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Bob’s Corner

Bob Falconer introduces this latest edition of Newsflash

Financials and Sales updates

A quick update from Andrew Belshaw on finances, followed by Channel and Direct sales at the half year from Daryl Pile and David Macfarlane

Product updates

The latest on our core voice, mobile and data products from Alan Mackie, Ivan Donn and David Doherty


News on two new marketing initiatives plus we’ve won an award!


Lots of news on the HR front, with all the new starters and a new feature on movers within Gamma

Around the offices

Our regular look at the fundraising and achievements of our teams and individuals around Gamma

Bob’s Corner – Welcome to our latest Newsflash

As they say, we have a packed Newsflash this time with so much information that we perhaps need to reconsider calling it a Flash! As you will read in the following sections, Gamma is in a strong position overall. Advanced products, excellent operations, good product pipeline and some really good wins on sales. The challenge now is to keep up the pace.

The business continues to invest heavily, both in terms of its capital expenditure, which rose last year to almost £20m, with staff costs on future developments of around £7m. This is a business that is not complacent about the future and invests in both its people and new technology: as I write the number of people in Gamma has risen to over 800 – up from 750 at the end of last year – just have a look at the new starters at the end of this newsflash – and a warm welcome to all.

The future, however, is not ours by right and we live in a market with some serious competitors and challengers. In both the channel and direct, our growth of late has been heavily driven by SIP and Horizon. We know,  however, that the growth in these products will inevitably slow down as the market matures. The strategy is to have the next high growth products ready. That’s why we invested heavy in mobile, but that has faced some headwinds – not surprising in hindsight given the scale of the challenge, but we’re getting there – it’s just taken longer than we optimistically planned. Fortunately, in parallel, we have invested in driving down the cost of our data services, and are now seeing strong growth in both ethernet and broadband. So that, and with our converged product due for launch later this year, coupled with some excellent sales performances in both indirect and direct markets –  the outlook is encouraging.

I enjoyed doing the staff roadshows around the business over the last few weeks and, for those who attended, I do hope that added a bit more colour and enabled you to ask questions. For those who missed them there is an opportunity to see the Port Solent version here.


Andrew Belshaw

2016 seems like a long time ago now! We published our results for 2016 in March and once again they were positive and have been well received by our shareholders. The telecoms sector has suffered somewhat of late with some disappointing results from our peers but Gamma continues to thrive which is thanks to you for your hard work. At the time of writing (and I hope I don’t jinx it) Gamma’s share price is now three times what it was at float.

Revenue grew by over 11% which is significantly ahead of any of our competitors and is driven by our strong position in the SIP and Horizon markets. In addition, sales of our data products have started to contribute to our growth. We continue to attract more and more channel partners and the channel continues to be important for us. We had some significant wins in the direct channel including Reed, OCS, City Electrical Factors, Nandos, and St John Ambulance. The public sector team is now making a real impact and their key wins include Your Housing Group, AQA and a number of NHS Trusts.

Earnings per share is the amount of profit that Gamma made divided by the number of shares and this increased by 17.9% to 21.1p for the half year. That is the key metric that investors are looking to see grow. Gamma will be paying a dividend of 5.0p per share in October so if you have bought shares under the SIP schemes in the past you will receive that. I am so pleased that so many Gamma staff are shareholders through the SIP and SAYE schemes and it’s great that we all get to share in our success in this way. The share schemes are a really good way to invest in Gamma and the ShareSave scheme allows you to do that in a risk free and tax-efficient way. Do get involved if you are able to.

Looking forward, the investor community is particularly excited about our new mobile offering and the converged opportunities that brings as well as our offering of Amazon Web Services. I‘m looking forward to reporting further success at the half year!

Sales Updates

Channel, Direct and Public Sector

Channel review – Daryl Pile

The Channel has hit new heights as we leap out of the blocks in 2017.  Strong unit sales, high growth in channel partners, all capped off by the superb feedback from our partner roadshows. This year’s events were held in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London, attended by over 600 channel partners which is a record. The events provided a mix of product and commercial updates, setting out our stall for the year ahead as we prime the channel for our mobile and convergence services.

The number of channel partners now exceeds 1,000 with no let-up in new sign-ups, with the majority coming from the IT and software space as they look to broaden their portfolio with our data and hosted services. Bringing these clients on board and helping to train existing channel partners has been taken to a different level with the launch of the Gamma Academy. This provides a range of online training and monitoring tools which today has been accessed by a staggering 4,000 different users across over 1,000 channel partners – a great effort from everyone involved in its development and a clear success!

We have seen exceptional levels of Ethernet and Broadband wins, with an increasing number of channel partners choosing Gamma as their number one data provider – a shining light here being the work completed with 4Com who signed a significant Broadband and SIP trunk commitment only made possible by the exceptional service and support the teams have shown them. On CPN specifically we have seen several significant wins. Leading the charge is the roll out of a 120 site roll-out for the National Autistics Society with our partner Integrate Business Systems.

Horizon sales remain robust against a backdrop of ever-increasing competition – our new schools, charity and upfront commission commercials providing a boost in orders as we targeted those specific verticals and partner types. A key win was Brooks McDonald Hotels (600 seats) who took Horizon with an extended service and integration wrap provided by our platinum partner Ethos.  SIP sales have also been strong, continuing the trend we have seen in recent years. We have gained traction with several key partners, Daisy being a most pleasing example as we have seen over 2,000 SIP trunks provisioned across four large County Councils.

