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Watch our GX Summit opening session to learn how technology has disrupted the markets and why businesses are investing in digital now to ensure they have the right foundations for the future.

The green credentials (and other benefits) of Unified Communications

Learn how you can improve your eco-friendly credentials and boost your organisation’s place in the green business rankings.

How the NHS’ 10-year plan demands improved connectivity

Discover how your organisation can find efficiency savings with the right connectivity solution.


Gamma growth spurs move to new Glasgow offices

Following a period of sustained growth and success, Gamma’s Glasgow-based support team move in to brand new offices.

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Our latest product updates

MyWiFi Caller App – Mobile

Discover our latest product updates, always designed to improve user experience.

Welcome to our latest Communicate

This month, watch the 2019 GX Summit opening presentation to find out how technology has disrupted the markets and why it’s time to invest in digital.

Discover how Unified Communications can help boost your organisation’s place in the business rankings and learn all the about the NHS’ 10 year plan which demands improved connectivity.

Gamma puts their customers first by investing in a new Scottish office for Glasgow-based support team. Find out more below.

Also, don’t forget to read our latest product updates.

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Gamma growth spurs move to new Glasgow offices

Hot topics

Learn how technology is disrupting the markets and why businesses are investing now. Also, discover how your business could become more eco-friendly with Unified Communications and how the NHS’ 10 year plan demands improved connectivity.


Does your business have the right foundations in place to survive in today’s digital evolution?

For those who missed our GX Summit back in May, here’s a chance to hear from our opening speaker, Alex Ayers – Solutions Director at Gamma, who challenged guests to think about the scale and pace of their digital transformation strategies and why businesses are now investing more in technology to remain competitive in their market.

“The right Foundations underpin all technologies layered over the top. It’s no surprise, then, that IT Leaders are eager to get this right and are doubling down on network investment.”
Alex Ayers

Watch our 15 minute session with Alex Ayers to learn:

  • How we have arrived at the third phase of the Digital Evolution
  • How technology is disrupting the markets
  • Why businesses are changing and investing in digital
  • How Gamma can help you connect with and meet the demands of your customers

To watch more of our 2019 GX Summit sessions, and to find out all about our guest speakers and sponsors, please take a look at our highlights page:

The green credentials (and other benefits) of Unified Communications

How do you want the world to see your business? Maybe you’d like a reputation for agility within your industry. It could be that you want to be known as the customer service champion of your sector. Or perhaps – as is increasingly the case – you’re striving to improve your eco-friendly credentials and boost your organisation’s place in the green business rankings.

Why go green?

‘Going green’ is a hot topic in business, and many of the world’s biggest organisations are already on this track. There’s a number of reasons for this, not least because, in certain parts of the world, being an environmentally friendly business is actually a legislative requirement. In Australia, for example, ‘businesses are governed by laws that prescribe how they interact with their suppliers, customers and other businesses – and, this includes environmental legislation.’ This level of regulatory control is only likely to increase around the world, as governments become more urgently pressed by the need to tackle issues like climate change.

It could also be a more tactical decision. Chances are, your customers are becoming more concerned with your environmental stance. In the retail industry, for example, eco-conscious brands are thriving and shoppers are becoming more aware of ‘the ethical and environmental impact of goods and services’. In the future, this will extend far beyond where people choose to shop, into every service, provider and business they work with.

But it isn’t simply a matter of people choosing to shop with you – being environmentally friendly may well be crucial for your reputation. The negative publicity that can arise from environmental breaches can be significant, and protesters are bringing these issues to the front of public consciousness more than ever before. Reputational damage can have a serious impact on your business performance, so doing all you can to keep your organisation eco-friendly isn’t just good for the planet: it’ll benefit your PR activity, too.

Making your business more environmentally friendly

So, what strategies can you implement to make your business greener? Simple things, like considering your office supplies, can be a good place to start. Look for recycled paper products, or (where possible) try and implement as many paperless processes as possible. Likewise, you can practice ‘green procurement’ to ensure your suppliers ‘source goods and services that have been produced sustainably and don’t require extensive packaging’.

But your technology can also have an impact, especially given air travel has such a high carbon footprint. One significant way you could improve your green credentials is by limiting the amount of travel you and your employees do. Whether it’s long, daily commutes into the offices, or jet-setting around the world for face-to-face meetings, you could be racking up a lot of air miles and a hefty carbon footprint along with it. To tackle this, think about the communications infrastructure you could implement that might allow you to work more remotely – like Unified Communications (UC), which encompasses voice, data, mobile and video.

