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International Number Presentation

Wherever your work takes you, it’s important to present a consistent image. Maintaining an international business number keeps you contactable, means your customers know who’s calling, and makes sure returned calls go through to the right people. For all customers working internationally, Gamma have developed a modular option within Horizon to present a global, professional number for outbound international calls.

How to set up International Presentation

Configuring your service is simple. Log-on onto to the Horizon portal and navigate to the Users panel. Then hit the edit button of the user you wish to configure. Select the DDI option of the Edit User panel, and set your users’ desired presentation number.

There are conditions and formats you’ll need to use to configure the service properly. For more detail, please refer to the Horizon User Guide here and the Horizon T&C’s.

Bear in mind that number presentation is also defined by Ofcom guidance and governance. Within these boundaries, any number owned by an end user can be used.

Successful presentation of the intended number is entirely dependent on international carriers. Gamma cannot guarantee consistent presentation of intended number for all calls made to international destinations.