Gamma Academy

Six months ago we launched the Gamma Academy and it’s really taken off! Since launch, 4,280 channel partner users have logged in from 1,093 different organisations and the numbers are growing.  That’s a fantastic achievement in such a short time. 5,580 courses have been completed so far with our top three courses being Numbering Beginner, SIP Beginner and the SIP Beginner Quiz.

1,583 badges have been issued to date with SIP Beginner proving to be our most popular.  We’ve even noticed some channel partners putting them on their email signature – amazing!

At the end of April, we successfully closed down our old Knowledgebase and transferred all of the information into guides. These are now located on the Academy Knowledgebase and have been received really well. Over the next month we are planning to introduce forums, polls and feedback activities which will provide us with some more insight into what our channel partners would like to see on the Academy moving forward.

Direct review – Dave Macfarlane


Enterprise had an exceptional second half of 2016 securing a number of large contracts and significant growth across its customer base. Two standout contracts include City Electrical Factors (CEF) and Nandos, further adding to our strong position in the retail sector. CEF, the UK’s leading and largest electrical wholesale network, contracted with Gamma for a complete data, voice and mobile infrastructure. This five year agreement will see us evolve the legacy voice estate by migrating over 450 UK branches, manufacturing locations and corporate offices onto a fully-managed Horizon service including a new converged WAN and LAN. Completing the services is Gamma MultiNet® for 2,000 mobile devices. Another marquee retailer, Nandos, selected Gamma to deliver a managed WAN to support its key business applications including critical point-of-sale services across 400 locations. Other agreements have been signed with Greencore for a global SIP solution, Carillion for mobile services, Ingenico for Inbound services and significant and numerous change orders across all managed customers for estate expansion.

Mid Market and SME

We’ve had a good start to 2017, with all of the sales teams doing a sterling job of getting new businesses signed and Steve Mills’ major accounts team protecting our existing business. We’ve managed to sign up 115 new customers (to the end of April) and re-signed / locked-in many, with very little margin erosion. The major accounts team with the CDMs continue to do a very good job of swapping out traditional estates for next gen within our base, with around a 65% penetration of IP services into our top 200 accounts. They are now focusing on cross-selling Cloud Compute, Mobile and additional data services where possible, plus concentrating on doing the same for some of our growth customers.

Interestingly, across new and existing business, 95% of our orders are now for Horizon, SIP or Inbound (with data services generally) and our average seats per Horizon customer has gone up to around 20 users per customer (up from around 10 only a few years ago), which also means that we are replacing small ISDN30 estates with Horizon rather than SIP in some instances.

Our Mobile pipeline is also starting to show some excellent signs of improvement, with over 6,000 connections in the funnel across the SME and mid-market sectors. Steve and Dom are starting to see some decent wins in this area as we spread the message about our service across more and more existing customers and prospects.

We’ve also had a number of new starters in the teams, including Tom Zillessen (SME sales), Simon Thomas (SME sales) and Sarah Birch (CDM). Tom joins us from KCOM and is based in Leeds, Simon works from the Midlands and was previously at Wavenet and Sarah’s last role was with Daisy.

Operationally, we still receive around 2,000 calls into our side of the business every month and Annie Flanagan and Will Burton’s teams of CDMs raise around 2,500 tasks for items such as new orders, contact changes to the account, billing queries or other general queries. Our CDMs have also done an amazing job of up-selling and spotting up-sell opportunities over the last few years and this year they’ve managed to help close a big chunk of total contract margin which helps considerably in terms of contribution to the overall number.

For those of you who keep track, we’re also pleased to announce that we’ve seen another rise in our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is the metric we utilise to gauge the loyalty of our customer relationships. Our score has moved from 36 to 45 to 50 which, if you look at the telecoms industry as a whole, is very good! This reconfirms our commitment to providing the best in customer service in our industry.

System wise, we took the decision last year to change out our software (CPQ service) that allows us to build online proposals, get them auto-signed from our prospects and customers and then pull the provisioning and billing data into our CRM. At the end of last year we went through a very structured process to choose a new provider for this service, Blueprint (or Blue Zebra), and since January Jason Gray, Ibad Rahman, Laura Marques and the management team have been working tirelessly to get the software configured and integrated into our other systems. We’re making steady progress, and should be on track for our first customer quotes in July (Horizon, SIP and Mobile).

As a whole, it’s a good start and we have a positive outlook for H1.

Public Sector

For the first few months of 2017, we are pleased to have made significant advances in the growth of our Public Sector business, with wins across a multitude of different businesses.

In the social housing space, we have secured major contracts with customers such as Your Housing Group for WAN, Horizon and Cloud Contact Centre to add on to their fixed and mobile voice services won at the back end of 2016.

Building on our mobile base, we have secured a major mobile contract with Shropshire Council for over 2,000 connections. We also signed Ofwat to deliver 210 mobiles. This is the second government department to take Gamma mobile in the last six months, alongside the Department for Communities and Local Government. Both of these were gained through the RM1045 Network Services framework.