You might not have considered this aspect of UC, but the reality is, it could seriously improve your organisation’s environmental impact. By making communications easier and more reliable, UC limits the need for face-to-face meetings and empowers staff to work from anywhere in the world. If you know you can reliably video conference with colleagues and clients around the world, the need to travel is reduced. This could result in a significantly reduced carbon footprint, as well as improving your all-round efficiency.

The environmentally (and business) friendly choice

Of course, this is by no means the only benefit of UC. As well as limiting your environmental impact, integrated comms can also increase employee engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and make your business more agile and efficient. Plus, it’s easy to implement – and can be paid for via one simple monthly cost per user. So, UC won’t just improve your green credentials: it could boost your organisation’s performance, too.

Become a meeting hero! Download our infographic
here to find out more.

Learn why businesses should consider a UC with
our eGuide.

Discover the benefits of Horizon Collaborate. Read
our brochure here.

How the NHS’ 10-year plan demands improved connectivity

A lot happened in 2018. Parks across the land were scorched as the UK basked in a heatwave. Football didn’t come home, but it came (sort of) close. And the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday, marking another decade of service for one of the country’s most important and valued public institutions.

But with this anniversary came a heightened pressure – because the NHS has never been under more strain. A combination of austerity budgets and an aging population means the NHS is struggling to meet the demands placed on it. In response, the government pledged an extra £20.5billion to the service over the next five years. It also asked frontline staff and patient groups to help draw up ‘the NHS Long Term Plan’, with the aim of designing a service fit for the future.

Now, the question is where else can Britain’s most beloved institution find efficiency savings that will ensure its smooth running over the long term.

A transformation in patient care

There were a number of responses when staff were asked about their views on the Long Term Plan – including placing a greater focus on mental health and cancer care. But plans also emerged for helping the service to run more smoothly in general. One outcome was a strategy that promised to fundamentally change the way patients access NHS services, with an increased reliance on video link appointments.

By 2024, it’s hoped up to a third of hospital outpatient consultations will be carried out via video link. There are already a number of medical services offering healthcare via video conferencing. From private companies to an NHS app helping patients access GP appointments from the comfort of their own home, end-users (and healthcare practitioners) are slowly adapting to the idea.

If this can be successfully realised, patients could be seen more efficiently, saving time and costs in an organisation that desperately needs more of both. Meanwhile, patients can also benefit, with no need to travel, pay parking charges, or take significant time out of their day.

Obviously, there are numerous conditions that it wouldn’t be appropriate to treat via video link. But it also wouldn’t be appropriate for appointments to be fragmented, disjointed or interrupted – all of which could happen, if the NHS doesn’t have the right connectivity solution to support the new plans.

Digital foundations for the long-term plan

As it stands, many healthcare providers are battling with legacy networks, which aren’t fit for the demands of modern, data-intensive applications. For video appointments to work effectively, NHS trusts have to make sure they have robust data services in place, whether that’s a converged voice and data option, a Unified Communications service integrating all platforms, or an underlying data network sufficient for the demands placed upon it. With experience supporting NHS trusts around the country, a provider like Gamma can advise on the best connectivity solution for any organisation.

Not only will investing in high-performing data services help deliver the Long Term Plan, they can also ensure that healthcare is able to change with the times.


For example, more and more services are being delivered via smartphone. Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, predicts that ‘in the NHS of the future, for many conditions you’re going to get NHS support direct from your smartphone or wearable device’. Having the right foundations in place to support this has never been more important.

The new face of the NHS

In time, video appointments (for both hospitals and GPs) will become a standard part of NHS care. Of course, there will always be barriers to such radical transformation – both patients and medical staff can be wary of this sort of change, and there’s no denying the irreplaceable quality of human touch and face-to-face contact. But it isn’t a case of replacing in-person appointments. Instead, it’s a matter of supplementing and complementing existing systems. With that in mind, connectivity shouldn’t be a hurdle to delivering the NHS of the future – instead, it should be the very thing that enables it.


Discover the latest Gamma updates.

Gamma growth spurs move to new Glasgow offices

We are excited to announce we have relocated our Scottish support operations team to new offices in Glasgow. The move signals the continued expansion and growth of the technology sector of the city.

Following a period of sustained growth and success, 150 staff have outgrown their previous location and have moved into new spacious offices in West Regent Street. The fourth and ninth floors have been extensively refurbished to suit today’s modern working environment and in keeping with the company’s other UK offices in London, Newbury, Manchester and Portsmouth.

