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A beginner’s guide to SIP trunking

EU - A beginners guide to SIP trunking

3 Dec 2018 | Cem Ahmet

ISDN, VoIP, PBX… In the world of communications, there’s more than a few acronyms knocking about, and SIP trunking is another one to add to the list. But since there’s no escaping how important these terms are, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to SIP to steer you through.

What is SIP trunking?

Let’s get the major acronyms out the way first. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application layer protocol used to establish and terminate data

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Four ways retailers can meet customer experience expectations in 2019

Four ways retailers can meet customer experience expectations in 2019

27 Nov 2018 | Cem Ahmet

You only have to open a newspaper to see that many retailers in the UK are struggling. Rising operational costs, price pressure from online-only competitors, or even consumption fatigue – there’s all sorts of reasons why shops are feeling the squeeze. And with many retailers now operating physically and digitally, there’s two different fronts to deliver on.

Fortunately, there are lots of strategies retailers can employ to keep thriving in this challenging environment. Like putting customer

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How to create a new revenue stream with minimal investment

Business meeting

28 Feb 2018 | Neil Taylor

In business, concentrating on your main speciality will help you to grow and evolve as well as build a reputation within your industry. Whether this is selling commercial properties or providing compulsory business services such as insurance or software development, your ‘bread and butter’ will be the area in which you thrive. Working closely with other businesses you’ll hear the challenges your customers face daily – maybe they’ve dropped into conversation that they’d had a

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It’s tough out there for SMEs – so how can they find efficiency savings?

19 Feb 2018 | Jamie Ward

In today’s rocky business landscape, it’s more essential than ever for SMEs to find efficiency savings. Brexit and the knock-on effect of big business problems are just two of the factors making their futures more difficult and unpredictable. And with revenue unreliable, it becomes essential to look at other areas where time and money can be saved.

Knock-on effects of the #CarillionCollapse

One of the most significant things affecting SMEs today is their reliance on other, bigger

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Why telecoms resilience matters for Financial Services

19 Feb 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Today’s consumers are increasingly expectant of access to always-on technology and services, and there are few sectors where this is truer than in financial services.

Access to 24/7 banking, for example, is seen as a given. As a result, online banking outages result in significant brand damage and are unsettling for users. That same ‘always-on’ expectation applies to a financial services company’s customer service phone lines. Customers want to be able to speak to someone on

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