Unify your communications

The way people work, communicate and collaborate is undergoing profound change. And it is all in the quest for raised business productivity and efficiency while at the same time reducing operational and IT costs.

Unify your comms

Underpinning this move is unified communications: the convergence of voice, video, and data communications services and applications on a shared IP-based infrastructure. The result is significantly faster and more timely communications with customers, with staff, with suppliers and with business partners, making immediacy the norm.

"With Gamma we have been able to achieve a complete communications solution. We now have all our services under one roof and have managed to make continued cost savings across our telephony estate. We've been impressed with the continued professionalism Gamma have shown throughout the transfer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a truly unified solution."

Rob Parsons, Finance Director, Thrifty Car & Van Rental UK

Gamma solutions for your organisation

From our roots in IP networking we offer truly independent unified communications solutions for medium sized and large enterprises. Drawing on our own best-of-breed hardware and software together with that from established partner companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya and Shoretel we build scalable and flexible solutions around your organisation's people, business processes and way of working.


The Gamma portfolio begins with the feature-rich Horizon hosted telephony service which incorporates powerful fixed/mobile convergence and forms a complete migration road map to fully unified communications. Horizon is easily controlled and managed through a simple web interface. It is backed by peerless 24/7 service and runs over our own secure, high availability, high performance next generation fibre optic network.

By choosing Horizon, you can add as little or as much unified communications functionality as you wish as your businesses develops and grows, all supported by our expert consultants and project managers.

SIP Trunking

Beyond Horizon our SIP services are ideal for all leading unified communications services.

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Gamma for Enterprise and Public Sector

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The benefits of Unified Comms

No matter how complex or how extensive, any unified communications strategy has one key objective: to unify communications channels and devices securely, reliably and flexibly in a way that lets users communicate how, when and where they want without being exposed to the underlying technology. What benefits can your organisation expect when successfully meeting this challenge?

Unified comms guide

  • Cost Savings
    Savings in communications and travel costs, reduced management burden and overall cost of ownership. Replacing legacy telephone infrastructure alone can bring immediate savings of as much as 40%.
  • Productivity
    Among the most often cited but hardest to quantify benefits is improved productivity, largely by reducing delays in communications, by automating operations and by enabling several formerly disjointed actions to take place simultaneously.
  • Mobility
    The location independent nature of IP networks, together with their support for any device, anywhere, anytime, enables true mobile and remote working. Staff are freed from the confines of the office to work and pursue new opportunities from anywhere in the world, so massively extending the effective reach of the business.
  • Collaboration
    More efficient collaboration can bring about profound change in the way your organisation conducts business. You can better understand your customers and provide them with a richer customer experience. You can get closer to your partner organisations and consultants. And true collaboration means you can support entirely new business processes previously not possible. By eliminating unnecessary face-to-face meetings you can also ensure more effective use of staff time.
  • Business Continuity
    Unified communications systems don’t tie numbers and people to physical connections or to particular devices. This is ideal for providing resilience and continuity in cases of disruption.
  • Work/Life Integration
    With work increasingly regarded as something that people do rather than a place they go, employees now routinely expect to use the same devices for work and leisure. This paradigm is much better supported by adopting an integrated approach to communications via a single unified device.
  • Green Credentials
    A spin-off benefit of doing away with unnecessary travel and meetings is a reduction in carbon footprint, especially for multinational organisations that frequently use air travel. There’s support too for device consolidation that can help cut power consumption and eliminate power-hungry desktop systems.

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Your first move should be to build a complete inventory of hardware/software, networks, in house-skills, total cost of ownership and, finally, how well current IT meets the needs of the business now and into the future. Then you can understand what you have, if it works for you and whether embarking on a technology refresh will deliver benefits to the business. We can help you do this with our free audit services.

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This is where the objectives for unified communications in a particular organisation must be set. It begins with detailing which parts of a business where it is likely to bring most benefit, at the same time stating clear and measurable expectations for the implementation of your services.

Issues such as cost, oversight and service levels should also be addressed, as should important factors like business continuity/disaster recovery, security, monitoring and management and how problems and failures are to be resolved, together with reporting, reviewing and escalation processes. This is part of the plan we formulate with our customers before every unified communications project.


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The successful implementation of unified communications requires, at the outset, the effective deployment and integration of all the key functional elements. Working with us, we'll will prioritise the plan by following a properly thought out migration that provides clear and precise directions. As a minimum we include required skills, key milestones, chosen cut-over path and reporting and escalation points.

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Economic pressures are forcing companies to make cost and headcount reductions while at the same time competitive pressures make it essential to leverage IT systems to maintain competitive advantage. This is where we come in.

Multiple factors come into play when considering the preferred solution. We have a broad capability in IP networking and real time communications, experience of working with products from all the leading hardware and software vendors, a leading track record and this underpinned with gold standard service levels. Call us today and we will help you make the right decision!