Another government agency, The Intellectual Property Office, signed up for Gamma SIP services, as did Leicester City Council. We also built on our growing police customer base with an agreement to deliver 180 resilient SIP trunks with two Gamma Ethernet circuits to Merseyside Police Constabulary. In the education sector we contracted with University of Bath and Birmingham City University for resilient SIP services. AQA, the exam board, placed a new SIP and Access order with us following on from the Cloud Contact Centre win in late 2016.

As well as bringing on new public sector organisations, the unit is focusing on re-signing, cross-selling and upselling additional products and solutions to our existing customers. Good examples of this so far this year are agreeing a re-sign with Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and upselling services to the Shared Resource Centre.

Only last week we were delighted to be accepted onto the latest iteration of GCloud, adding to the list of government procurement frameworks our products are now available to purchase from. GCloud 9 is part of the Digital Marketplace, enabling all public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, to buy Cloud products and services faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts. Our SIP trunks, Horizon and Inbound are all available through the Cloud Software lot, while our new Cloud Compute and Cloud Backup services are now available on the Cloud Hosting lot.

Product Update – Voice

Alan Mackie

Horizon and SIP trunking sales continue to be strong across all sales channels. Both products are outselling the competition and continue to take market share. However, we’re not standing still as we have an extensive development pipeline as we continue to invest to ensure that we are meeting customer demand for new features.

A key development in the next few months is the integration of Horizon with our mobile service offering a simple to use and cost-effective service for mobile workers. This is planned for market release later this year.

We are increasing our portfolio in the cloud area with the full launch of our Cloud Compute and Cloud Backup services. These services, supported in the Amazon Web Services platform, offer a new market opportunity for both Gamma and our channel partners.

Gamma SIP Trunks for channel partners

Product Update – Mobile

Ivan Donn

Tariff Refresh

On 1st March we launched our new Business Tariff set which includes Business Extra (unlimited call and text bundles), Business Basic (PAYU tariff) and Mobile Broadband (data only) tariffs. Each has data bolt-on options of 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB. We have added some unique twists to these tariffs to help set our partners apart from the competition. The data pooling option allows each individual’s data allowance to be pooled across a company fleet, giving greater flexibility and less chance of bill shock. Uniquely in the market, we also provide a full suite of dynamic bolt-ons meaning that a user can expand their bundle as and when they need to. To go one better, we included a double-data promotion i.e. 4GB, 6GB, 10GB, 20GB and 40GB to create the most competitive tariff line-up in the business marketplace.

EU Roam Like Home

From 15th June we will remove the EU daily roaming fee to allow Gamma’s mobile customers to access their UK bundles in Europe. Calls and texts to UK and EU countries will utilise the UK bundle, with calls to other (non-EU) destinations being charged at the same rates that would apply from the UK.

New Business Global Traveller

We’ll also be launching a significantly improved Business Global Traveller zone which will include the 25 most frequently visited countries. The new daily bundle will include 500mb, 200 mins and 200 texts. Unlike other providers our voice bundles include all call types making it market leading.

Premium Services

Gamma mobile customers can now dial, via a short code, the POWWOW Now conference calling platform. We have enabled the top 50 premium rate messaging short codes on our platform. In the coming weeks we will be enabling another 150 short codes, with more to follow in the future.

Manage My Mobiles                                                  

Otherwise known as the end customer portal, this service went in to beta last week and is planned for launch by the end of June. Manage My Mobiles  allows customers to monitor usage of voice text and data across individual users, set individual usage alerts, apply call forwarding instructions, bar and un-bar specific services and make SIM card changes. Full commercial launch is planned for the end of June, subject to a successful beta trial.


In January Ivan Donn joined Gamma as the Interim Product Director – Mobile and subsequently transitioned to the role on a permanent basis on 1st May.

After a very successful 10 year career at Gamma, Rob Davis decided to take on a new challenge and has left Gamma. Rob made an outstanding contribution during his time here and we wish him well in his new role.

Two new roles have been created in the Mobile product team; a Technical Product Manager and an OEM Partnerships Manager.

Product Update – Data

David Doherty

There has been a lot of activity across the data access and networking product portfolio following investment and decisions in 2016 to enable our data products to be a strong force in the marketplace in their own right and not just supporting our voice services (which of course they will continue to do).


There has been significant activity to allow us to grow our volumes at competitive pricing without compromising quality-

  • Following on from the first tranche of installing equipment in a number of key London BT exchanges (aka EBO 1), we released a second tranche of exchanges outside London (aka EBO 2).
  • Introduced competitive pricing in key areas not served by our Build Out exchanges (Gold and Silver).
  • Added Talk Talk Business and Virgin Media Business as delivery partners.


  • Introduced competitive pricing especially for high speed Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).
  • The team negotiated a very good deal with BT Wholesale that not only helps our cost base, but allows for better control of network bandwidth and high bandwidth recurring events such as Windows updates downloaded by many of our users.
  • Migrated our customers out of the BT Chelsea Exchange (that was closing) with no customer impact.


  • Our Converged Private Network (CPN) product is starting to gain some traction as we introduce additional features (as well as benefiting from the mainly Ethernet improvements) such as Point to Point access.
Gamma Broadband


  • Following some changes in January when the product portfolios were split into apps, mobile and access, David Doherty became the new product director for the Access product portfolio. Tim Hill joined from Development adding to the product managers Sara Sheik and Stephen Proctor.
  • George Kinsella left Gamma for pastures new at the beginning of May and replacement recruitment is underway.
  • We had a great access product kick-off in Manchester with 60 people across Gamma who are the virtual team to deliver our products.


