Gamma Insight – October 2019

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Say hello to new hardware

We welcome the arrival of some fantastic new hardware that we’re sure you’ll be proud to shout about.

Meet the partner

We sit down with Jon Carr, Communications Manager at Highlander Computing Solutions Ltd, to hear how Gamma helped his team to score a big win for Sheffield.

Never miss a call

Witness the official launch of our advanced Horizon call recording solution.

Introducing Cirrus

Conversational AI and omni-channel capability are all part of the package with Cirrus, our new cloud contact center solution.

Don’t miss our training day

Hear top tips from the sales and marketing specialists, gain key insights,  discover the benefits of our new price book and enjoy a drink with us at our upcoming training day.

Boat day

See our partners set sail on a voyage through the Solent.

Take a look at the latest Communicate newsletter, sent to our customers in October.

Welcome to Gamma Insight, your quarterly update!

In this edition of Gamma Insight we introduce you to lots of exciting new hardware and advanced software solutions, bring you product updates and explain how you can cap off the year with us at our latest training day.

Read on to find out all about our brand new headsets, handsets and our impressive Studio Video Bar which will turn your current personal Horizon conference into a enhanced room service.

Discover more about our newly developed Horizon call recording service and delve a little deeper into our new cloud call center solution in partnership with Cirrus.

Hear how the team at Gamma helped Jon Carr, Communications Manager at Highlander Computing Solutions Ltd, score a win with a large football club contract in our Meet the Partner section.

And finally, dive into our Events section to find out how some of our partners were making a splash at Gamma’s recent Boat Day event.

I hope you find your new-look update useful. Should you have any questions, contact the team on 0333 014 0444.

Best wishes,

Neil Taylor

Say hello to new hardware

It’s an exciting time here at Gamma as we welcome the arrival of some fantastic new hardware, which we are sure you’ll be proud to shout about.

Equipment refresh is a good call

We welcome an impressive new range of headsets and videoconferencing solutions, while bidding farewell to some old favourites.

At Gamma, we understand that purchasing new hardware poses more than just a financial question for businesses. How superior will ROI be following the investment? How can IT Managers convince their boss to get sign-off? What we do know is that the investment is worth it, with upgraded hardware shown to seriously boost efficiency. As such, we want to make sure our end users have access to high-specification, high-quality equipment that allows their staff to communicate with customers and colleagues with ease, ensuring that all important return.

With this being said, we are excited to announce that we now offer a brand-new range of Polyheadsets, Cisco handsets and even a Polycom Studio Video Bar.

Polycom Studio Video Bar

Enhance your meeting experience with this optimal videoconferencing solution, the Polycom Studio USB Video Bar. With a high-quality camera and speakerphone system which offers room-filling sound, the Video Bar syncs seamlessly with Horizon Collaborate and enhances a user’s personal conference, transforming it into an impressive room service. Plug and play, an auto-framing camera, stereo microphone and speakers are just some of the key features offered by this top-of-the-range gadget.

The Studio bar is provided directed by Poly and therefore comes with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase and 12 months enrolment into Poly’s Premier Service Program. The Service Program includes technical telephone support and a advanced parts replacement service.



In September we saw the introduction of the Polycom VVX450. With two USB ports, a larger colour screen and Wi-Fi capability, the VVX450 has now become the official replacement of its predecessor, the VVX411 (withdrawn on 11th September 2019). Whilst we bid a fond farewell to the VVX411, the good news is that the introductory offer on the VVX450 has now been made permanent.

The handset will continue to be available for the same price as the VVX411.

The introduction of the new Cisco MPP range of devices mean that it’s also time to say goodbye to the Cisco SPA504 and its expansion model. Three new Cisco handsets are now available: the 8841, 8851 and the 8861. These can be purchased alongside Cisco’s new 8800 Colour Expansion Module, a side cart which fits alongside the new handsets.


A key piece of hardware for many businesses is a reliable, high-functioning range of headsets. As such, we have introduced five new state-of-the-art Poly headsets to our hardware offering.

The Poly Voyager 5200, 6200, 8200 and the Poly Voyager Focus are all Bluetooth enabled headsets which offer increased mobility and collaboration, meaning end users can stay connected on the go.

The Poly Blackwire USB 5330 headset is also available for those looking for a non-Bluetooth enabled option.

All of these headsets are 100% compatible with Horizon Collaborate to make your meeting and call experiences smoother. If users are looking to combat background noise issues, have problems with portable charging or struggle to connect to multiple devices, these new headsets fit the more diverse work styles of today’s modern office. These devices must be registered once purchased through Plantronics’ website.


Meet the partner

We sit down with Jon Carr, Communications Manager at Highlander Computing Solutions Ltd.

Highlander win big football contract with help from Gamma team

In September we ventured to Sheffield to speak with Communications Manager, Jon Carr.

