Enterprise Communicate – March

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Yealink firmware upgrade

For all customers using our wireless DECT option, you may have noticed a series of firmware updates to your DECT devices during the 20th to 26th March. The latest firmware brings in some major improvements to the Corporate Directory feature and resolves a number of known behaviours. To see full information on the firmware upgrade rollout, please see our accompanying document here.

Upgrade to voicemail functionality

Send all calls to voicemail

Occasionally, employees will be visiting clients, working on another site, or otherwise out of reach. When this happens, users are now able to make sure that anyone trying to get in touch can quickly and easily leave a voice message, rather than waiting for a ringing phone to be answered.

We have introduced the option to send all user calls to voicemail. This mirrors functionality we already offer for call groups. “Send All Calls To Voicemail” will be available in a user’s voicemail settings. To access the feature administrators will need to navigate to User Management > Edit User > Call Setup > Voicemail Settings

Transfer on 0 for voicemail

If you want to offer more control to your incoming calls and give callers access to your wider business, we’ve developed an alternative.

Horizon administrators are now able to let callers choose to automatically transfer to an available team. To enable the feature and make a caller aware of the option, it’s important to make sure you record a Voicemail greeting to advise the choice they are able to make. As an example –
Hi, you’re through to the voicemail of John Smith. I can’t take your call right now so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Alternatively, to be transferred to the service desk, please press ‘0.”

To access the feature simply navigate to User Management > Edit User > Call Setup > Voicemail Settings

Update to CLI pass-through

From the 15th March Horizon administrators have been able to update company privacy settings so that users receiving a transferred call are able to see the incoming CLI or name details of the original caller.

This development resolves a significant known behaviour. Previously, Horizon users would be presented with the details of the agent transferring the call, and not those of the initial caller.

For clarity, we will not be sending the CLI / Name details outside of your Horizon network and third parties outside of your network will always see the CLI that they either dialled or received a call from.

To update the users setting head to User Management > Edit User > DDI > Caller ID Number Presented

To find out more, and to check on any impact, please refer to the Horizon Administrator’s User Guide.

Inbound and SIP Trunk Call Manager


Customer contact is essential – it’s a key part of your business. The ways in which you deal with incoming enquiries and questions from customers can be a real differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace.

So how do you maintain great customer service as your business grows?

We’re pleased to introduce our new GoTo feature.

GoTo allows Inbound and SIP Trunk Call Manager customers to manage sections of very complex plans in the cloud independently. GoTo reduces duplication, saves time, and provides simpler management and use.

The feature allows a caller to be routed from a call plan on one number, to a call plan on:

  • another Inbound number (GoTo Dialable Number)
  • a virtual reference (GoTo Virtual Number)
  • or to be routed dependent on the number the caller dialled (GoTo Destination by Dialled Number*)

To find out a little more, please see our updated Inbound User Guide here.

The new Inbound GUI

Over the last few months we’ve given you updates about the launch of our new, more intuitive Inbound interface to help you get used to the new style and feel of the platform. Please be aware that as of April 10th, the new version will be the first screen you see upon logging into the portal, and you will no longer be able to access the old interface.