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How voice communication will remain crucial to SMEs future success

How voice communication will remain crucial to SMEs future success

9 August 2017 | Jamie Ward

If, as a business community, we were to believe the rhetoric of industry experts, we would be forgiven for thinking that pretty soon customers will communicate exclusively through social media, digital apps, and live chat.

While there may be elements of truth to the idea, it ignores the reality of business communications. The fact is that voice is still (and will continue to be) crucial for many businesses, particularly SMEs. In fact, according to research from

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EU GDPR: What’s the story?

Gamma voice - SIP Trunking and hosted business phone system from the UK's leading provider

19 July 2017 | Cem Ahmet

We’ve noticed more and more information springing up about the upcoming EU GDPR and after doing some research ourselves, would like to share with you what we found.

You can also hear from Gamma customer Thrifty, who has already asked the questions you’ll want to know the answers to in our Q&A session with compliance experts Semafone:

The EU GDPR will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a

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Why security should be at the top of your agenda

Why security should be at the top of your agenda

28 June 2017 | Jamie Ward

How often do you think long and hard about your security set-up? If you’re like most SMEs, then the answer is probably not often enough. After all, why should you? With many of your services hosted in the cloud, you can trust your providers to keep your sensitive data secure, right?

But as the significant number of large data breaches over the last few years show, everyone is at risk. From Sony to Tesco Bank and

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Are we losing the art of speaking on the phone?

loosing the art of speaking on the phone?

11 May 2017 | Jamie Ward

Your brain receives and processes information within 50 milliseconds of hearing a human voice – up to 20 times faster than it computes through sight. In those initial moments, it actively scans for, and locks on to, emotional substrates. In short? Humans are continually seeking out genuine connections. Voice is still king.

Digital transformation, meanwhile, focuses on convenience: live chat, instant messaging… the omni-channel experience. A recent study from Accenture revealed 41% of customers actually want

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Can telephony save SMEs from stagnation in 2017?

upgrading your telephone system can help you keep ahead of the competition

21 March 2017 | Jamie Ward

SMEs provide both backbone and rocket fuel to the UK economy. Accounting for 99.9% of the private sector, businesses with fewer than 50 employees inject stimulus for innovation, drive competition and create jobs. They contribute £1.8 trillion to the economy and employ 60% of the national workforce. Economists agree: SMEs are good for UK plc.

But according to the latest FSB Voice of Small Business Index, only 53.2% of small businesses expect to grow over the

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