Enterprise Communicate – February

Your monthly product updates from Gamma


Introduction of the Polycom VVX150

As of the 9th January the Polycom VVX201 will be discontinued and replaced by the VVX150, part of the next generation range of devices from Polycom.

Polycom Trio 8500 and 8800 conference units

We welcome the Trio devices to the Horizon hardware portfolio, the devices offer enhanced HD voice with 360 ° microphone coverage and you can easily pair your mobile device or laptop to the Trio Conference unit using its USB or Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, will also be introducing the Trio microphone expansion and power kit as optional extras.

Bulk provision users with no device added

We have now introduced the ability to add a group of users to a company without having to register a device. To do so, please use the Download No Device Template.

SIP ALG bypass enabled for Horizon desktop clients

Changes to port routing for Horizon desktop clients should now allow home workers using home broadband provider services who have previously experienced connectivity issues to be able to access the Horizon desktop client without issue.

Call Forward Selective (CFS) for Connect users

Connect users can now select different call forwarding criteria for their fixed and mobile numbers.

Connect users will have a third option in their Call Forwarding settings: Forward calls selectively, determined by called number.

Send the call to voicemail is available only to users who use the Voicemail add-on.

User directory will include leading zero

We have updated the contact directory so that numbers added by the company administrator are now presented with a leading 0.

SoundStation 5000 and 7000 firmware update

We will be updating the SoundStation 5000 and 7000 devices to firmware version 4.0.14 to ensure we can continue to provide the highest level of support.

Secure LDAP update for SoundStation devices

From the 28th and 29th January Gamma will be applying configuration changes to all SoundStation models, enabling secure LDAP.

Secure LDAP uses port 636 and this port will need to be open on your Horizon firewall. Gamma assured and converged DSL routers along with CES horizon only circuits are exempt.

If Horizon is using non Gamma connectivity then you will need to ensure that port 636 is open on the firewall, otherwise the LDAP search will no longer return results. If you need help with this please contact the Horizon Support Team.

Visible Call Park (VCP) notification for monitored users within a Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

As of 30th January, the Visible Call Park feature will be live on the following devices:


VCP enables a P notification to assist users with identifying and retrieving calls parked against monitored users.

How does Visible Call Park work?

When a call is parked against a monitored user the P icon will appear in front of the user and the message Call is Parked will appear on the right top corner of the screen.

To view the information of the parked call and retrieve it, press and hold the corresponding line key for two seconds, the user will be highlighted and then go off.

Then press the More soft key until you see the Park Info soft key. This soft key will be placed automatically on the first available position.

The Park Info soft key will be visible for five seconds. If you can’t see the soft key then repeat the above step.

Once you press the Park Info soft key information about the caller will appear on the screen (i.e DDI number or Username/Extension for internal users) with the following options:

Ignore – If the user presses the Ignore option the call will return to the person who parked the call and the indicator will disappear.

Retrieve – If the user presses the Retrieve option then the parked caller and user will be connected.

Exit – If the user presses Exit they will return to the main page but the call will remain parked and visible in the Busy Lamp Field.

Once a parked call is retrieved the screen will update to provide in call options for the user.

Horizon user interface update

We will soon be rolling out a long overdue new look to our Horizon user interface. This update will bring a new colour scheme, a number of technical improvements and bug fixes and provides a much improved user experience.

Horizon Softclient Instant Messaging and Presence

As of 19th March we will no longer be able to support the Softclient Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) feature within the Horizon Softclient. Excellent user experience is our priority and for this reason we will be removing the feature. However, the updated Softclient will continue to provide all the same calling and feature access capabilities as it currently does.

For Horizon users wanting to do more with Horizon beyond its comprehensive calling and call management capabilities, please contact us to find out more about our brand new unified communications solution, Horizon Collaborate, which will provide all of your voice calls, presence, instant messaging and conferencing all in one place.