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You might be a small company but that shouldn't stop you thinking big. Working with Gamma, your business can present a bigger image to your customers and prospects.

It's also vital that you never miss a call, as it could be the large order you've been waiting for. We can ensure you are always contactable and customers never think your doors are shut.

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According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills small and medium sized businesses make up 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK. Employing more than 24.3million people, small business is anything but small.

Making your life easier

Running a small company comes with huge challenges. Owners and staff have to wear a lot of hats and possess multiple skillsets. IT and telecoms can be a difficult path to navigate - there are literally thousands of providers out there each vying for their share of the market and each claiming to be leading in something or other. The temptation could be to just go with the devil you know but does that devil really know you? Do they care about small business?

With many years experience helping start-ups and small businesses, we have a pedigree for developing products and services with you in mind. 

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Gamma for small to medium businesses

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Cost savings
Keeping overheads down is vital to small businesses, which is why we always look to provide best value. Notice we didn’t say cheapest. Your business deserves the best products at a fair price, without hidden costs and with exceptional service. That’s what we deliver.

Working nights, early mornings, staff called in sick, kids off school. Juggling life and a small business is tough which is why we’ve developed our products to work the way you do - flexibly. We can take landline numbers out of the local exchange and host them in the cloud so your calls can be delivered to you when and where you want them.

If you’re looking to grow your business then working with a partner that can support you as you grow is important. We believe that expanding your voice and data infrastructure to support your growing team should be simple. That’s why we help you add handsets, lines, mobiles and data connections as you go without putting barriers in the way.

A lot of our time is invested in developing our products to make them the most reliable available. Our reputation depends on it. We will work with you to build a resilient service to meet your budget. And the day that a digger cuts through your line, we’ll be there to support you with emergency mobile phones.

Gamma for Small Businesses

  • Inbound – a solution that enables you take a call on any number at any location. Ensures you are always available to your customers without having to publicise your mobile number. You can also promote your number as anywhere in the UK to project a bigger image for your business.
  • Broadband - Our ADSL Broadband provides a reliably fast service at a number of speeds to suit your business and with first class UK support represents great value for money.