New partner marketing portal and an award-winning team!

At the beginning of this year we launched two new exciting marketing initiatives for our channel partners.

Gamma Accelerate

Gamma Accelerate is our online partner marketing portal; a simple and secure platform that’s designed to make it easy for channel partners to access and customise white label marketing material, generate new leads and engage with prospects and customers.

Gold Partner Programme

Following the success of our Platinum Partner Programme launched in 2015, Gamma has introduced a new Gold level. Gold Partners will have access to our partner programme manager, Louise Fairley, who will support them in the delivery of lead generation activities, including managed lead nurture campaigns through Accelerate, as well as funding towards marketing activity. They will also benefit from access to enhanced training and support. To be considered as a Gold Partner, resellers need to hit specific qualifying commercial and training commitments.


We’ve had lots of positive feedback from our partners on these initiatives. Here’s what Catherine Ingram, marketing manager at Platinum Partner Arrow Communications had to say:
“We were lucky enough to be involved in the pre-launch trial of Accelerate and have been very impressed with its capabilities and how simple it is to navigate and find relevant content. The managed service we benefit from as a Platinum Partner is really valuable to us, however we’re now also able to set-up and run our own campaigns easily in between. Accelerate will be instrumental in driving our lead generation and helping us close more business.”

Award-winning marketing team

The Gamma channel marketing team has won an award at this year’s annual Comms Dealer Sales and Marketing Awards in London’s swanky Park Lane. Now in its sixth year, the awards event gives ICT channel businesses a unique opportunity to acknowledge the skill, determination and success of their sales and marketing teams. The marketing team, headed by Justin Coombes, won the award for ‘Best Partner / Customer Event’ for the Gamma Bally Rally, which has raised over £400,000 for charities in the four years it has taken place. The latest rally saw 100 channel partners in 30 cars driving from Dover, through the channel tunnel and across France, Belgium and Germany down to the Rhine river near Frankfurt. The rally finished with a black tie dinner where an auction of promises generated the majority of the charity money.

The marketing team were also nominated in two other categories and were highly commended for ‘Vendor Channel Marketing Team of the Year’. Jo Shuttleworth’s channel support team were also nominated for ‘Best Partner / Customer Portal’.

And let’s not forget our partners − South West Comms scooped a first for Reseller Sales Team of the Year (5M Plus category) with Berry Telecom coming a very close second and Fidelity Group took first in the Service Provider Channel Marketing Team of the Year category. Congratulations to all.

L to R: Event sponsor, Louise Fairley, Jaime Scott, Claire Black, Justin Coombes, Joe Leverson, Michelle Baginski, Julia Browne, Ade Swatridge, Colin Murray (Radio 5 Live presenter and host).

Website refresh

You may have noticed our fresh new website which has just gone live. It’s easier for our customers and prospects to navigate, helping them to get right to their sector directly from the home page. Again we have a separate Channel site, which mirrors many of the pages of the direct site but is obviously designed at potential new Channel Partners as well as providing a wealth of information for our existing partners.

The new look is designed to have a lot of impact, reflecting the strong colours of our brand, and is also a lot more interactive, with links to our social media, blogs and plenty of video content. In time the site will evolve and will understand user wants and preferences – recommending associated products and services for example. This Newsflash is built within the new site, so take a look around!


Pam Williams

A welcome back and a farewell

We are delighted to welcome back Jessica Jeram, Group HR Advisor, following her return from maternity leave. Jessica will have a handover with Em MacQueen before we say a fond farewell to Em when she comes to the end of her contract and heads off to pastures new (despite our best efforts to retain her!). I am sure you will all join me in welcoming Jessica back but also to say an enormous thank you and best wishes to Em as she starts out on the next phase of her career.

GammaRewards Discounts

If you have less faith in the British summer then we do and are hoping to get away, did you know that GammaRewards has some fantastic savings which can go towards your holiday, including discounts and cashback on airport parking, hotel websites, flights, package holidays and much much more. Or if you’re having a ‘staycation’ this year, there are also great discounts on local adventures such as theme parks, aquariums, castles, cinemas, dungeons… the possibilities are endless!

Find out how much you could save here:

New starters

It’s always great to welcome new people to Gamma, and it seems we have had rather a lot join us since the last issue! So welcome aboard to everyone below:

