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Hot topics

Introducing our new hardware

We welcome the arrival of some fantastic new hardware that will transform the way you work.

Horizon Call Recording

Is Horizon Call Recording the solution you’ve been missing?

Akixi 2.0

Learn how Akixi’s exciting new upgrade will enhance your team.


Tech transformation gives you added value

Three’s £2bn investment means better value for Gamma customers – at no extra cost!

Our latest product updates


Discover our latest Horizon updates, designed to improve user experience.

Welcome to our latest Communicate

Exciting offers and some surprise added value benefits are the order for this month’s Communicate. The Gamma team has been very busy preparing for the release of our brand new hardware range, the launch of our new, advanced Call Recording software and we’ve got some insightful, jam-packed sessions scheduled for October’s IP Expo Europe event.

In our big hardware refresh we have the impressive Polycom Studio Video Bar (set to completely transform your meeting experiences) and a variety of top-of-the-range Bluetooth headsets. We are celebrating the launch of our advanced Horizon Call Recording service with a special offer and an introduction, explaining why a robust call recording system does so much more than simply tick a box on your compliancy checklist.

Not only are we showcasing new products to wet your whistle, but our existing customers will be thrilled to hear that Three UK’s recent £2bn investment project will see them garner a big boost in their devices 4G performance – and at no extra cost! Find out more in our ‘News’ section.

We are delighted to bring you a sneak peek of what is in store for ‘Day One’ of our IP Expo exhibition. Our Marketing and Sales experts will be giving expert advice on the day, explaining the best way to buy and build your perfect Unified Communications strategy. For more details check out our ‘Events’ section.

We hope you enjoy some of the added benefits of this month’s edition. If you have any questions your CDM will be happy to help. You can contact them on 0333 014 0333 – pressing option 4.

Steve Mills
Head of Major Accounts

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Service status updates

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up-to-date with any network issues.

Hot topics

Introducing brand new hardware and our latest updates

Equipment refresh is a good call

We welcome an impressive new range of headsets and videoconferencing solutions, while bidding farewell to some old favourites.

At Gamma we understand that purchasing new hardware poses more than just a financial question for businesses. How superior will ROI be following the investment? How can IT Managers convince their bosses to get sign-off? What we do know is that upgrading hardware can seriously boost efficiency. We want to make sure our end users have access to high-specification, high-quality equipment that allows their staff to communicate with customers and colleagues with ease.

With this being said, we are excited to announce that we now offer a brand new range of Polyheadsets, Cisco handsets and even a Polycom Studio Video Bar.

Polycom Studio Video Bar

Enhance your meeting experience with this optimal videoconferencing solution, the Polycom Studio USB video bar. With a high-quality camera and speakerphone system which offers room-filling sound, the video bar syncs seamlessly with Horizon Collaborate and enhances a user’s personal conference, transforming it into an impressive room service. Plug and play, an auto-framing camera, stereo microphone and speakers are just some of the key features offered by this top-of-the-range gadget.

The Studio video bar is provided directed by Polycom and therefore comes with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase and 12 months enrolment into Polycom’s Premier Service Programme. The Service Programme includes technical telephone support and a advanced parts replacement service.


In September we saw the introduction of the Polycom VVX450. With two USB ports, a larger colour screen and Wi-Fi capability, the VVX450 has now become the official replacement of its predecessor, the VVX411 (withdrawn on 11th September 2019). Whilst we bid a fond farewell to the VVX411, the good news is that the introductory offer on the VVX450 has now been made permanent.

The handset will continue to be available for the same price as the VVX411.

The introduction of the new Cisco MPP range of devices mean that it’s also time to say goodbye to the Cisco SPA504 and its expansion model. Three new Cisco handsets are now available: the 8841, 8851 and the 8861. These can be purchased alongside Cisco’s new 8800 Colour Expansion Module, a side cart which fits alongside the new handsets.


Stripping it back to basics, we know that a key piece of hardware for many businesses is a reliable, high-functioning headset. As such, we have introduced five new state-of-the-art Polycom headsets to our hardware offering.

The Poly Voyager 5200, 6200, 8200 and the Poly Voyager Focus are all Bluetooth enabled headsets which offer increased mobility and collaboration, meaning your team can stay connected on the go.

The Poly Blackwire USB 5330 headset is also available for those looking for a non-Bluetooth enabled option.

All of these headsets are 100% compatible with Horizon Collaborate to make your meeting and call experiences smoother. If you are looking to combat background noise issues, have problems with portable charging or struggle to connect to multiple devices, these new headsets fit the more diverse work styles of today’s modern office. These devices must be registered once purchased through Plantronics’ website.


If you would like to upgrade your existing hardware or order additional equipment please contact your Customer Development Manager. 

Is Horizon Call Recording the solution you’ve been missing?

Upgrading employee performance, protection from legal headaches – who knew call recording could bring so much to your business?

Sometimes we can be so focused on the bigger picture, it’s easy to neglect or even forget those all important services running in the background.  Many businesses may see call recording as a box to tick on their compliance checklist but there are so many benefits to a robust call recording service.

Before the 1990’s, digital call recording was the stuff of spy fiction. Fast forward to the year 2000 when call recording was quickly becoming standard business practice and regulations really came into place. These regulations are regularly being updated – just last year businesses were overhauling practices to meet stringent GDPR requirements.

Yes, call recording is imperative for any company but the service doesn’t just offer you protection from legal headaches. Modern day call recording software like Horizon Call Recording offers an impressive host of benefits that won’t break the bank, will keep you compliant and boost your sales too.

