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All the latest updates from Gamma.


The latest updates and guides for Horizon.


The latest updates for Inbound.


The latest updates for Mobile.

Welcome to our latest Product Bulletin!

This month we’ve some updates to our Horizon solution, Mobile hardware and Inbound.

Read on for more information on our latest developments and as ever, if you have any questions, please call your Business Development Manager directly.

Alternatively, you can contact the Channel Partner Hotline on 0333 014 0444.

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Our latest updates and guides


New Bullhorn Integrator bolt-on

We can now announce that Horizon has been accredited to integrate with Bullhorn, a leading CRM within the recruitment sector.

Our customers will benefit from features including:

  • Click to dial – for a better customer experience
  • Caller preview – to route calls quickly and efficiently
  • Automatic popping of the Bullhorn contact page – for instant access to information

The setup of the Bullhorn integration is slightly different to the current CRM version of the Integrator and requires the assignment of a specific bolt-on for access to be enabled. Once the Bullhorn Integrator soft client has been added to the Horizon company, it can then be assigned to the end user(s) via the Horizon portal.

The company Administrator can then assign the bolt-on to the user in the usual fashion via the User>Services tabs on the Horizon Portal.

The user will then receive a couple of welcome emails detailing their logon credentials and a link to the Integrator Bullhorn download which will need to be installed onto the user’s PC.

Once the software has been installed the end user will then need to follow the Bullhorn user guide to complete the installation. This can be found on the CP Portal or the Gamma website.


Integrator 2.6 is not currently compatible with any mass deployment tools when carrying out an upgrade from an earlier version. Using these will result in all existing user settings being deleted.

Any upgrades from earlier versions will need to be carried out by the user/administrator on their individual machine.

We are aware of the following mass deployment tools affected, please see below. Please be aware other similar tools could experience the same behaviour and as advised we highly recommend updating individual clients.

  • SCCM
  • Group Policy deployment
  • OPSI
  • Rudder
  • Symantec Client Management Suite
  • Dell KACE
  • ZenWorks
  • IT Asset Too

Horizon network improvements

To ensure our Horizon service and the network that sits behind it continue to work at their optimum we are starting a project to route all voice traffic away from Gamma’s legacy switching systems that are now approaching the end of their technical life. This work will enable us to deliver some exciting new services, such as advanced Call Recording, PCI Payments and Horizon Meet, our new Audio, Web and Video conferencing service.

The work will involve the migration of the Horizon voice and signalling traffic and is scheduled between the 24th October to 7th of November 2017. Although the anticipated impact has been kept to a minimum, the process of migrating this traffic carries some risk and your Horizon service may be impacted for a very limited time.


Our latest updates


Revised Inbound Portal – Advanced Notice

For a while now, the internet has been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content in everyday browsing owing to well publicised security flaws, and, as a result, many IT teams have been developing plans to block flash sites as a standard security measure. We have therefore spent several months developing a completely new Inbound portal that uses HTML5, moving entirely away from Flash. Subsequently, we would like to let you know that we will be launching the new Inbound portal in the New Year.

The only impact will be a refreshed look to the Inbound portal as you will continue to use the same login details as you do now. All your call plans will remain the same so you don’t need to do anything at all.


Our latest updates

gamma mobile for business

Handset update – Alcatel

Alcatel have confirmed that the 2045 handset is now officially end of life and has been replaced by the 2038.

The 2038 is almost identical to the 2045, which has been a very popular handset, and it has 3G connectivity and a basic camera.

New Sony handsets – Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact

The new XZ1 and the XZ1 Compact both have an exciting new piece of technology for mobile – 3D scanning – as well as 19MP camera, Motion Eye camera with super-slow motion, high resolution audio and water-resistant design with fingerprint scanning.

  • API 10
  • Sony security enhancements – FIPS140-2 certified
  • Xperia with WebEx integration
  • Android for Work enabled

New CAT handset – S41

If you have a customer who needs a ruggardised handset then think about the CAT range of handsets. They have just introduced the CAT S41 which has enormous battery power as well being tough and waterproof.

End of life handsets

The iPhone SE 16GB is now end of life but is still available in the 32GB.