James MacDonald Customer Support Advisor Glasgow
Alicia Peyrasse CST Provisioning & Stock Managment Manchester Malthouse
Eloisa Cabral CST Provisioning & Stock Managment Manchester Malthouse
Ailie Featherstone Ethernet Sol & Change Admin Manchester Malthouse
Natasha Holloway Ethernet Ops Del Coordinator Manchester Malthouse
Rachel Harradine Ethernet Operations Delivery Co-ordinator Manchester Malthouse
Rhys Wolstenholme Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Elizabeth Andrew Financial Accountant (Indirect Channel) Newbury
David Alderson Systems Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Lee Corfield Infrastructure Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Holly Foster Grad Software Support Spec London
Casey White Service Desk Analyst Manchester Malthouse
Joseph Sykes Graduate Revenue Assurance Analyst London
Marie Carpenter Graduate Billing Analyst London
Nathaniel Luke Graduate Billing Analyst London
Oliver Williams Graduate Billing Analyst London
James Elwes Graduate Billing Analyst London
Rowan Lee Grad Sftware Analyst/Developer Newbury
Kyle Chandler Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Jawad Sultan IPT Support Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Daniel Walsh Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Kathryn Wadge Implementation Team Administrator Port Solent
Kieran Brady Sales Director, GBC. Home Based
Adrian Turner GNS Project Manager Port Solent
Samantha Atkins Apprentice Recruitment Coordinator Newbury
Stephanie Daniels Ethernet Orders Advisor Manchester Malthouse
Lianne Shaw Ethernet Ops Del Coordinator Manchester Malthouse
James Burnham Grad Software Developer & SA Port Solent
Bernice Gardiner Software Test Analyst Newbury
Matthew Barnett Account Director Home Based
Paul Harris Business Dev Manager GNSL Home Based
Lauren Anders Ethernet Operations Delivery Co-ordinator Manchester Malthouse
Franziska Samson Billing Customer Support Specialist London
Stuart Beale Business Development Manager Home Based
Giles Thomas Systems Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Ashley Toplis IT Infrastructure Technician Manchester Malthouse
Matthew Naismith Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Caroline Glass Ethernet Delivery Co-ordinator Glasgow
Nikki Potter Product Manager – Voice Services Manchester Malthouse
Jay Amani Trainee IP Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Benjamin Kennedy GNS Field Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Luke Gee Software Analyst/Developer Newbury
Katrina Grant GNS Support Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Jack Michelmore Internal Sales BDM Port Solent
Declan Kenning Trainee IP Engineer Glasgow
Kate Cash Enterprise Marketing Manager Port Solent
Christopher Freeman Internal Sales Executive Home Based
Domenico Ruggeri Graduate Software Analyst Developer Newbury
Aleksander Pobocha Internal Sales Executive Home Based
Gregg Braseby Payroll & Benefits Specialist Newbury
Amreid Azam Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Philip Dunn Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Scott Wright Software Development Team Lead Port Solent
James Watson Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Lin Forbes Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Rossen Popov Systems Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Andrew Miller Engineering New Product Lead Home Based
Scott Hitchcock Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Jamie Hill Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Vuong Nguyen Commercial Analyst Port Solent
Benjamin Soen Internal Account Manager London
Julie Mackay Solutions Consultant Home Based
Steven Mayor Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
John Gray Major Account Manager Home Based
Emma Horne-Reid Bid Administrator Port Solent
Thomas Zillessen Sales Consultant Home Based
Sebastian Dawson Internal Account Manager London
Craig Eaveson Firewall Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Laurence Martin Internal Account Manager London
Stephanie Steele Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Jodie Hill Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Stephen Gale Software Test Analyst Newbury
Jonathan Goodier Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
John Duffy Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Daniel Eccles Internal Account Manager London
Lauren Nash Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Thomas Boardman Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Christopher Hulse IT Infrastructure Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Simon Thomas Sales Consultant Home Based
David Stewart Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Elizabeth Hawke Direct Product Manager Manchester Malthouse
Thomas West Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Richard Killeen Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Sulmhan Ahmed Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Gemma McGeown Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Abigail Pilling Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Paul Davies Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Kyle Haynes Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Sarah Birch Customer Development Manager Port Solent
Charchita Ranjan Mobile Tester Newbury
Michael Lever Business Analyst – Customer Experience Manchester Malthouse
Andrew Miller Snr Customer Network Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Lucy Taylor Internal Account Manager London
William Penketh Reporting Analyst Manchester Malthouse
Mark Nicol Customer Support Technician Manchester Malthouse
Samir Ramzy Shihata Mobile Roaming Engineer Newbury
Afsa Ahmed Internal Account Manager Manchester Malthouse
Ashley Cadwallader Graduate Customer Network Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Paul Hughes IP Design Engineer Home Based
Dmytro Pakhuchyy Trainee IP Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Husnain Shafiq Switch Support Engineer Manchester Malthouse
Mark McBride Commerical Accountant Newbury
Jason Hughes Senior Systems Administrator Manchester Malthouse
Elzbieta Iwanska IP Engineer Glasgow
Paul Keyzor Switch Support Engineer London
Andrew Blackburn Solution Delivery Manager Manchester Malthouse
Andrew Peecock Billing Software Development Intern Newbury
Lauren Harvison Internal Account Manager London
Victoria Law Customer Support Technician Glasgow
Mohan Bhagavatula Solutions Engineer Newbury
Paul Burnett Strategic New Business Consultant Home Based
Fiona Stocky Internal Account Manager London

Job Changers                                                                        

One thing we’ve never done before in Newsflash is to give a mention to staff that have been promoted within the company, or that are moving to a different department to take on a fresh challenge and broaden their experience. So here’s our first list of movers and shakers, and congratulations to everyone!

