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Hundreds of businesses fail each year as the result of unplanned disruptions. But even in the face of compelling statistics many businesses fail to take the risk of disruptions seriously and they pay a heavy price.

We have a range of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business working through any unforeseen circumstances.

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  • More than half of organisations suffered at least one disruption during 2013 with extreme weather, staffing issues and loss of IT/telecommunications most often to blame.*
  • While 89% of managers recognised business continuity is a key responsibility, only 63% reported having continuity measures in place.*
  • In a Green Flag Breakdown research report in 2013, it was reported that British workers have missed 51.4 million working hours in one week as a result of poor weather conditions. Over 8.5 million (18 per cent) British adults were unable to work their contracted hours because of the adverse weather, costing employers an estimated £318 million.

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Most disruptions are not the kind that make headlines. Public transport strikes, excavators slicing through cables, gas leaks, security alerts and localised power cuts are are much more likely to affect your business than anything more serious.

*Source: Weathering The Storm; 2013 Business Continuity Management Survey, Chartered Management Institute, London

So what can you do?

Prepare - and that’s where we can really help. Our solutions can keep your business running, not just in the face of everyday contingencies but during major emergencies too.

Backing up important data, installing of UPSs, equipping staff with mobiles and laptops to work at home: these are all standard measures. But at Gamma we go further. Published telephone numbers are a case in point. We make sure your staff can still answer calls when they can’t get into work, when offices are out of action and even when the lines are down.

Thinking beyond the obvious is the key to business continuity and that’s what our customers have come to rely on us for. Many of our solutions - Inbound for example - are already business continuity enabled. 

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The benefits of Business Continuity

If you have to move offices temporarily through emergencies or routine maintenance, our SIP Trunks, Inbound and Mobile services can provide instantaneous rerouting of numbers to backup locations or to mobiles. Your business continues seamlessly throughout.

  • Prevent contingencies putting the brakes on your business
  • We look after your numbers while you manage them online
  • Design your own call plans
  • Divert your regular numbers to any location, instantly

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With the vast majority of all customer contact still taking place by phone, sudden loss of your inbound telephone service ranks as one of the most serious risks facing your organisation. Most businesses rely on untimely call diverts whilst their customers are met with voicemail, an unanswered ringing signal or, worse, an unavailable tone. Our Inbound solution solves this issue.

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Our services provide cost-effective continuity regardless of the failure so you don’t need to invest heavily to provide real and immediate benefits. Designed to be instant and flexible, we put you in total control via customer portals that allow you to immediately respond to disasters, no matter how small, or better still pre-program the service so it knows what to do when you get a blip or, worse still, a major incident. 

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Companies can better integrate mobile and remote workers into office phone systems by using our leading Fixed to Mobile solution. In its simplest form, our solution is the glue with which to integrate your disparate fixed and mobile voice services, or at its fullest, it's a market leading integrated service that provides seamless working between all communications with increased productivity and significant savings.  

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High availability of the applications that ultimately deliver content to your users need not be a costly exercise but is a task that goes beyond simple datacentre design. We look at all areas and this is a challenge where our complete managed communication solutions come into their own.

WANs that deliver the best SLAs, bandwidth speeds and multi carrier resilience; voice solutions with DR in their DNA delivered from a highly resilient network core and integrated mobility solutions that protect the device from modern threats while making users more productive are just a few of the ways our solutions provide true value to you. And they are all delivered as part of a managed communications service that has secure business continuity at its heart.