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How cloud-based phone systems can increase efficiency in the recruitment industry

20 April 2018 | Jamie Ward

As digital transformation gathers pace all around us, recruitment is one industry in particular where voice communications remain key to success. Whether it’s communicating with clients or candidates, or simply dealing with day-to-day operations, robust telephony is vital to the effective running of any recruitment business.

Telephony downtime – quite literally – has the potential to grind a recruitment business to a halt. That’s why it’s an ideal place for the recruitment industry to start when

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How to achieve efficiency savings in the competitive retail industry

4 April 2018 | Cem Ahmet

Retailers haven’t got it easy in 2018.

Not only are business costs rising and consumer spending being squeezed, retailers have found themselves facing fiercer competition than ever from multi-channel shopping.

Retail brand reputation, not to mention customer acquisition and retention, depends on being able to deliver a seamless and convenient experience across a range of channels. So, how can retailers achieve efficiency  savings within today’s tough business landscape, while remaining competitive and delivering that consistent brand experience

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How advanced mobile solutions can expand your student clearing office

3 April 2018 | Sam Winterbottom

Want your university to be scooping up the best talent on clearing day? Then one thing’s for sure, you need to make sure students can get through to you on the phone. It goes without saying that a cloud-based telephony solution is a good start, but have you ever thought about expanding the size and scope of your student clearing office with an advanced mobile solution? Now’s the time.

 In August 2017, a record number of

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What will the cloud look like in 2020?

28 March 2018 | Cem Ahmet

We’ve come a long way since Salesforce began paving the way for cloud computing almost two decades ago, with the first example (as it was then) of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Of course, Amazon Web Services (AWS) followed in 2002 and eventually changed the market entirely. However, what started as a disparate set of tools and services back then is a far cry from the on-demand cloud computing platforms it consists of today, offering more

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Let the cloud help your small business grow. Here’s how

5 March 2018 | Jamie Ward

So, you’re a small business owner who likes to think big. In an ideal world, you would have the same cyber security measures as a major tech firm. The ERP capabilities of a huge internet retailer. Or, the same granular data insights as an international conglomerate.

But you’re only a small business.

Size used to mean that these things were beyond your reach. Not anymore. With cloud technology, businesses of all sizes and sectors are now in

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