Adriane Bailey Billing Customer Support Team Leader Promotion Billing
Dhruba Kundu Graduate Software Support Specialist Promotion OSS Support
Thomas Connelly Head of Technical Services Promotion Technical Support Centre
Nick Lowe Customer Project Technician Job Change Technical Support Centre
Haleem Gul Networks Director Promotion Technical Support Centre
Sally Barbrook Head of Customer Change Projects Promotion Gamma Network Solutions
Richard James Business Analyst / Project Manager Job Change Programme Development
Aleksandr Vysockij Customer Engineer Promotion Customer Operations
Rachel Dingley Senior Commercial and Regulatory Analyst Promotion Finance
Lucas Brown IPT Customer Support Technician Job Change Customer Operations
Alister Mathie Billing Team Leader Promotion Billing
David Rushton Account Director Promotion Unified Comms Channel
Oliver Moseley Business Development Executive Promotion Channel Partner Sales
Fazlyn Samsodien Ethernet Provisioning Specialist Promotion Technical Support Centre
Timothy Rathbone GNS Support Supervisor Job Change Customer Operations
Christopher Law GNS Provisioning Manager Job Change Customer Operations
Mark Gooden Voice Application Test Engineer Job Change Engineering
Neil Smith Business Development Executive Promotion Channel Partner Sales
Beverley Butcher HR Generalist Job Change Human Resources
Sophie Yorke GNS Ethernet Delivery Co-ordinator Promotion Customer Operations
Kadneem Grant-Blissett Network Support Engineer Job Change Customer Operations
Frederick Tattersall Billing Team Leader Promotion Billing
Shaynee Gouge Customer Development Manager Job Change Customer Development
Louise O’Neill CST Provisioning & Stock Managment Job Change Customer Operations
Pete Sunday Customer Support Trainer Job Change Customer Operations
John Hardiman Team Supervisor Promotion Customer Operations
Alexander Kew Sales Consultant Promotion Sales
Christopher Limbert Customer Support Specialist Job Change Customer Operations
James Appleyard Account Manager Promotion Sales
Naveed Ahmad Customer Network Engineer Promotion Technical Support Centre
James Deaville Senior Billing Analyst Promotion Billing
Victoria Hawksworth Operations Project Manager Job Change Technical Support Centre
Liam McArdle Ethernet Service Delivery Coordinator Promotion Technical Support Centre
Lauren Green Customer Support Specialist Promotion Customer Operations
Callum Albrow Senior Billing Analyst Promotion Billing
Edward Killick Account Manager Promotion Sales
Adam Rodrigues Operational Effeciency Analyst Job Change Customer Operations
Michael Warren Channel Support Manager Promotion Customer Operations
Gerard Kane Team Supervisor Promotion Customer Operations
David Lloyd Broadband Provisioning Specialist Promotion Customer Operations
Thomas Daniel Customer Network Engineer Job Change Technical Support Centre
Lance Palfreman GNS Delivery Co-ordinator Job Change Customer Operations
Jawad Sultan IPT Support Engineer Promotion Technical Support Centre
Holly Cameron Customer Marketing Administrator Job Change Marketing

Employee Assistance Programme

We are committed to ensuring our employees stay healthy and feel good mentally and physically.
To help with days that you may not feel yourself or you need some advice, Gamma provides access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which is provided through Health Assured Ltd. Their Work Life Solutions package provides telephone help and support for all the things that can affect us during our working lives including bereavement, anxiety and financial worries. You can also get help and advice from qualified medical professionals on medical or health-related concerns.  To access the EAP click on the link below and use the login and password “worklife”.

Health and Wellbeing

Gamma’s Health and Wellbeing initiative is to encourage all of us to live healthy active lifestyles. The EAP has a variety of tools to assist with this such as the Health Risk Assessment Tool.  To access this just click on the link below and create your own personal assessment.

The employee code when registering is “Worklife”

Send some encouragement

It is always encouraging to know that you have ‘done a good job’, but how often do you tell your colleagues that? Start now by sending them an e-card from GammaRewards and show that one person who has gone the extra mile, or made your job a little easier how much you appreciate them.

Changes to Childcare Vouchers

The new tax free childcare scheme (replacing childcare vouchers in April 2018), will enable working parents to save 20% on childcare. This means that up to £2,000 can be saved per year per employee. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that tax-free childcare is best for you. In fact, in many cases it might be better to stay on childcare vouchers. Click below and log into GammaRewards and check out the new Childcare Comparison Calculator to see which is best for you.

R2 Accreditation – Strengths Based Profiles

10 employees have been accredited as R2 coaches! This means they are now able to use R2 profiles to see where employee strengths lie so they are able to change their job roles or responsibilities to better play to those strengths and avoid any weaknesses.

A big congratulations to Mike Jennings, Pam Williams, Ben Jeffries, Andy Best, Rob Johnson, Adam Bardini, Maria Ravisato, Emma Miller, Michael Riddoch and Chris Law for gaining this fantastic accreditation!

Around the offices

Newbury office refurbishment

Newbury office refurbishments will start on Friday afternoon, 23rd June.  The reception area will take two weeks to complete and each floor of toilets will take three weeks.  Works to air conditioning and fire detection will be carried out the early part of w/c 10th July. This is a welcome refurbishment, and of course it will mean there will be some disruption but hopefully minimal upheaval for Newbury staff as the works continue.

It would be preferable if people based at the Newbury office could work at home as much as possible, if that fits for you and is acceptable to your manager.

The front staircase, first floor kitchen, first floor meeting rooms (The Board Room, The Demo Room and meeting room 1.2) and reception area will be out of bounds.

