Enterprise Communicate – July

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Smartphone app – iOS update

Our latest iOS update will be available from the 3rd August. Please note that in addition to the below improvements, users will be asked to provide their mobile number at the log-in stage. This will be a one-time request and will be saved as part of the call settings menu.

Your users will also benefit from:

Seamless call handover when changing data networks – Improved mid-call handover when changing bearers, eg switching from mobile data to WiFi data.

Added support for SIP QoS marking – SIP signalling is now expedited forwarding/DSCP 46 markings by the client. Previously only RTP was marked.

Missed call and Voicemail notification improvements – Voicemail and missed call notifications are now presented to users regardless of the phones state or whether the client is open.

Added Call Waiting options under call settings – Users can now enable/disable call waiting in the call settings portion of the client.

Added iPhone X display support – The client now takes full advantage of the iPhone X retina display and will extend over the entirety of the screen.

Transfer on 0 for voicemail

When you record your voicemail greeting, you can now provide callers with the option to be transferred to another extension.

Users can enter a DDI or extension number on the Horizon portal and record a new greeting, eg:

“Hi, you’re through to John’s voicemail. I can’t take your call right now so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Alternatively, press 0 to be transferred to the Service Desk”

The caller will then have the option to be transferred to this number by pressing 0.

To access the feature, navigate to User Management > Edit User > Call Setup > Voicemail Settings.

Call back on 5 for voicemail

Our new voicemail feature will allow callers to press 5 during or after the message to receive a call back. The voicemail portal will capture the presentation number of the caller.

To prevent fraudulent use, there are some exceptions. In addition to company or user call barring settings, the following ranges will be barred from the call back option at system level:

00 – International
090 – Special Services – Premium rate
098 – Sexual Entertainment Services
070 – Personal Numbering
082 – Special Services – Internet for School
0843 – Special Services – Basic Rate
0870 – Special Services – Non Geographic
0871 – Special Services – Higher rate
118 – Directory Enquiry Facilities
076 – Paging Services
055 – Corporate Numbers
056 – Location Independent Electronic Comms
155 – International Operator Assistance

If a call back from the voicemail portal is attempted to any of the above destinations, the user will hear an appropriate message and will need to dial the number manually.

The ‘play date, time and number of the caller’ feature has now moved to option 8.