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Helping public sector organisations implement the right communications solution while delivering greater value for money.

Gamma for Public Sector

Shrinking budgets. Increased scrutiny. They’re shaking up Government and public sector IT spending. But making economies must never compromise public services.

So there’s a real need to work with suppliers who can innovate and help liberate the true value of existing IT and telecoms investments. Because doing more with less has never been as important.

That’s why public sector procurements are now all about achieving specific outcomes. Not the technologies, products and solutions used to achieve them. It’s an approach that favours alert and quick thinking vendors. Those not afraid to be disruptive. Those prepared to take a different path to the entrenched legacy suppliers.

“During clearing we were able to answer far more concurrent calls due to the extra SIP channels and had no issues whatsoever. The fact Gamma could provide SIP via JANET was a huge factor for us. As well as getting scalable capacity we’re saving money on telecoms too.”

Jon O’Grady,
Senior Technical Analyst,
De Montfort University

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An introduction to Gamma in the Public Sector

Procurement Frameworks

Gamma is accredited to the HSCN network

Our public sector team provides specialist sales, ongoing relationship management and delivery focus for central and local government, education, health and housing organisations throughout the UK. We deliver next generation communication services via our own award-winning UK fibre network. We have built a strong reputation for listening to our customers, providing the solutions they need and, most importantly, delivering the services they require. All this means our core service teams are uniquely placed with the experience, control and ‘know how’ to meet the specific support and provisioning requirements your organisation needs.

We seek to engage with your long-term ICT strategy and provide a transparent route to procurement, delivery and ongoing management. We understand the budget pressures that you are facing and will work with you to increase the impact of every pound you spend, making your budget go further.

We are underpinned by an ethos of quality and singular systems across our network, operations and billing teams. This philosophy meets a range of recognised ISO standards to deliver you the highest quality of service.

Regardless of your sector, all our services are simple to procure from one of the following frameworks, giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with a trusted supplier to provide the right solutions for your organisation at the best possible price.

Crown Commercial Services Network Services RM3808

Crown Commercial Services RM3808 (Network Services 2) is the new cornerstone of public sector frameworks. It directly replaces RM1045, which expired 26th July 2019, and it became available for customer use from August 2019. Gamma has been awarded places on the new agreement. The Lots are designed to facilitate the procurement of traditional and cloud-based communications solutions including data, voice, mobile and integrated, unified communications. The framework will also include secondary services designed to enhance, supplement or support the delivery of the main primary services.
Gamma has been awarded a place on:

Data Access Services
Local Connectivity Services
Traditional Telephony Services
Inbound Telephony Services
IP Telephony Services
Mobile Voice & Data Services
Unified Communications Services
Video Conferencing Services
Audio Conferencing Services
Contact Centre Services

GCloud 10

We now have packages available on GCloud 10 for Hosting and Software services, including SIP trunking, Hosted telephony and Inbound solutions.

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Scottish Procurement Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System

We can be found on all 3 lots:

Lot 1: Traditional telephony

Lot 2: IP telephony

Lot 3: Enterprise Bundled Services

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Health and Social Care Network Access Services RM3825

The HSCN Access Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides a simple way for health, social care, and related sector organisations to procure connectivity solutions with implementation.

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Jisc Telephony Purchasing Service (Janet)

Save time and money when purchasing a range of telephony services, with the added reassurance of fast and reliable data transfer over the Janet Network.

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Parish Buying

A buying service set up by the Church, for the Church. An easy and cost-effective way for all parishes, cathedrals and dioceses in the Church of England and the Church in Wales to purchase phone and broadband services.

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Kent County Supplies (KCS) Telephony Services

This framework covers the provision of telephony systems and associated services, with both cloud and on-premise options available.  This framework can be accessed by any public sector organisation.

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YPO’s new Technology Hardware, Software and Services framework helps Public Sector organisations navigate through procurement, providing them with cost-effective solutions through approved suppliers.

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Organisations we work with

Warwickshire County Council and Gamma
Suffolk Constabulary and Gamma
Open University working with Gamma
Newcastle NHS Trust and Gamma
Gamma and City of Glasgow University
De MOntfort University Leicester and Gamma

Tips to conquer the public sector IT procurement process

Questions to ask when navigating the IT procurement minefield

Tech success in the public sector

Controlling Costs

We can rationalise existing disparate network and telecoms estates, helping you make the most of existing budgets and investments while reducing your unpredictable, variable costs. We can go even further, moving you from a capital to an operational expenditure model by migrating away from expensive and inflexible technology such as ISDN and moving to our next generation SIP services or our hosted Horizon telephony platform.

Return On Investment

Cost of ownership can be a hard sell to management. With our solutions you’ll always get complete, accurate billing and management information in real time. To guide on-the-spot decision making while providing positive proof points for the board. We provide tools like Inbound that can ensure business continuity, and provide irrefutable evidence of tangible business improvement.


Gamma’s solutions are natural enablers for mobility and flexibility in business. Hot-desking, home working and mobile working are just the start.


Flexible working is one factor in driving staff productivity. Gamma’s solutions go one step further with intelligent call routing, fixed/mobile integration and unified communications compliance tested and able to integrate with Microsoft Skype for Business and leading CRM tools such as Salesforce, to help your staff work and collaborate smarter and more effectively.

How does Gamma ensure quality?

More than 98% of our customers have remained with us after the first year of service. This retention rate is one of the highest in the marketplace, thanks to our excellent customer service.

Satisfaction is our priority.

To maintain and enhance our standards, we have an ongoing programme to measure satisfaction:

  • We interview a randomly-selected sub-set of around 100 customers every quarter. We ask them how we are solving their telecoms and data solutions challenges. This provides us with our NPS (Net Promoter Score) which is an independent survey based on how likely you would be to recommend us to other businesses.
  • We use visual management tools to provide real-time account status for all our staff to make sure that we’re always on track with your account.
  • We carry out our own quality-of-service audits, checking key performance indicators (KPIs) for ordering, speed of service restoration/fault repair and billing accuracy.

Featured products

gamma sip trunking

SIP trunking is a standards based replacement for traditional ISDN. It’s less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used.

Inbound is a feature-rich telephone service with online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower business and drive customer service.

Our family of high-speed data services connects businesses directly to our next generation network and the internet, providing a range of bandwidths with unrivalled network quality and reliability.

Horizon is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

gamma mobile

Gamma Mobile is a new mobile service built exclusively for business, giving you the flexibility and quality of service you deserve from your mobile network.

Gamma SIP Trunks


Gamma Mobile


Gamma Ethernet