicate. Whales sing, birds chirp and dogs bark. Even plants talk to each other via fungi. As humans, we talk on the phone, face to face, through emails, web chats, video calls and more.

What makes us stand out is our use of technology. It’s how we elevate the way we communicate. Thanks to telephones, webcams, and the internet, communication is

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Why you should choose a business-first data network

13 March 2018 | Jamie Ward

Websites that take forever to load. Internet access that constantly drops off. Web applications that simply don’t respond. These connectivity issues are enough to make anyone want to scream into a blank screen and throw their keyboard out the window.
But the situation needn’t be so dire (nor the reaction so drastic). There’s a simple way many businesses can guarantee the sanity of their employees and the safety of their equipment. Simply: business-first connectivity.
Most of the

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How can SMEs address their compliance concerns?

9 March 2018 | Jamie Ward

We’re living in an increasingly digital world – that much is sure. But as more and more of our everyday transactions take place online, businesses and individuals face an increased risk of fraud. At the same time data breaches are becoming better targeted, as cyber attackers get sophisticated with their tactics and methods.

The result is that businesses become subject to ever more stringent compliance regulations, as part of the fraud fightback. It’s fair enough –

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