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Hot topics

How connectivity is enabling better business for all

Discover the benefits quality connectivity can bring to organisations and what can be done to unlock them.

Allow mobility to improve business management

Learn how mobility in the workplace can improve efficiency and productivity.

Gamma sees cloud voice adoption grow – UC Today

Find out how Gamma is helping it’s customers transform their telecoms, and embrace the new digital world.

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IP EXPO Europe

Save the date and join us at ExCeL London in October.

Customer Conference

Watch the highlights from this year’s keynote speaker and save the date for 2019.

Mobile offers

This month’s special offer

Find out more about our 6 month free Multinet* offer with our £40 per month bundle and latest handset.

In case you missed it

Are we losing our voice in today’s digital world?

Find out why organisations are regularly reviewing their communication technology and why it’s so important in today’s digital world.

Our latest product updates


Get up-to-date with the latest Horizon voicemail features and iOS update.

Welcome to our latest Communicate

In this month’s edition, learn how connectivity is enabling better business for all by reading our brand new eGuide. Also, did you know that mobility can help business management? Discover the benefits and improve productivity within your organisation.

Gamma’s Managing Director, David Macfarlane, recently met with UC Today. Read the resulting article “The year of Cloud Voice” below.

Don’t miss out on six month’s free MultiNet* with our latest £40 per month Mobile bundle, completely designed with you in mind.

Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space, has been announced as the opening keynote speaker at this year’s IP EXPO Europe. Save the date and join us at the ExCeL, London in October. You can also watch our keynote speaker highlights from our Customer Conference earlier this year and don’t forget to add the 2019 date to your calendar.

If you have any questions your CDM will be happy to help. You can contact them on 0333 014 0333 – pressing option 4.

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Service status updates

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Hot topics

Discover the benefits of quality connectivity, learn how mobility can improve productivity and find out how we’re helping customers transform their telecoms.

How connectivity is enabling better business for all

Fast, reliable connectivity is increasingly vital for any businesses. With a range of next-gen technology available, how do you know what option is right for you and the impact it’ll have on day-to-day business?

What’s clear is that no matter whether you’re an SME or Enterprise organisation, staying in contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues is crucial to remaining competitive. With the limitations legacy technology brings, many are searching for scalable, easy-to-manage and cost efficient connectivity to keep their business moving forward in today’s digital world.

Our eGuide explores the benefits quality connectivity can bring to organisations and what can be done to unlock them. It will discuss the risks that businesses expose themselves to by not prioritising this aspect of operations. And, crucially, it will address the misconception that the data services necessary to run cloud applications successfully are out of reach for smaller businesses.

For more information, give our team a call on 0333 014 000.

Allow mobility to improve business management

More employees than ever before require access to apps, data and modern devices to stay productive in and out of the office. This means organisations are having to rethink their digital strategies to meet growing demands. But it’s also worth taking into consideration the benefits that mobility can have on business management too. If you’re not already thinking about mobility in the workplace, perhaps it’s time to.

Allow staff to access their apps and data, on any device they use, quickly and easily so they can get to work right away.

Streamlining and modernising existing processes enables employees to work more efficiently and spend more time focusing on what really matters – customer satisfaction.

Giving your IT department visibility and control across users, devices and applications will allow for proactive monitoring and quick troubleshooting of network and access issues.

Have reports and strategies in place to reveal blind spots in your day-to-day business analysis.

Responding to user needs and preferences in advance can save you time and money. As well as that, why not strive toward a single mobility technology platform that can integrate and share data employee engagement and experience.


UC Today

“The Year of Cloud Voice” says Gamma

With cloud communication adoption set to grow by 27% or more through to 2021, find out how we’re helping our customers transform their telecoms to embrace the new digital world.

“The cloud part of our business is growing stronger every year and every quarter. If you look at the Cavell reports lately, you can see that the market is very much focused on replacing their PBX, but a growing number of companies are replacing their SIP infrastructure too. Where, over recent years, we’ve seen a significant increase in SIP trunking to help customers to connect to on-premises systems, that excitement might be moving to the cloud.”

