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The benefits of fibre broadband for the public sector

The benefits of fibre for the public sector blog

5 October 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

It’s estimated that by 2021, global internet traffic will have increased threefold from what it was in 2016, and will be 127 times what it was back in 2005. It’s also thought that this will coincide with mobile traffic exceeding PC traffic for the first time.

These changing demands mean that data services are, of course, increasingly vital for UK businesses operating in the digital age. It’s also imperative that the UK’s digital infrastructure is fit

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How holistic customer service can counter the Amazon effect

How holistic customer service can counter the Amazon effect blog banner

10 August 2018 | Alex Ayers

Using the strengths of the high street to thrive in retail

One of the key media trends for retail in 2018 has been the death, or at the very best decline, of the high street. It’s featured in almost every newspaper, on the BBC’s flagship political show, Question Time, and in May 2018 was the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, the aim of which is to understand what the British high street might look like come

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The ultimate guide to telecoms jargon: 5 terms you need to know in 2018

Ultimate guide to telecoms jargon

1 August 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Do you know your PBX from your VPL’s? FTTC from a LLU? The world of telecommunications can be complicated. With numerous products, services and solutions available to businesses, it can be tough to understand what is available in a fast-changing market. Throw a load of technical terminology and jargon into the mix and the job of getting to grips with telecommunications becomes almost impossible.

As a buyer, it’s more important than ever that you have the

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Creating the Connected Shop

creating the connected shop

31 July 2018 | Alex Ayers

Customer WiFi: nice-to-have or must-have?

It will come as a surprise to no-one that online shopping is still on the rise. According to the latest figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, the proportion of online sales for retail businesses is at an all-time high and still growing year-on-year. Granted, it’s quicker in some kinds of retail than others; the proportion for clothing retailers has jumped from 14.7% to 17.6% in the last year alone,

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What’s the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SMEs?

EU - Whats the latest on PCI compliance – and what does it mean for SME

7 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

2018 has already been a big year for regulatory compliance. The GDPR deadline day has come and gone – and in the noise that surrounded GDPR readiness, you may not have noticed that earlier in the year (February), the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard) version 3.2 came into effect.

PCI compliance has been a requirement, in one way or another, since 2004. And yet, according to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report,

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