You will need to take the lift from the lobby to the second floor and walk down the back staircase to access your workplace.

The toilets on the first floor will be refurbished first (at the same time as the reception) thus the second floor toilets will only be available during this time, and vice versa as the works move to the second floor.

Please try to keep visitors to a minimum during the works. Visitors will be asked to remain in the lobby area (where we will place the settee and chairs, and put up a notice apologising for the disruption) and we will ask the hosts to collect them from there.

Car parking: the disabled space and two of the reserved adjacent spaces will be reserved for the workmen.

Details of the refurbishment

  • The Demo Suite will remain as is but will become the Boardroom.
  • The existing Boardroom will be reduced in size to an eight person room and be re-named.  The remaining space will become part of the main office.
  • Room 1.2 will disappear altogether and three new small meeting rooms will be built in the new reception area to accommodate 2/3 persons each.
  • A small bespoke/dedicated meeting room will be created for HR only next to the new three meeting rooms but behind the access control doors, which will move up to the Demo Room area.
  • Any noisy work will as much as possible be done out of hours.

If you have booked any meeting rooms which are affected by the above changes you will need to move them to another appropriate room. For further details on the refurbishment and timings of the works please contact Tania Marshall.

Parking in Manchester

You may have read about parking at Scott Pallets (the overflow parking site opposite the Manchester Office). For anyone who uses this car park, please note the updated details below:

Normal Parking:

Monday to Friday (days with no Manchester United Football Matches). Car park gates will be locked at 6.00pm.

Manchester United Matchdays:

The car park gates will be locked at 3.00pm.
All Gamma cars will then need to move to The Imperial War Museum, IWM North, The Quays, Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1TZ (a two minute walk from Scott Pallets)

Overnight parking:

Scott Pallets have asked that we do not leave vehicles on their site overnight. If overnight parking is required, cars will need to be moved to The Malthouse (Manchester office car park)

Identifying Gamma vehicles:

Scott Pallets are currently taking steps to filter cars that do not belong to Gamma and as a result they will only allow vehicles on site that display the Gamma pass.

If you have any questions please let Linda Martin know.

JustPark – Newbury

We all know that parking at the Newbury office can be a bit of a challenge from time to time, so why not take advantage of the new scheme with JustPark? All you have to do is contact Tania Marshall and she will be able to find a convenient parking space at a nearby location. Then you can make the short walk from your car to the office. Not only does it save you the hassle of hoping for a space at the office, but also means you can get a bit of exercise on your way to work. And the company pays for it too! For more information on the scheme follow this link:

MTBorROAD Charity Cycle event

Gamma’s charity cycle ride has been so successful that it’s now an annual institution! This year, our partners have been invited to take part in either an on-road or off-road course of their choice. There will also be easy or more advanced routes to choose from, so something for all abilities and experience. #MTBorRoad takes place on Thursday 8th June. All that’s needed is a bike, helmet and some enthusiasm! The day will start at Watlington Cricket Club, between Oxford and High Wycombe, for breakfast and a briefing and there will be a barbecue after the event around 4.00pm.

The event is a great opportunity to spend some time in the open air with fellow cycling enthusiasts, while raising money for Action Through Enterprise (ATE). To find out more about this great cause click here.

As this is a charity event there is a voluntary fee of £50, however if participants can dig a bit deeper Gamma will match all contributions pound for pound. This money will go directly to our chosen charity.  There will also be a raffle during the barbecue to raise even more money for ATE.


Still on two wheels, well done to Richard James and Rebecca Morrell from the Manchester office who cycled 400 miles from Manchester to Paris with seven other friends over five days at the end of May. They have raised over £7,500 for Cancer Research UK and James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough so far, in memory of their best friend who sadly passed away after a short battle with skin cancer on Christmas Day 2015.

Richard and Rebecca would like to thank everyone who sponsored them, and any donations are still greatly appreciated – please go to:

Port Solent

Continuing the cycle theme, last year Neil Taylor, Gamma’s head of partner sales, entered a charity bike ride and rode 125 miles for Cyclists Fighting Cancer from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey in North Wales. The event raised a massive £153,978.46 for the chosen charities and with help from Gamma employees we contributed £785!

This year Neil will be pushing it to the limit and beyond once again. This year’s bike challenge is spread over four days and he will be riding over 416 miles and climbing higher than Mount Everest with a massive 29,374 ft. of vertical climbing!

If you’re into your cycling and want to see the pain that’s in store for him, you can find the routes here. This year Neil will be riding in aid of a Gamma customer Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust, a fantastic charity I’m sure you would agree.  If you would like to contribute and support their worthwhile work, please go to the ‘just giving’ page below.

Neil Taylor at the top of Dynas Mawddwy climb and (inset) at the top of Col dels Reis, Mallorca

Newbury – Antony runs London Marathon

Congratulations to Antony Krstic, a software developer/analyst in our Newbury office, who completed the London Marathon in 4hrs 33min 48sec. Antony set up a fundraising page back in May 2016 in aid of a charity that had helped a friend of his through some tough times with testicular cancer back in 2007 at the age of just 17. The Institute of Cancer Research launched its ‘Everyman’ appeal in 1997 and has so far raised over £10million to support research into male cancers. We’re happy to report that the campaign helped Antony’s friend through the course of his treatment and he is now in full remission. In the biggest challenge of Antony’s life, he raised £1,095 and would like to thank all the donors who generously gave their support.

