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Hot topics

Help ensure your customers do not miss a call this holiday season and find out the dates for the annual porting freeze.


Introducing the new integrator soft client for EMIS and improved device customisation.


Learn all about our new Inbound portal.


Find out what handsets could go end of life soon.

Welcome to our latest Product Bulletin!

This month we’ve some updates to Horizon , Inbound and Mobile hardware.

Also included is our Horizon call scheduling eGuide to help your customers ensure they do not miss a call this festive season. The annual porting freeze dates have been announced and you can download our new number porting factsheet.

Read on for more information on our latest developments and, as ever, if you have any questions, please call your Business Development Manager directly.

Alternatively, you can contact the Channel Partner Hotline on 0333 014 0444.

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Hot topics

Help ensure your customers do not miss a call this holiday season and find out the dates for the annual porting freeze.

Horizon call scheduling

Are your customers reducing their opening hours during the upcoming holiday season?

Our step-by-step Horizon call scheduling eGuide will help your customers ensure they do not miss a call. It includes instructions on how to add an event as well as scheduling out-of-hours. View eGuide >

Number porting

When it comes to number porting, there are many factors which can contribute towards delays resulting in frustration. For this reason, we have created a factsheet, which includes a step-by-step explanation of the porting process, the difference between geographic and non-geographic number ports and a list of all of the details needed for a smooth and successful port. Read our useful number porting factsheet here.

Don’t forget, the annual porting freeze is fast approaching. The porting freeze will take place from 22nd December to 2nd January. Although requests can be submitted as usual, there will be no progress or completions during this time.


Introducing our new Horizon integrator soft client for EMIS and improved device customisation.


New integrator soft client for EMIS

Horizon is now accredited to integrate with EMIS, a leading CRM within the health sector.

Users will benefit from features including:

  • Click to dial – for a better customer experience
  • Caller preview – to route calls quickly and efficiently
  • Automatic popping of the EMIS contact page – for instant access to information

The setup of the EMIS integration is slightly different to the standard CRM Integrator in that it requires the assignment of a specific bolt on for access to be enabled.

The EMIS Integrator soft client is added to the Horizon company in the usual way for assignment to the end user(s). The customer then needs to go to the Horizon portal and assign the bolt-on to the user in the usual fashion via the User>Services tabs.

The user will then receive welcome emails detailing their login credentials and a link to the Integrator EMIS download, which will need to be installed onto the user’s PC.

Once the software has been installed the end user will then need to follow the EMIS Add in User Guide to complete the installation. This can be found on the Gamma website.

Device customisation improved for the VVX310 and 600

Currently in device customisation for the Polycom VVX310 and VVX600, there is no voicemail option within the drop down. We have now added this option.

Integrator v2.4 retirement

From November 29th, we will no longer support Horizon Integrator on version 2.4 or below. All subscribers on this version will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Horizon Integrator by this time.


Learn all about our new Inbound portal.


Refreshed Inbound portal coming soon!

For a while now, the internet has been taking steps to reduce the need for Flash content in everyday browsing owing to well publicised security flaws and, as a result, many business IT teams have been developing plans to block Flash sites as a standard security measure.

Consequently, we have developed a revised Inbound portal using HTML5 with all Flash content removed.

The key differences between the current Inbound portal and the new HTML5 portal are:

  • The portal colouring has changed
  • The navigation tabs are now on the left-hand side of the screen rather than across the top
  • Previously a call plan was built by dragging and dropping the icons. Now you click on any icon and any available nodes for that call plan are presented and the node is added by clicking i.e. you click and add rather than drag and drop when building a call plan.
  • In the current portal, the key tabs are along the top of the page.

Now the key navigation is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

The current drag and drop scenario when adding nodes to a call plan has been replaced by a click “add node” which will display the available nodes for that call plan.


Find out what handsets could go end of life soon.

gamma mobile for business

End of life handsets

The following handsets are likely to go end of life in the coming months:

  • Samsung J3 2016
  • Samsung S7
  • Motorola G5