David Macfarlane, Managing Director

Learn how Gamma has developed its position as a market leader, how we are adapting to the latest industry trends and discover what new solutions you can expect to see in the near future.

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IP EXPO Europe 2018

Don’t miss out on Europe’s number one IT event!

Join us at this year’s IP EXPO Europe on 3rd and 4th October at the London ExCeL.

Visit stand FF20 where you can get an exclusive demo of our latest products and chat to our team who will be there ready to listen to your digital transformation experiences. They’ll explain how you can remain competitive in the new digital world.

Register online and reserve your place today:

Customer Conference 2019

We’re pleased to announce that next year’s event will take place in London on Thursday 23rd May 2019. If you were unable to attend this year, make sure you save the date to ensure you do not miss out next time.

If you were unable to attend our 2018 Survive + Thrive Conference, you would have missed Nancy Rademaker, our keynote speaker. Nancy, from Nexxworks shared her formula for Extreme Customer Centricity. In her entertaining presentation, she challenged our customers to think about the time they’re spending on today, tomorrow and the day after as customer behaviours force businesses to re-think their customer journey. Watch a brief snippet here.

For more information or if you have any feedback for us, please email us at [email protected].


Mobile offers

Find out more about this month’s featured mobile bundle.

gamma mobile for business

This month’s business mobile offer

Take advantage of 6 months free MultiNet®* with our £40 per month mobile bundle. 

With access to the biggest data network available for business in the UK, working on the move won’t be a problem. Gamma Mobile’s MultiNet bolt-on gives you access to more than one network from a single SIM so you can make and receive calls in more places than is possible with a single mobile network. You won’t need multiple provider contracts and while your competitors are out of signal and their calls are going through to voicemail, you keep working – making your business more accessible.

Take advantage of our latest offer which includes the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, unlimited calls and texts, 10GB of data and 6 months free Gamma MultiNet®* for just £40 per month.

To find out more about Gamma Mobile, take a look at our website here or call us today on 0333 014 0333.

*Minimum 24 month contract. *MultiNet will be free of charge for the first 6 months and thereafter chargeable at our standard pricing per month per user for the remainder of the contract. Prices quoted are per user, per month. Full Gamma Mobile T&C’s apply. The stated handset will be included in the package where available – where handsets are unavailable a handset up to an equal value would be supplied instead. Unlimited calls and texts subject to fair usage.  Data allowance subject to 1GB auto top up for additional £8.50.

In case you missed it

Find out why organisations are regularly reviewing their communication technology and why it’s so important in today’s digital world.

Are we losing our voice in the new digital world? 

Technology has come a long way and is completely transforming the way we live, work and communicate. But who or what is responsible for this? Is it the cost to maintain legacy systems, the fact technology is forever developing and trending, or could it be the way today’s population prefer to communicate? It’s key for organisations to regularly review their systems and processes to remain competitive in today’s digital world. Here’s a few factors you should take in to consideration when doing so:


The workforce has changed. Those born between 1983 and 1993, also known as Generation Y or millennials, currently make up 38% of our workforce. By 2025, it is projected that three quarters or workers (globally) will be millennials.

Generation Y will also be our most highly educated generation ever and not only have they taken 20% of current leadership positions, they are already catering for Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2012) who are now part of today’s workforce.

So what do millennials expect when looking for new job?

1. Flexible working – Being able to work away from a desk, on their own terms and with quick and easy access to files.

2. On-demand virtual meetings – Remote communication enables productivity and efficiency.

3. Modern technology – Expect devices like they have at home which they are familiar with, know how to get the most out of and they can rely on.

Of all the demographic groups, it’s safe to assume that technology adoption has probably been most seamless amongst millennials. So, allowing them to work how they want, not how you want them to may be the answer to further success.

Read our blog to find out more.


