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Connect – Driving mobility in your business

Combine the flexibility of your mobile device with all the business-class features of Horizon.

Digital investment – why, what and when?

Find out why investment in digital technology should be on your priority list.

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IP EXPO Europe

Six key reasons why you should join us at the ExCeL next week!


Getting down to business with Gamma Mobile

Read our new eGuide on how mobility can drive your business performance.

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How a WAN can benefit your business

Discover how Virgin Wines is thriving with a WAN.

Welcome to our latest Communicate

Find out how you can streamline your business communications with new Gamma Connect, by combining your mobile devices with the power of our Horizon hosted system. Find out more today.

Learn why digital investment should be on your priority list and why you can’t afford to stand still.

Discover the six key reasons to join us at IP Expo Europe next week, including hearing about the latest AI development, cyber security trends and a whole new perspective of life on earth.

Read our latest eGuide to learn how you can get down to business with Gamma Mobile.

If you have any questions your CDM will be happy to help. You can contact them on 0333 014 0333 – pressing option 4.

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Hot topics

Learn how you can combine the flexibility of your mobile devices with the full featured Horizon hosted phones system with Connect, and find out why digital investment should be on your priority list.

Welcome to Connect – Driving mobility in your business

Streamline your business communications with Connect, our new fixed mobile convergence service designed to help you give staff the ability to work wherever they are, on whatever device, with all the features of their deskphone.

Connect offers your business the power of both, integrating our award winning hosted phone system, Horizon, with the Gamma mobile service and allows you to access a range of features anytime, anywhere, regardless of device. Here are the benefits:

Complete visibility
Connect allows unified call reporting across all users and all devices.

Straightforward to use
Calls can be used in the same way as mobile calls using the native dialler, without using your data bundle. The MyConnect companion app gives users easy access to service features including visual voicemail and user settings.

Improve customer contact
Improve your availability and responsiveness to your customers and suppliers alike. With one number for all devices, you can receive all calls wherever you are, ensuring the customer experience is seamless.

To find out more about Connect’s key features and how it works, download our brochure here or give the team a call on 0333 014 0333 today.

Local presence
Outbound calls from mobile devices can also present your business number. This helps to ensure your calls are more likely to be answered, maintaining a more professional appearance.

One voicemail
Access one visual voicemail for both fixed and mobile devices, allowing you to pick up and respond to messages from any location.

Companion app
The MyConnect companion app provides an enriched experience and gives you the power of your desk phone on your mobile device.

Call Recording
Calls are recorded whether you are in the office or on the move, helping your business address training, quality assurance and compliance needs.

Digital investment – why, what and when?

Digital technology has become vital in the world of business and as a result, investing should be one of your key priorities. Customers now go online for everything, from researching products and services, through to making purchases and communicating with suppliers. Businesses can no longer afford to stand still, here’s why:

We now rely highly on technology to communicate and stay in contact with consumers, partners and colleagues. The demand of flexible working, instant communication and 24/7 support is right there in front of you and that will not change. To remain relevant, competitive and increase productivity it’s important your business stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

70% of IT decision makers believe that digital transformation is a ‘game of trying to stay ahead of the competition using technology’*

The type of technology to invest in may depend on a number of factors. For example the size of the business, industry and consumer would all be taken in to consideration. Start by finding one supplier who can provide you with unified communications. Superfast data speeds, the best possible mobile connectivity, reliable voice platforms, a secure cloud back up system. It is critical that staff are provided with a seamless platform for their day-to-day operations and consumers with the best possible service in order to retain their business.

48% Customer-led Customer expectations were changing so we needed to up our game*

Now – There are so many benefits from investing in the latest digital technology, so why wait. Help your business save money, meet staff needs and improve consumer support today.

33% say it’s delivered tangible benefits to sales and growth*

CS blog
ps blog

Read our blogs to learn more about digital investment and latest technology trends.

*The Transformation Game 2017 – Gamma

Coming up

Calendars at the ready… time to book in our upcoming events.

IP EXPO Europe 2018

Six reasons to visit IP Expo on 3rd and 4th October

IP EXPO Europe is Europe’s number one IT event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. Join us at the London ExCeL and make sure you do not miss out on:

Register online and reserve your place today.

1. An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

In his vivid presentation, Colonel Chris Hadfield will motivate audiences to achieve dreams higher than the clouds, changing the way everyone views life on Earth.


2. Seeing Through Human Eyes: Power and Perils of AI

Google’s UX Design Lead will discuss the development of machine learning systems, incl data gathering, model training, output generation and human programming.


3. Dive into the latest cyber security trends

Join industry leaders and benefit from a variety of sessions across both days including protection, detection, mitigation, intelligence, hacking and devops.


4. Voice – the most important Customer contact channel for your business

Learn how you can provide the best customer experience in a mobile centric world.


5. Is SD-WAN overhyped? What you need to know when deciding if it is right for you

This session will encourage you to challenge your use-case for SD-WAN beyond vendor hype and when considering your next evolution in WAN requirements to ask the right questions on ROI.


6. Join us and 300+ exhibitors to get the lasted updates on industry development and technology trends

This year’s expo has six IT events taking place under one roof, including Digital Transformation Expo, Cyber Security X, Developer X, AI-Analytics X, IoT X and Blockchain X.



Read our new eGuide and start driving your business performance.

gamma mobile for business

Getting down to business with Gamma Mobile

It is clear that mobile technology is quickly becoming an agent of change, supporting business and enabling staff.

Mobile data volumes are predicted to grow 25% year on year to 2020.*

Our new eGuide dives into the core concepts of this change, that are allowing companies to better harness an ever evolving tech landscape and drive business performance.

Discover the five key drivers for change and why they should be considered when reviewing your business mobile service by reading the eGuide.

To find out more about Gamma Mobile, call us today on 0333 014 0333.

*GSMA Intelligence 2016

In case you missed it

Read our case study to find out how Virgin Wines have improved business continuity with a WAN.

Discover how Virgin Wines are thriving with WAN connectivity

Many businesses in the UK have transformed their communications infrastructure into a resilient Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, increasing bandwidth and delivering dramatic cost efficiencies in the process. Find out how Virgin Wines are thriving with a high speed, fully-managed WAN service by reading our case study.

When searching for a new provider, it’s important to know what to look out for and what to expect in return. So, if your business is growing and you need a more suitable data solution, or you are simply searching for a new multi-site data provider, read our useful WAN eGuide here to find out more.

For more information, give our team a call on 0333 014 0000.