Our secure recording service is custom built for Horizon, and is embedded within the Gamma core network. It is a reliable way to record all incoming, outgoing and internal Horizon calls, meaning you don’t miss a thing. It offers a great way to gain a better understanding of your customers, get feedback to improve the quality of products and services and helps to train your team (by hearing playback of the good and the not so good).

If that isn’t enough to entice you, we are also offering a 3 month retention subscription FOC on all new Horizon contracts (minimum 36 month term) taken out by the end of 2019.

Additional features that you can benefit from include:

Connectivity for Public Sector
  • New Call Recording web portal – which is simple and secure
  • Multiple access policies – different actions permitted to different user types (Admin, Supervisor, Staff user)
  • MiFID II compliant (7 year retention period)
  • New pricing model – simplified price per user per month, with no limit on storage, no hidden costs
  • Full encryption and secure storage, with automatic deletion at end of retention period
  • Advanced search, playback in browser
  • Bulk and individual download of recordings
  • Full audit logs and reporting

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, contact your Customer Development Manager. 

Akixi 2.0

An improved Akixi is on its way this October with a host of new features, enhancements and a brand new look! 

We have great news for our existing customers – Akixi, our premium call management and analytics service, is preparing for a big upgrade this month with its latest version release, Akixi 2.0.

If you’re a Horizon customer but don’t have Akixi, see below to discover what you’re missing out on and how Akixi 2.0’s list of impressive new features will complement the way that you do business.

New Akixi User Portal Design 

An updated look and feel gives you a choice of 32 tile colours on your Akixi wallboards. The appearance of your reports is also going to improve with new icons, dials and a flat colour palette.

Copy Reports

This much-requested feature now allows Akixi supervisors to create replicas of existing reports within their own Supervisor account.

Want to know more?

For more information regarding Akixi 2.0’s new features and enhancements and how they can help your business, please contact your Customer Development Manager.

‘My Reports’ Folder Management

This new folder functionality allows supervisors to organise their Akixi reports into custom-built folders – ideal for grouping similar reports together so supervisors can be better organised.


New statistics have been added to the Akixi Reporting service allowing supervisors to report on maximum concurrent calls.


Learn how transforming technology is set to give Gamma customers added value

Significant upgrade imminent for Three’s 4G

Data usage soaring means added value for Gamma customers

A substantial increase in consumer’s need for data is seeing Mobile Network Provider, Three UK upgrade its 4G service significantly, which is great news for Gamma customers. As a result of consumers breaking through the 10GB monthly data-usage barrier (per customer), we’re pleased to announce that customers will soon have access to an even more advanced service experience and it won’t cost you any extra!

The firm is currently investing £2bn into its network infrastructure and services to boost its 4G services. This means improved speeds, masses of capacity and exceptional added value for our existing mobile customers.

The move follows Ofcom’s announcement in July that Three’s reported customer data-usage of 10.4GB per month massively overshadows the UK average of just 2.9GB. This data use breaking through the ceiling is allowing the company to improve its services, giving customers a better experience when they check their phones on the move.


So how is Three UK actually using its investment to boost usage for customers?

3G recycling its Spectrum:

Three will be switching some of its 3G spectrums over to 4G, meaning 12,500 sites will see speed improvements of up to 40%.

Upgrades are already underway in the busiest areas with some customers set to see benefits as soon as the end of the year. If that isn’t soon enough, thanks to the deployment of carrier aggregation technology, some clients are already benefiting from a 15% increase in performance.

With Three investing billions into its network refresh and promising exceptional service at a lower cost, there has never been a better time to join Gamma.

New spectrum and antennas:

6,000 sites carrying 80% of 4G’s traffic will be upgraded with new antennas and new spectrum, meaning speed improvements of up to 150% for customers with compatible handsets.

Customers without compatible handsets will also see speeds improve by around 50%.

Latest product updates

Discover our latest Horizon updates, designed to improve user experience

Horizon software update

Horizon Integrator

It’s not just the hardware that is seeing a refresh. We are currently in the process of upgrading our software that underpins Horizon (specifically, the XSI XSP software).

During this process, we have identified that versions 2.5 of the Horizon Integrator (and below) and TAPI Client version 2.6.10 will no longer be compatible with the new software following the upgrade. This upgrade is taking place to enhance user experience and increase integration possibilities.

We recommend that users upgrade to the latest versions of the clients, Integrator v3.0.13 and TAPI client v2.6.12, as soon as possible.

As of the 15th November, version 2.5 of Horizon Integrator and TAPI Client version 2.6 will no longer be supported and will cease to work from this date.

Good news! For any Horizon desktop client users who have experienced connectivity issues when using their home broadband provider, we have recently made changes to our port routing, which means users will now be able to access their desktop client without issue.

MyWiFi Caller Mobile App

Download for FREE!

Providing good indoor coverage has always been a challenge for mobile providers, and at the same time an increasing necessity as mobile traffic is increasingly substituting fixed traffic for business users.

To further complicate this equation new building requirements such as soundproofing and energy efficiency requirements has meant that building materials and techniques have made in-building mobile signal penetration much more difficult.

MyWiFi Caller is an app for Gamma Mobile users that provides mobile voice connectivity when the user has Wifi coverage and is connected to the network.

The MyWiFi Caller app can be simply downloaded from either the Android Google Play store or Apple iOS app store. After a simple registration process, the user is ready to go. Please note – MyWiFi Caller will not function when Connect is enabled.

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