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Gamma’s Janet interconnects mean schools, colleges and universities can maximise the connections and bandwidth they already have while upgrading to our industry leading communications solutions. Educational institutions win in every way: substantial savings, vastly increased flexibility, total control over telephony and dependable, always-on services.

Innovation and cost saving

Today, academic institutions must manage the constant tension between controlling costs and the need to deploy supporting technology of sufficient quality to attract high calibre teaching staff, and students.

Communications of the highest order are paramount, not just to support and enable world-class academic research and inter-institution collaboration, but for tuition, studying, enrolment and day-to-day administration too.

At Gamma we work with the education sector right across the UK to deliver a wide range of innovative and cost-saving communications solutions. Through our understanding of academic needs we have become a trusted adviser and supplier to many colleges and universities including Northumbria University, Robert Gordon University and Queen Mary University to name a few.

“During clearing we were able to answer far more concurrent calls due to the extra SIP channels and had no issues whatsoever. The fact Gamma could provide SIP via JANET was a huge factor for us. As well as getting scalable capacity we’re saving money on telecoms too.”

Jon O’Grady,
Senior Technical Analyst,
De Montfort University

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An introduction to Gamma in the Public Sector


Institutions we work with

Open University working with Gamma
Gamma and City of Glasgow University
De MOntfort University Leicester and Gamma

Education Solutions

Our own national network is connected directly to Janet via private resilient links in both London and Manchester. This means our academic customers can cut costs and radically improve flexibility by migrating away from costly ISDN circuits and instead using their existing Janet connections to carry the latest technology Gamma SIP Trunking for voice calls.

We can also improve the experience for callers by helping you move away from costly 08 numbers and onto 01, 02 or 030 numbers. And we back that with sophisticated call control so people always get through to the right person, more quickly.

And with staff and students now expecting to be able to communicate while on the move or at home as well as on campus, our mobile, data and hosted telephony solutions can help you meet the challenge of flexible working.

We are proud to be suppliers on the Janet Telephony Purchasing Service Framework, enabling organisations to procure our calls, lines, SIP Trunking, Hosted telephony and mobile solutions without the hassle of going to full OJEU tender.

Make the most of the Janet network with Gamma SIP Trunks

Exploit your Janet connection to make significant cost savings

Controlling Costs

We can rationalise existing disparate network and telecoms estates, helping you make the most of existing budgets and investments while reducing your unpredictable, variable costs. We can go even further, moving you from a capital to an operational expenditure model by migrating away from expensive and inflexible technology such as ISDN and moving to our next generation SIP services or our hosted Horizon telephony platform.

Return On Investment

Cost of ownership can be a hard sell to management. With our solutions you’ll always get complete, accurate billing and management information in real time. To guide on-the-spot decision making while providing positive proof points for the board. We provide tools like Inbound that can ensure business continuity, and provide irrefutable evidence of tangible improvement.


Gamma’s solutions are natural enablers for mobility and flexibility in organisations like yours. Hot-desking, and remote working are just the start. With solutions that allow you to meet changes in demand on your network for peak times of the year, such as clearing, an extra reassurance.


Flexible working is one factor in driving staff productivity. Gamma’s solutions go one step further with intelligent call routing, fixed/mobile integration and unified communications compliance tested and able to integrate with Microsoft Skype for Business and leading line of business applications, to help your staff work and collaborate smarter and more effectively.

How does Gamma ensure quality?

More than 98% of our customers have remained with us after the first year of service. This retention rate is one of the highest in the marketplace, thanks to our excellent customer service.

Satisfaction is our priority.

To maintain and enhance our standards, we have an ongoing programme to measure satisfaction:

  • We interview a randomly-selected sub-set of around 100 customers every quarter. We ask them how we are solving their telecoms and data solutions challenges. This provides us with our NPS (Net Promoter Score) which is an independent survey based on how likely you would be to recommend us to other businesses.
  • We use visual management tools to provide real-time account status for all our staff to make sure that we’re always on track with your account.
  • We carry out our own quality-of-service audits, checking key performance indicators (KPIs) for ordering, speed of service restoration/fault repair and billing accuracy.

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Featured products

gamma sip trunking

SIP trunking is a standards based replacement for traditional ISDN. It’s less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used.

Inbound is a feature-rich telephone service with online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower business and drive customer service.

Our family of high-speed data services connects businesses directly to our next generation network and the internet, providing a range of bandwidths with unrivalled network quality and reliability.

Horizon is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

gamma mobile

Gamma Mobile is a new mobile service built exclusively for business, giving you the flexibility and quality of service you deserve from your mobile network.

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