Enterprise Communicate – September

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Planned maintenance schedules and notifications

Back in June, we notified you of a change to the way we inform you of Planned Works taking place regarding your Gamma services, which we hope you have found valuable.

We have since been working closely with our partners who provide monitoring services via Highlight to develop additional functionality. As a result, we can now add Planned Works schedules to the system, which in turn allows us to temporarily silence alerts it would generate.

We have now implemented this as a standard part of our Planned Maintenance Notification process.

What does this mean for you?

From Wednesday 3rd October any Planned Maintenance Notifications, that have associated services monitored via the Highlight platform, will use the new schedule system.

This will mean that alerts usually generated during a maintenance window will be suppressed for the duration indicated on the notification. At the scheduled completion time for this maintenance, all alerting will be re-activated.

In addition, the system will now also automatically notify the Gamma Support Team immediately, should there be any service issues at the end of the planned works.

We hope that this additional development will prove to be of benefit.  Please do share any more feedback with us as part of our continual improvement journey.