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Shrinking budgets are bringing radical change in the way Government works. But making economies must never compromise the quality of services provided to citizens. As a consequence there’s a real need to work with suppliers who can themselves innovate. We can help liberate the true value of existing IT and telecoms investments. Because doing more with less has never been so important.

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Innovative thinking

Procurements are now about achieving specific outcomes rather than which technologies, products and solutions are used to get there. Such an approach favours alert and quick thinking vendors - those not afraid to be disruptive in the face of entrenched legacy suppliers. At Gamma we work with Government bodies across the UK to deliver a whole range of innovative and cost saving solutions.

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Gamma for Central Government

  • Inbound – Costing you less while answering calls more efficiently. Moves numbers out of the exchange and into the cloud. Putting you in control. Letting you quickly add extra lines for traffic peaks then just as quickly scale them back again afterwards.
  • SIP – Advanced telephony at much lower cost and with vastly more flexibility. An ISDN replacement service ready for the needs of today and tomorrow.

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Framework suppliers

We are proud to offer our services to the public sector though a number of procurement frameworks: Network Services - RM1045, G-Cloud, Crown Commercial Service Telephony Services, Procurement for Housing and JANET Purchasing service. It means there is a framework you can use to make buying from us that much easier.

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Network Services RM1045*

We have recently been selected on to a cornerstone of public sector frameworks, Network Services RM1045 (also known as PSN2 and PSTS). This will help your organisation choose the right solutions at the best prices. We are now appointed under the following 'lots' providing comprehensive access to tenders across the voice, data mobile and IP communications spheres:

Lot 1: Data Access services
Lot 3: Traditional telephony services
Lot 4: Inbound telephony services
Lot 5: IP telephony services
Lot 6: Mobile voice and data services
Lot 8: Videoconferencing services
Lot 9: Audioconferencing services
Lot 10: Integrated Communications

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*The RM1045 framework replaces three existing agreements RM860 PSN Connectivity, RM1498 PSN Services and RM1035 Telephony Services.  It is also recognised under its pre-launch project headings Public Services Network 2 (PSN2) and Public Sector Telecommunication Services (PSTS).


Solutions for Public Sector

Cost savings

Use your budget to do more. Gamma SIP Trunking can save local authorities 25%–40% of their current spend on calls and lines. We can also deliver a more joined up approach to all your communications by converging data, mobile and fixed lines into one. Talk to us for a free audit and appraisal of your existing infrastructure.

Shared Services

Share services with other local authorities using our Inbound, hosted telephony and SIP solutions. The quickest and simplest way to consolidate communications infrastructure and realise economies of scale.

Increased resilience

You’d be surprised how few organisations include telecoms in their disaster recovery planning. Our cloud-based solutions such as Gamma SIP Trunks and Inbound virtualise your numbers letting you route them anywhere. Maintain service continuity even when offices are closed through flooding, snow or other contingency.

One number

One number follows users everywhere regardless of device or location, whether landline, mobile or desktop.


Traditional telecoms aren’t that flexible. Changes and moves can incur major costs and come with long lead times. Our cloud solutions can respond very quickly to demand. Adding extra capacity for busy periods - council tax payments for example - is quick and easy. So is scaling back afterwards for business as usual.