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Is consumer network traffic throttling your business bandwidth?

27 February 2018 | Cem Ahmet

The chances are, it probably is.
This is because most of the big internet service providers’ (ISPs’) networks are being used by consumers and businesses at the same time. As a result of the bandwidth throttling caused by consumer network traffic, your business performance could be suffering.
And did you know: the UK is lagging when it comes to broadband speeds anyway? We’re 31st in the league table, falling behind most of Europe. That being the case,

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How transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

Transforming business comms can help other departments unlock their potential

30 January 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Everyone in the business has goals to achieve. And everyone in the business relies on IT, to a greater or lesser extent, to enable them to meet those goals.

That’s a lot of pressure on the IT function, especially when every team has different objectives and different ways of measuring them. Technology infrastructure must support them, not hinder them.

That’s why transforming business communications can be so powerful. It’s a (relatively) simple way of arming other departments

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Finding the data service that supports the pace of your business

Finding the data service to support your business

21 August 2017 | Cem Ahmet

Every business moves at its own speed. What’s right for one will be totally wrong for another, and trying to pick up or replicate another business’ growth model is almost sure to lead to failure.

This is why ‘off the shelf’ tech solutions and packages don’t always work anymore. And why so many businesses are moving more and more of their processes to the cloud, consuming critical applications as a service to get the flexibility to

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Four back-pocket tips for moving voice to the cloud

Four back-pocket tips for moving voice to the cloud

1 August 2017 | Cem Ahmet

In IT-led digital transformation, we tend to talk and think about the technology itself more than anything else – and for obvious reasons.

But there’s more to hosted voice than technological change.

The flip side of the tech – the side that often gets lost – is the question of how to bring people with you. And this is important, because if you can’t convince stakeholders and end-users of the need to change, life will soon become

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Is your business losing its voice?

24 July 2017 | Jamie Ward

Sometimes email is just easier than a regular conversation. No awkward pauses or interruptions, time to think about what you’re going to say, and no catching the other person at an inconvenient time. And now, thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence into cloud-based email apps, our personalised replies can write themselves. Surely this is the future.

Well, yes and no.

If improving communication with customers was as simple as installing some nifty AI, life would be

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