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How enterprises can use Unified Communications to tackle the challenges of the future

28 June 2019 | Alex Ayers

As we get ready to enter a new decade, businesses large and small face a long list of strategic challenges – and technology will play a vital role in meeting them, particularly when it comes to communications infrastructure.

Enterprises have an even more difficult task, given the scale of their operations: it’s not difficult to imagine how complicated building a future-facing technology strategy for

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SD-WAN: Finding a perfect storm for a use case

27 June 2019 | Alex Ayers

If you were to believe some of the more extreme marketing hype, you might think SD-WAN is the silver bullet for all of your WAN-related woes. But like any technology solution, the actual benefits and possibilities of SD-WAN will depend heavily on a number of factors unique to your organisation. It’s a complex technology, after all, and by no means an

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The reality of SD-WAN: making sense of the myths

Marketing planning

15 June 2019 | Alex Ayers

Most enterprises have an increasing reliance on the cloud and data-hungry applications, meaning businesses with branch sites have never had such an urgent need for robust, reliable and optimised network estates. Without the right connectivity solutions, business performance will undoubtedly suffer, frustrating both customers and employees.

It’s little wonder, then, that there’s been such a buzz of conversation around Software-Define Networking in

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Ethernet, everywhere: why full fibre is the connectivity underpinning digital transformation

4 February 2019 | Alex Ayers

Modern businesses are data-reliant and data-hungry. With many using a single converged network for both their data and voice communications, every organisation’s data services need to be up to scratch. Platforms like video conferencing are becoming prevalent across the board, and more and more business applications are moving to the cloud. Which means even carrying out basic day-to-day tasks is dependent

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How the recruitment industry can ride the wave of digital disruption

recruitment industry blog

11 December 2018 | Alex Ayers

From remote working to BYOD policies, digital evolution means the offices of today are in many ways unrecognisable from the workplaces of years gone by. But this doesn’t just affect the employee experience. It’s also had a significant impact on how recruiters work. Which means senior IT decision makers always need to have one eye on new trends – and the

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