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Release of Horizon Integrator Version 3.0

Horizon Integrator version 3.0 is now available.

Integrator Version 3.0 – What’s new at a glance?

The latest version sees the additional features below added:

  • The look and feel of the application significantly overhauled
  • Support for the Salesforce adaptor and the Lightning interface
  • Set extension to Do Not Disturb against calendar appointments
  • Proactive and mandatory software update management
  • 5 new CRM Integrations
    • Zendesk
    • Zoho Phonebridge
    • WebCRM
    • Teamleader
    • TallEMU

Comparison between 2.6 and 3.0

A square user icon has replaced the solid circle used in 2.6. The square is given a unique colour and initials for each user. Telephone extension status (busy lamp field) is shown as a vertical bar to the left of the square.

Additional information previously shown in columns is now available in the bottom panel and Contact details window.

Hovering over a user or extension in the Presence window will cause a slider bar to appear on the right hand side of the window that will present any options available to the user.

Preview Window – Improved larger window layout will resize according to the amount of content to display.

Microsoft Outlook notes are now visible within this window.

The call history window has been updated to a two-line view per call with a unique coloured and initialled icon per contact. Available actions are presented as a pop out bar from the right-hand side of the screen.

Address book – The contact icon has been changed to mirror that used in Call History.

Tray menu – The tray menu has changed significantly in layout, although the actual functions available are very similar to version 2.6. The most significant change is that search results are shown with the system tray itself; improving efficiency and use of screen space.

Search – Search results now show in the system tray menu rather than opening a separate search window.

Recent calls

Help – Help is now indexed and searchable from within the system tray menu.

New features

Show details

Show details is used to display any information associated with the user that is not shown in other parts of the Presence screen (and which may previously have been shown in the Presence columns).