London – Sean runs the Marathon and bakes cakes!

On 23rd April 2017 Sean Blackmore ran the London Marathon in support of Children with Cancer UK. Despite having two knee operations, Sean successfully completed the marathon and has raised an amazing £1,926.20 for this fantastic cause!

As if running a marathon wasn’t enough, Sean also hosted a bake sale to raise money for Children with Cancer UK, including a few homemade treats baked by our own London office workers, Sara, Becky and Iona. A further £60.82 was raised for the charity and the office had some very tasty cakes to enjoy that day. Sean is still raising money to reach his target.

Manchester office raises £105 for Young Minds

On Monday 8th May the Manchester office held a bake sale for the charity Young Minds and raised £105. YoungMinds supports young people dealing with a huge range of metal health and wellbeing problems such as anorexia, bipolar disorder, bulimia, OCD, mania and hypomania, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, psychosis, anxiety, ADHD, anger, death and loss, eating problems, self-harm, abuse, bullying, problems at school, sleep problems and suicidal feelings. You can find out more about the charity here:

A big thank you to Abigail Pilling for organising this bake sale for such a great cause, and to everyone who bought a cake in support!

Sun shines on the annual Gamma golf day

Gamma’s 2017 Golf Championship took place at The Warwickshire Golf Club. Once again it was another fantastic day, the weather (as promised) was hot and sunny, the course in great condition and a real test and we had 36 people challenging to be our champion golfer 2017. The winner of the event was Joe Kelly (38pts), in 2nd place came Bradley Stamper and in 3rd place was Steve Proctor. Our top lady golfer was Holly Munro. Everyone had a great time and we had a number of people winning prizes: Longest Drive – Ian McPhee, Putting competition – Brian Melkie and this years’ annual “Martin Cassidy Award” went to …….. Martin Cassidy!

Charity Days

Did you know that Gamma all employees are entitled to one charity day to get involved and volunteer with local causes, even if you’re in probation? To apply, you just need to apply for your day via HR21 and let your line manager know the cause that you will be helping. You can either arrange your charity day yourself, or from time to time Gamma will send out emails about charity days which you can apply to take part in.

Let’s take a look at how some of your colleagues have spent their days…

Glasgow Dogs Trust – Pamela Reid, Glasgow

“On Wednesday 19th April a group of us volunteered at The Dogs Trust and made great use of our Gamma Charity day!

We attended on a Wednesday, which is the day where the centre is closed to the public to allow for deep cleaning. We helped with many tasks involved in the weekly deep clean including cleaning the dishes and sterilising the bowls. We cleaned and polished the doors internal and external, kennel windows, kitchen areas, floors and even the toys.  We also helped to gut out cupboards, clean and rearrange them, fold many blankets and towels. We even helped to make some snuffle blankets and some box fun!

The staff were lovely, kind, helpful and good fun to work with. You could see the care and dedication they had to make sure every dog is looked after and they have great relationships with the dogs in their care. After lunch we were able to take a dog out for their daily walk in the large field on site at the dogs trust. We had a fantastic day and would love to go back. Thank you to the Dogs Trust in Glasgow for having us and also Gamma for making it possible to do something so rewarding.”

Manchester Dogs Trust – Richard James, Manchester

“After rescuing a dog myself a few years ago, I wanted to use my charity day with Gamma to give something back to organisations that not only help dogs, but extends that help to people to rehome dogs and ultimately become part of your family.

When Gamma organised something for the Dogs Trust I jumped at the chance. On Wednesday 15th March the six of us turned up at the Manchester site for the introductions and then went on a tour of the site; quite a bittersweet experience knowing that these dogs were confused as to what was going on but seeing the set up was great, knowing that they are getting the best possible care they could.

We spent the morning helping with some admin tasks and making snuffle rugs for the dogs. We then took a dog out each in the afternoon for a walk around Denton, which was the best part of the day. I may have thought about rehoming Evie, the dog I took out, who was so happy getting any form of attention, though I don’t think my pooch at home would enjoy company! I spent the next few days checking her profile and happily she was rehomed just a few days after our visit.

On the day I enjoyed socialising with other colleagues that I don’t always get to interact with, which helped understand the value we all bring to Gamma.”

Want to see how your other colleagues have spent their charity days? Why not check out our blog on GammaRewards:

Dogs Trust, Salisbury – Kat Ching, Port Solent

“On the 3rd May myself, Kathryn Wadge, Tania Marshall and Shaynee Gauge used our allocated Charity Day to help out at The Dogs Trust, Salisbury.

The day ran from 9am until 4pm, and we helped out in activities such as kennel cleaning, laundry, making treats and general maintenance. We all got a very noisy welcome, with over 40 dogs there to welcome us, including the puppies who were just about to leave to go to their new homes.

In the afternoon we got the chance to do some dog walking and got to know our new furry friends a little better. Kathryn enjoyed it so much that she stayed back at the end of the day to help with the food run!

I love that Gamma supports charity days, as it is a wonderful gesture from the company and gives us all the chance to give our time for worthy causes”.

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