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The latest updates and guides for Horizon.

Welcome to our latest Product Bulletin!

This month we’ve some updates to our Horizon solution.

Read on for more information on our latest developments and as ever, if you have any questions, please call your Business Development Manager directly.

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Our latest updates and guides.


New Horizon TAPI Driver

The Horizon TAPI driver has been designed to complement Horizon and provides simple telephony and call control integration via applications that can make use of a TAPI interface. There are a number of CRM applications that are known to have TAPI interfaces and the known applications that should now be compatible with Horizon are as below:

The extent of the integration is entirely dependent on the specific application and Gamma cannot provide any advice, help and assistance in configuring the application. The onus is on the application vendor or the customer’s IT team to make use of the TAPI driver interface. In order to install the TAPI driver, the user will need administrative rights to the PC.

Please note: The TAPI driver is a 1st party service only and it should not be used in a 3rd party mode. It can be used in conjunction with the standard Horizon Integrator but not with the CRM version and for clarity the Horizon TAPI does not provide any end user features, for example click to dial. It is simply a middleware driver and all capability is dependent on the CRM application itself.

To assign the subscription to a user logon on the Horizon portal and the subscription will now be available to assign via the Users> Services tab.

Check the box next to the Horizon TAPI driver subscription and hit save to assign the service.
Once the TAPI subscription has been assigned to the user, they may receive up to two emails.
In all cases, they will receive a welcome message and a link to download the software plus the user name.

A second email will be sent to provide the password unless they are already a client user (i.e. Integrator, Receptionist etc.) in which case their existing client password should be used.

Once the user has received the above notifications they can then follow the Horizon TAPI user guide to install and configure the software.

Integrator version 2.6 – new CRMs available

The latest version of Horizon Integrator now includes the following additional CRM integrations and an improvement for Microsoft Dynamics.
• InfusionSoft – Sales and marketing CRM for small businesses
• Patient Connect – Health Sector
• PerfectView – General CRM
• Salpo – General CRM
• TITAN – Ticketing and Hospitality CRM

Horizon Integrator can now be updated to version 2.6.10, details of how to do this can be found in the user guide along with the individual CRM user guides.

Integrator 2.6 is not currently compatible with any mass deployment tools when carrying out an upgrade from an earlier version. Using these will result in all existing user settings being deleted. Any upgrades from earlier versions will need to be carried out by the user/administrator on their individual machine.

Call recording bulk download and delete

We have introduced an improved bulk download and delete facility for Horizon call recording. The service will allow an administrator to select up to a 14-day consecutive period and the feature will then collate the entire volume of recordings associated to the specified period and download them to the administrator’s PC desktop in the form of a ZIP file. Once the batch has downloaded, the administrator will then have the option to delete the call recordings from the storage platform via the History tab.
The service can be accessed by navigating to the Recorded Calls tab and selecting Bulk Download

This will then take the user through to the main Bulk Download page where the user can request downloads. To request a download, enter the required date range and hit Bulk Download.

This will then start to download the recordings to the user’s browser.

The download pop up will provide information on the file size and the time outstanding to complete the request.

Once the download has completed, the ZIP file can be extracted and saved to a location of the administrator’s choice.

We have also provided a Download History section that will provide key information about the date and time a Bulk Download request was made, who made it, the date range selected and status. An administrator is also given the option to delete the recordings from the storage facility should they wish to. To delete recording between the From and To dates simply click the delete button.

If delete is selected, the user will be receive this prompt asking them to confirm the deletion before the recordings are removed from the platform.

If delete is selected, the user will be receive this prompt asking them to confirm the deletion before the recordings are removed from

Te ‘In Progress’ tab will only show Call Recording downloads that are in progress and once completed they will appear on the Download History tab.

A user will not be able to download the current day recordings which ensures that recordings that have not been downloaded and saved, cannot be accidently deleted.
the platform.