Andrew Taylor, CEO of Gamma, commented “We’re delighted to be expanding our Glasgow operation by acquiring new premises at 2 West Regent Street. This investment is a clear indication of Gamma’s commitment to growth and better positions us to serve our partners and customers in Scotland. I’m particularly proud to unveil our new Customer Experience Centre, bringing together a high specification demonstration suite alongside sleek meeting spaces for the use of our customers and partners. These facilities enable us to showcase for the first time how we work both from an operational and a solution perspective.

With wonderful panoramic views of the city, our new home also offers an attractive and welcoming environment for our current and future employees. We’ve strived to create working spaces that better suit today’s ways of working and in line with our aspirations of being an employer of choice.”

With employees needing the right tools and settings to carry out their work effectively and enjoyably, we’ve taken great care to accommodate a good mix of collaboration areas, meeting rooms, open-plan office space and even leisure areas as befits the way our staff work today. By responding to what our employees seek from their work environment I believe it will inject a new spirit and energy to help them continue to make Gamma a thriving, successful company into the future.

David Siegel, managing Director of local channel partner HighNet Telecoms, added: “It’s great to see Gamma investing in their offices local to us where we can easily drop in and see the Gamma team that we work with. As well as being able to showcase Gamma’s operation to our customers, we also have access to their new customer experience zone which is a fantastic addition because we can show our customers first-hand how the products and systems will benefit their businesses.”

Gamma People

Gamma has 150 staff based in Glasgow, many of them in customer support providing 24/7 service to Scottish businesses. Gamma Glasgow is a dynamic office that houses brilliant people of all ages who undertake a myriad of roles in a unique culture that embraces diversity. Continual growth has meant that we have introduced new initiatives and schemes such as apprenticeships in order to attract the best people i.e. IT. Gamma continues to source the best candidates to drive the business forward and is building on its capacity to do this. Plans are currently underway to find new ways of attracting and recruiting the best Glasgow has to offer. They will in turn be part of a progressive organisation that works to develop them.

Based in Glasgow? Why not arrange to visit our new offices and experience our high specification demonstration suite first hand? Contact your account manager for more information.

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Meet the team – Gamma’s exhibition schedule

Digital Transformation Expo Europe

9/10 October 2019 at ExCeL London

If your business is interested in gaining exclusive insight in to the latest technology solutions then join us on 9th and 10th October at ExCeL, London. We’ll be exhibiting at stand J50 demonstrating why digital transformation is the single most important challenge for businesses today.

Latest product updates

Discover our latest updates, always designed to improve user experience.



Mobile client release

From the 25th July, our new Horizon Collaborate mobile client will be available to download on iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, users will discover a brand new look and feel in comparison to their previous Horizon mobile client along with new productivity features, such as Visual Voicemail. For more information, please read our user guide.

Please note, users will need to enter their username and password. If a user needs to reset their password, they simply need to click ‘Forgotten Password‘.

For more details about the full functions and features of Horizon Collaborate, please click here.

EMIS intergration

We’re pleased to announce that the next iteration of the Horizon Integrator has been released. The latest update includes enhancements of the EMIS pop-up function. If you are using the latest version, you will have received a prompt advising to update.

New CRM integrations

In conjunction with the EMIS enhancements, we are pleased to announce several new CRM integrations will also be included with the latest release. These are:

CRM Sector
Candor General CRM
Exact Online Financial/Insurance
Microdec Recruitment
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement General CRM
Techman Garage Management System Automotive/Transport

For more information about our standard integrations, take a look at our Application Integration page here.

MyWiFi Caller Mobile App

Download for FREE!

Providing good indoor coverage has always been a challenge for mobile providers, and at the same time an increasing necessity as mobile traffic is increasingly substituting fixed traffic for business users.

To further complicate this equation new building requirements such as soundproofing and energy efficiency requirements has meant that building materials and techniques have made in-building mobile signal penetration much more difficult.

MyWiFi Caller is an app for Gamma Mobile users that provides mobile voice connectivity when the user has Wifi coverage and is connected to the network. All Gamma mobile users will have received a text message on 25th June with full details and support to download directly to their handset.

The MyWiFi Caller app can be simply downloaded from either the Android Google Play store or Apple iOS app store. After a simple registration process, the user is ready to go. Please note – MyWiFi Caller will not function when Connect is enabled.