Conference Overview

The 2018 Survive + Thrive conference was packed with valuable industry updates, a round-up on the latest technology and insights into the changing digital workplace


Keynote speaker

In her entertaining presentation, our keynote speaker radically challenged the audience to think about the time they’re spending on today, tomorrow and the day after as customer behaviours force businesses to re-think their customer journey. Watch a brief snippet here.

“I found the keynote speaker very inspiring and has made me think a little differently about how I set up my day.”

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Opening the conference, our Managing Direct David Macfarlane shared the impact of technology changes in the industry and the need for businesses to embrace Digital Transformation to drive future growth. His advice – “become a digital service provider within your organisation, find the business returns and be a disruptor in your organisations industry.”

We were then joined by a panel of existing Gamma customers for a live Q+A on how they are already implementing digital strategies. Theres still a place for voice, reliable, scalable voice and data infrastructure is key for a successful business, and taking risks and trying something new ‘pivot’.

In the afternoon, customers chose from nine 30 minute stream sessions, which covered a variety of industry hot topics. Alex Ayers’ Born Digital session made the audience re-consider their current mission statement in relation to the pace of change. Its important to think about what today’s generation need to help your IT dept survive and thrive and improve your customers journey/experience.


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What our customers had to say

“I found the keynote speaker very inspiring and has made me think a little differently about how I set up my day.


Very relevant to my business and future plans.”


“Good range of topics, with just enough information.”


“The variety of sessions
made it possible
for specific individual
agendas to be addressed.”

“The stream sessions were a good idea as they focused on areas of interest.”

“As a potential customer it was helpful to hear from Gamma’s other customers and  partners.”


Akixi presented their real-time analytics platform which allows businesses to monitor call performance and easily and quickly see the potential revenue they could be losing due to lost calls that they may not know about.

Semafone demonstrated several of their compliance-led products, including their award-winning service utilising AI technology, which allows users to send authorised secure payments to retailers via Alexa to keep end users safe from fraud and other solutions for GDPR and PCI DSS.

Highlight talked us through their site management platform allowing IT departments to monitor traffic volumes, network availability and voice quality.

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Interactive poll

Our stream sessions were the perfect opportunity to capture insights from a live audience. Here’s what they had to say.

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