Jon has been an employee of our partner, Highlander Computing Solutions Ltd for 15 years but his experience in the telecoms industry spans over two decades. We couldn’t wait to sit down with him and hear all about the changes he has seen in the industry and the firm’s recent success in winning a contract with a large football club.

Watch our interview with Jon to learn more about Highlander’s story, the rapid changes in customer demand and to hear about how Gamma’s Unified Communication solutions helped his team to score a big win for Sheffield.

Never miss a call

Introducing our new Horizon call recording service.

Advanced Horizon call recording service is officially live!

On Thursday 26th September we launched our new, advanced Horizon Call Recording service.

We understand how important each and every call is to a business. Therefore, we always endeavor to add to and improve our voice offering. We’re pleased to say that, as of September, all new and existing Horizon customers can take advantage of all features within our newly launched advanced call recording platform.

A business could be looking for a call recording solution for several reasons, including customer service quality monitoring, staff training, quick and easy dispute resolution but often more importantly, meeting compliance regulations.

Horizon Call Recording is a secure and compliant recording service, custom built for Horizon and embedded within the Gamma core network. It offers a reliable way to record all incoming, outgoing and internal Horizon calls as well as conference calls. Features include:

  • New call tecording web portal – which is simple and secure.
  • Multiple access policies – different actions permitted to different user types (Admin, Supervisor, Staff user).
  • MiFID II compliant.
  • New pricing model – simplified price per user per month, with no limit on storage and no hidden costs.
  • Full encryption and secure storage, with automatic deletion at end of retention period.
  • Advanced search, playback in browser.
  • Bulk and individual download of recordings.
  • Full audit logs and reporting.

To hear about our Horizon Call Recording service in more detail contact your Business Development Manager today.

Horizon Cloud Contact Centre 12


Discover our new cloud contact center solution.

    Take contact center control with Cirrus

We are very excited to introduce you to our new cloud contact center solution, Cirrus.

Ideal for businesses with a formal contact center set up, Cirrus operates on a full-time basis with unlimited scalability.

The services boasts a mix of conversational AI and impressive omni-channel capability.

Combined with our market-leading voice capability software, the service provides businesses with the highest level of resilience and security.

customer service

Our cloud contact center solution is hosted across three state-of-the art datacentres for a highly resilient and secure service.

This unique design delivers up-time of 99.999% and an industry leading RTO and RPO of just 60 seconds.

Here are just some of the many benefits that our cloud contact center offers:

  • Simple integration with the end users’ website, CRM or back-office application is quick and easy.
  • Leverage omni-channel capability with a single view of all customer interaction via our intuitive agent portal.
  • Gain detailed traffic flow analysis and best practice recommendations to help inform operational decision making and optimise your contact center environment.
  • With no capital expenditure requirements, our cloud-based solution delivers the functionality businesses need at a low total cost of ownership.
  • Rigorous security and compliance built-in with ISO27001 certification and use of Tier 1 datacentres. Add to that PCI DSS Level 1 applications, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR compliance as standard.
  • Enable routing decisions based on CLI or contextual CRM data. With functionality providing near and non-real-time communication, agents can handle multiple conversations simultaneously for optimum customer experience.

Find out more at our upcoming training day.


Take a look at our recent event highlights and see what’s coming up.

Join us for our latest training day

Discover the exciting new products and changes seeing us into a strong 2020.

Join us in London on 14th November for our training day.

It has been a busy quarter for Gamma following the release of some exciting new products and fantastic events, this latest training session will see sales and marketing specialists come together to talk about the best ways to drive new leads.

The session will include:

  • Learn about the increasing importance of call-recording with sales specialist, Joe Pratten.
  • Neil Taylor presents our simplified price book which offers more benefits than ever before.
  • Hear marketing specialist Chris Gallagher offer his expert advice on how to drive new leads and manage a busy telemarketing environment.
  • An introduction to our exciting new Contact Centre solution, Cirrus, with experienced Channel Sales Manager Romke Wijngaarden and Neil Moulton.

Join us on the 6th floor of Holland House for an insightful afternoon of jam-packed buzz sessions. You’ll leave with a number of key takeaways, allowing your business to kick off 2020 with a bang.

Following the session, you will have the opportunity to continue conversation with the team over dinner and drinks at a top London restaurant.

Places are limited so make sure you guarantee your space now.


Partner Boat Day

Glorious sunshine set the scene for our ‘Boat Day’ event, as our group set sail on their voyage through the Solent back in August (and some really made a splash!).

Following a hearty breakfast the team hit the water on a high performance 56′ luxury motor yacht, enjoying a champagne reception as they cruised through to lunchtime. The rest of the day included a delicious BBQ and some refreshing Pimms before they set sail again to the famous Needles.

Here, the group got the chance to dive in and make the most of the beautiful weather before they docked back in Southampton for dinner and cocktails in the evening.

“It was a superb day, so thank you and all of your team! It will go down as a Tuesday to remember for a long, long time.”  Richard Dormer, BCR Associates

Check out our picture gallery to see some highlights from the day.

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