Technology is continuously changing and keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult. The good news is that recent technology is becoming easier to access, adapt to and is now more affordable for SME organisations. Here’s what we can expect to see for the remainder of 2018:

  • With Siri and Alexa supporting us with everyday activities like managing work schedules, booking appointments and reminders, we can now expect Google Assistant to go one step further and track business performance, manage finances, learn facts about their organisations, latest industry trends and more.
  • Cloud applications and software continue to progress and their capabilities are growing. Using a cloud-based service allows organisations to streamline day-to-day processes, access files from anywhere and always use be using the latest version.
  • The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more popular. It allows organisations to save time and money by automatically performing routine tasks.
  • Ignoring recent data protection regulations is not an option. Having the relevant, latest technology to ensure data is backed-up safely and securely is critical moving forward.

Learn more about hosted telephony and the options available to you here.

Customer experience

Providing your customers with the best possible service will ensure you remain competitive. It’s all about the overall communication experience, convenience and ease. Customers want seamless interaction and solution to their needs. The following forms of communication are already second nature to many but are you utilising all of them:

Phone – Although legacy infrastructure is on its way out, there’s still value in speaking to somebody over the phone. Recent research carried out here at Gamma showed that voice is still the preferred method of communication. After all, we can speak quicker than we can type.

Email – Being able to quickly send or receive important emails and files is a critical part of providing quality service. But the key to success is having fast, resilient and flexible network connectivity.

Web chat/live support – The convenience of real-time conversation online shouldn’t be forgotten. More and more customers are expecting immediate online support services to get answers to their enquires.

Social media –  Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are second nature to many and when looking for a solution to a problem or question, people are now turning to social media first. Ultimately, creating an inclusive and helpful community via social media is the goal of any business.

Find out what our customers had to say about their digital transformation experience here.

Our latest product updates

Get up-to-date with the latest Horizon voicemail features and iOS update.

gamma voice, mobile, data and cloud


Smartphone app – iOS update

Our latest iOS update will be available from the 3rd August. Please note that in addition to the below improvements, users will be asked to provide their mobile number at the log-in stage. This will be a one-time request and will be saved as part of the call settings menu.

Your users will also benefit from:

Seamless call handover when changing data networks – Improved mid-call handover when changing bearers, eg switching from mobile data to WiFi data.

Added support for SIP QoS marking – SIP signalling is now expedited forwarding/DSCP 46 markings by the client. Previously only RTP was marked.

Missed call and Voicemail notification improvements – Voicemail and missed call notifications are now presented to users regardless of the phones state or whether the client is open.

Added Call Waiting options under call settings – Users can now enable/disable call waiting in the call settings portion of the client.

Added iPhone X display support – The client now takes full advantage of the iPhone X retina display and will extend over the entirety of the screen.


Voicemail – transfer on 0

When you record your voicemail greeting, you can now provide callers with the option to be transferred to another extension. Users can enter a DDI or extension number on the Horizon portal and record a new greeting, eg:
“Hi, you’re through to John’s voicemail. I can’t take your call right now so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Alternatively, press 0 to be transferred to the Service Desk”.
The caller will then have the option to be transferred to this number by pressing 0.
To access the feature, navigate to User Management > Edit User > Call Setup > Voicemail Settings.

Please note that the feature follows the same barring rules that a user has set up for when transferring/diverting a call. The caller will not hear any announcement if transferred to a barred destination, they will receive an error tone.

Voicemail – 5 to call back

As of 30th July our new voicemail feature will allow callers to press 5 during or after the message to receive a call back. The voicemail portal will capture the presentation number of the caller.

To prevent fraudulent use, there are some exceptions. In addition to company or user call barring settings, the following ranges will be barred from the call back option at system level:

00 – International
090 – Special Services – Premium rate
098 – Sexual Entertainment Services
070 – Personal Numbering
082 – Special Services – Internet for School
0843 – Special Services – Basic Rate
0870 – Special Services – Non Geographic
0871 – Special Services – Higher rate
118 – Directory Enquiry Facilities
076 – Paging Services
055 – Corporate Numbers
056 – Location Independent Electronic Comms
155 – International Operator Assistance

If a call back from the voicemail portal is attempted to any of the above destinations, the user will hear an appropriate message and will need to dial the number manually.

The ‘play date, time and number of the caller’ feature has now moved to option 8.