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Cellular telephony has been a feature of our business landscape for almost 30 years. But it’s only recently that mobile devices have really come into their own, driven by enhanced functionality, smart design and affordability. Today, they are the bedrock to remote and flexible working, delivering instant, always on connectivity for a more available, collaborative workforce.

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Gamma Mobile

Businesses face three challenges when looking for the best mobile solutions: cost, complexity and information security. Because we only cater for the business market we understand these challenges and we're committed to delivering solutions, tariffs and support that help you focus on your business. 

We're already one of the UK's largest providers of fixed voice services and applications for thousands of UK businesses and you can rest assured we have applied the same expertise and experience into making our mobile network and support services business-class and to the highest reliability also.

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Gamma for Enterprise and Public Sector

Flexible tariffs 

We offer a range of mobile tariffs including pay-as-you-use, single user, shared user and unlimited, as well as a selection of bolt-ons including text, data, international roaming and our unique MultiNet service. Alternatively, we can work with you to find a bespoke package that suits your needs.

MultiNet - the power of multiple networks in one SIM

Mobile network reliability and coverage are essential for any business. Our unique MultiNet bolt-on gives you access to multiple networks for improved coverage. Provided there is coverage from an available mobile network, you can always make and receive calls and data. More signal means more opportunity to do business. Think of it as mobile without boundaries - if the Gamma primary network is unreachable and there is another network available, with MultiNet your handset will seek to pick up another available network, so there's no more moving around trying to find single network coverage and no need for multiple contracts with several providers.

Providing Information Security on Mobile Assets

Everyone is struggling with how to enable mobility, without putting their business at risk. All the new mobile applications and devices create opportunities for organisations to conveniently conduct business anywhere, at any time, but they are also creating new pathways for attackers to steal data and get into corporate networks. The reality is the mass adoption of mobile devices is making them an attractive target for attackers. We can help you solve this problem and protect your data from advanced modern threats.

Converging Fixed and Mobile

As a fixed-line network and mobile network operator, we can offer highly competitive on-net rates and are in an ideal position to make fixed/mobile convergence an affordable reality for your business.

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The benefits of Gamma Mobile

Why do business users choose Gamma above other providers?

  • We own the core mobile network systems
  • We can make adds and changes much more quickly
  • Built for business
  • Business-centric voicemail
  • No consumer traffic on the network
  • MultiNet bolt-on gives access to multiple networks in one SIM
  • Focus on customer service excellence
  • Great range of features designed specifically for business
  • Competitive PAYU tariffs
  • Corporate group data bundles
  • Proactive account management that helps lower costs and improve service
  • One bill/all services solution - keep an eye on costs, maximise savings
  • Customers choose their preferred device, no restrictive conditions

  • Data and application security that goes beyond MDM (Mobile Device Management)

  • Device agnostic protection from targeted mobile threats

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Our mobile tariffs are optimised for your business day one and we will continually review this to ensure changing usage and work patterns are incorporated, meaning savings go beyond the headline voice and data bundle rates.

Further still our converged fixed and mobile services offer you more. Did you know that, on average, 17% of all fixed line business calls are made to company mobiles in the same organisation? Switch to Gamma for your fixed and mobile services and you could call your mobiles for free and make a major saving on both your fixed and mobile phone bills.

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Mobile Data Optimisation (MDO) is a solution that helps enterprises manage mobile data usage on employee devices. This is important because today’s enterprises face sharply growing mobile data costs, lack insight into how employees consume mobile data and have limited control. We provide MDO to businesses with immediate data savings of up to 30% through real-time data compression and video compression, deliver previously unavailable visibility into data usage on a per app and per user basis and we can cut data roaming costs by up to 60% through real-time policy controls. Call us today and start saving.

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We’ve years of experience supplying fixed lines, mobiles, devices, networks, applications and operating systems. Switching to Gamma will give you a one-bill solution for all your communication services with big savings and passionate customer service and support. We combine the assets and control of a carrier with the flexibility of a systems integrator.

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Manage your whole estate with better management information; users, spend, inventory and policy. We give you the tools and expertise to allow you to manage and optimise more effectively. This is what makes us different to the pack who simply want you to spend more. Call us today to find out more.