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How the recruitment industry can ride the wave of digital disruption

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11 Dec 2018 | Alex Ayers

From remote working to BYOD policies, digital evolution means the offices of today are in many ways unrecognisable from the workplaces of years gone by. But this doesn’t just affect the employee experience. It’s also had a significant impact on how recruiters work. Which means senior IT decision makers always need to have one eye on new trends – and the other on what their organisations need to do to ride the waves of digital

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Moon landings and SD-WAN

SDWAN Network World

22 Nov 2018 | Gary Dudbridge

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the first moon landings, and the historic ‘giant leap for mankind’, which expanded our earthly horizons forever.

Sharing the same birthday landmark is also the very first Wide Area Network; conceived to a backdrop of Jimi Hendrix, the Woodstock Festival, and the first flight of Concorde, it certainly emerged and grew up in a time of change.

The first real use of a WAN was by common agreement ARPANET,

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Better communications for better experiences in retail

Better comms experiences in retail

7 Nov 2018 | Alex Ayers

Today’s retail businesses are operating with a complex agenda. On one hand, there’s the need to maintain dynamic, resilient, cost-effective networks, and on the other, to drive a strong, cross-channel customer experience. It can be tricky for business leaders to decide which to focus on – what strategies should they be putting in place to achieve one or the other, or both?

We see it differently. By focusing on your business network, and ensuring you work

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How to combat challenges in the financial services sector with digital transformation

Combat challenges in the financial services

25 Sep 2018 | Alex Ayers

The businesses that fall under the umbrella term of ‘financial services’ are many and varied – insurance, hedge fund management, investment banking, stock brokering, credit services, and so on – but one thing that unites them is the challenges they face. Tech-driven change, for example.

To say the financial services industry is feeling the impact of tech-driven change is probably to understate the fact somewhat. Consumer expectations have shifted and are continuing to shift massively, while

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Investing in the customer experience

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17 Aug 2018 | Alex Ayers

Making savings through cloud telephony

Putting customer experience at the very heart of a digital transformation strategy can be the difference between a business thriving and going into administration. There are all too many cautionary tales of the companies that were dealt a devastating hand after not adapting their offering to the evolving expectations of their customers.

But this fate is not only reserved for the likes of Toys R Us, Maplin, Blockbuster and many other retail

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