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The need to secure business data has never been greater. The threat from network intrusion, asset, password and identity theft and fraudulent misrepresentation is very real and ever present. Every organisation faces such security challenges almost every day.

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But in today's social enterprise, where employees use tools such as LinkedIn®, Facebook, Instant Messaging, Twitter and blogging to communicate with customers and each other, the traditional firewall fails. The problem is exacerbated by advanced persistent threats which can get around traditional security infrastructures and countermeasures.

Our managed security services focus on protecting information and reinforcing network security. Our portfolio includes security design, consulting and implementation across distributed enterprises, data centres and traditional security perimeters. Importantly our intelligent security platform analyses application data and reveals who is doing what, with which assets, and when.

Advanced, best in class security products are only part of the solution. There’s also the manpower, skills and budget needed to implement, monitor and manage them. They also need to tie in with your communications infrastructure and strategy. We offer all this and more with solutions based either in the cloud or on site as fully managed services.

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Gamma for Enterprise and Public Sector

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Benefits of Gamma network security

  • Application visibility and control
    Accurate identification of the applications traversing the network enables policy-based control over application usage at the firewall, the strategic centre of the network.
  • Visualisation tools
    Customisable reporting and logging so you can make a more informed decision on how to treat the applications on your network.
  • Real-time threat prevention
    Detects and blocks application vulnerabilities, viruses, spyware and worms, as well as controlling web activity, all in real-time, dramatically improving performance and accuracy.
  • Virtual systems
    Create multiple virtual firewalls within single devices to support departments, customers or business needs.
  • Legacy firewall support
    Support for traditional inbound and outbound port-based firewall rules mixed with application-based rules eases the transition to a Gamma next generation firewall.

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Firstly, we tap one of our next generation firewalls into your network next to your existing firewall. Then over the coming days we capture and identify by name all the applications in use on your network. These are categorised by type, technology and risk. We also identify the users and abusers. 

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You’ll get a full report detailing all the rogue applications found on your network and a lot more background information as well. You’ll also get reports of any files and data attachments transferred in and out of your network and a summary identifying all threats found and their potential impact on your network.