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Part 2: How the government’s digital strategy is aiding digital transformation in the public sector

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15 June 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

When the UK government launched its first Government Digital Strategy in 2012, the purpose was clear: to use technology to transform and simplify the way citizens interact with the state. With rapidly changing digital behaviours, making public services ‘digital by default’ – whether it’s paying council tax, booking a doctor’s appointment, or registering a business – was seen as the key to fully meeting the needs of the people.
In our recent post, we outlined the

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Enabling better patient satisfaction with Horizon and EMIS Health integration

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1 June 2018 | Jamie Ward

Today’s healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges. The demands of an aging population, coupled with chronic staff shortages, have put the strain on already stretched resources. Furthermore, providers must keep up with rapid advances in technology whilst finding ways to reduce costs.

In these circumstances, healthcare organisations must do more with less. When budgets are tight, any IT or communications spend must increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals so that they can deal with more patients

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How to enable better business with cloud connectivity

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17 May 2018 | Jamie Ward

This year alone, the global public cloud services market was projected by Gartner to grow by 21.4%. Businesses are adopting cloud-based systems and infrastructure at a faster rate than ever, and the way we think about cloud connectivity from a business perspective has shifted significantly in recent years.

No longer is the cloud considered the preserve of large, progressive businesses – it’s now the new normal for organisations of all sizes. Further than that, it’s recognised

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Part 1: Challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in the public sector

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30 April 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

The UK government has been taking steps towards digital transformation for over five years now, having launched its first strategy to become ‘digital by default’ back in March 2012. In this blog series, we’ll be looking at how far the public sector has come since then, starting today by looking at the challenges it still faces, along with the opportunities that digitisation uniquely presents to the sector.

When another Government Transformation Strategy policy paper was released

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How to match the needs of millennials

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30 April 2018 | Jamie Ward

Millennials are roughly defined as those born in the decade between 1983 and 1993. So, in 2018, we’re talking about people between the ages of 25 and 35. Unlike the younger Generation Z, millennials are not digital natives. In fact, they probably didn’t get their first computer until around the time that they were in secondary school – and even then, it was probably a shared family machine. A mobile phone would have come later

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