Gamma’s Janet interconnects mean schools, colleges and universities can maximise the connections and bandwidth they already have while upgrading to our industry leading communications solutions. Educational institutions win in every way: substantial savings, vastly increased flexibility, total control over telephony and dependable, always-on services

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Innovation and cost saving

In today’s competitive world, academic institutions must manage the constant tension between controlling costs and the need to deploy supporting technology of sufficient quality to attract high calibre teaching staff, and students. Communications of the highest order are paramount, not just to support and enable world-class academic research and inter-institution collaboration, but for tuition, studying, enrolment and day-to-day administration too.

At Gamma we work with the education sector right across Britain to deliver a whole range of innovative and cost-saving communications solutions. Through our understanding of academic needs we have become a trusted adviser and supplier to many colleges and universities including Northumbria University, Robert Gordon University and Queen Mary University.

Did you know?

We provide services to over 482 schools, 21 Universities and 42 Colleges throughout the UK. 

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Proud Suppliers

Janet connected logoWe are proud to be suppliers on the Janet Telephony Purchasing Service Framework, enabling organisations to procure our calls, lines, SIP Trunking, Hosted telephony and mobile solutions without the hassle of going to full OJEU tender.
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Education Solutions

Our own national network is connected directly to Janet via private resilient links in both London and Manchester. This means our academic customers can cut costs and radically improve flexibility by migrating away from costly ISDN circuits and instead using their existing Janet connections to carry the latest technology Gamma SIP trunking for voice calls.

We can also improve the experience for callers by helping you move away from costly 08xx numbers and onto 01, 02 or 030 numbers. And we back that with sophisticated call control so people always get through to the right person, more quickly.

And with staff and students now expecting to be able to communicate while on the move or at home as well as on campus, our mobile, data and hosted telephony solutions can help you meet the challenge of flexible working.

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Gamma products used by Education establishments

  • SIP – available via the Janet network, SIP is a lower cost ISDN replacement service that reduces costs for large education establishments, especially those with more than one campus. Scale lines up and down during busy periods such as clearing.
  • Inbound -  a solution that enables you take a call on any number in any location, to ensure you are always available to your students. We can also transition you from expensive to call 08xx numbers onto 01/02/03 numbers to make it easier and less costly for people to call you. 

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

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We provide a range of solutions to help you manage your communications estate and our online  portal enables you to access your management information in one place with one bill, making supplier management easier.

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There is often a requirement to burst telecoms capacity during busy periods such as clearing.  Traditional ISDN services are very inflexible with capacity constraints. With our SIP Trunk solutions you can burst channels up and down with ease - perfect for clearing.

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Rather than having site-based equipment that can go wrong, we can offer you a range of core network-based solutions in the Cloud, such as network-based IVRs for your phone system.

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We specialise in designing voice networks to ensure 99.999 reliability. We can also work with you to maximise the key benefits of moving to an IP-based telecoms platform, such as helping you to implement a fully robust disaster recovery plan for complete peace of mind.

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Talk to us about reducing CAPEX requirements through hosting solutions – we offer several commercial models that can assist you through recurring monthly rather than capital outlays.