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Converged Private Networks

Converged Private Networks (CPN) is our fully-managed MPLS-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solution that is ideal for businesses with multiple sites that want to boost the performance, improve the security and reduce the cost of their network. CPN delivers the performance, reliability and security that businesses need to make effective use of today’s multi-media services.

By fully integrating our market-leading IP voice products (Gamma SIP Trunks and Horizon) with an MPLS core network, your business can benefit from having all your IP voice and data services supplied by a single supplier – with just one point of contact, one bill and one set of SLAs.

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Our MPLS core network


Gamma’s core network is a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based Wide Area Network (WAN) that enhances the inherent benefits of MPLS with the integration of our market-leading high quality IP telephony services.

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Who is Converged Private Networks suitable for?  


CPN is ideal for businesses that:

  • Still use legacy leased lines and perhaps are also transferring data across the public internet (e.g. using IPSec) but want to implement true QoS and benefit from the cost savings associated with running both voice and data over IP
  • Use IP voice but have yet to integrate it with their data network: businesses that want to achieve operational and other benefits from running all voice and data traffic over a network supplied by a single vendor
  • Are nearing the end of their current agreement for an MPLS-based service and will be searching for a better deal in terms of cost, management, performance, security and reliability
  • Are fast-growing and expanding their geographical footprint so need a flexible MPLS-based WAN solution to support this
  • Run collaborative applications such as video conferencing to benefit from the reduction in staff travel costs and lost work time

Data Convergence

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Product family

The benefits of CPN

Converged Private Networks (CPN) forms part of our comprehensive connectivity portfolio, which includes converged high quality voice and high speed internet services over broadband and Ethernet.

CPN extends this capability to privately connecting multiple sites with many benefits: 

  • First-class Internet Protocol (IP) VPN technology
    The flexibility to quickly and effectively support changes in business connectivity requirements means that you’ll be able to add sites and increase capacity on demand
  • Application prioritisation
    Enabling support for higher quality voice and video conferencing, along with business-critical applications, means that your business will benefit from high quality voice and video calls and uninterrupted access to the tools you need to do your job
  • Scalable bandwidth
    Meet differing needs across organisations and sites and help future proof your network to accommodate growing business requirements
  • Advanced network security
    Combines with cloud internet access to provide multiple layers of protection against threats, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of intellectual property and customer information by scanning all traffic — applications, users, and content across all ports and protocols
  • High network availability
    Reliability and resilience for business continuity on both our core network and at your location
  • Easier to manage
    Acting as the sole provider of your WAN, we manage the key components of your business for you so you require fewer IT and networking staff, enabling you to focus on business goals

Voice Enabled Services

Fully integrated with our market leading and award-winning IP voice products, our data products give you access to a purpose-built combined voice and data network. You'll benefit from a single, robust SLA from a single provider. With full visibility and control over both the voice and data services, we can resolve any issues and make changes to your network quickly and accurately.

Acting as the single supplier of your data services, we become the single point of contact for both your data and IP voice (including porting). This converged approach not only reduces complexity but also offers differentiation through being easier to do business with, rather than you managing different upstream suppliers for voice and data. 


Converged Broadband and Converged Ethernet

At the heart of our Converged Broadband and Converged Ethernet products is an affordable solution that enables you to consolidate and converge your data and voice networks, giving your business a number of distinct advantages:

  • Converged Broadband and Ethernet provides the ideal platform for migrating to IP telephony and opening up the numerous benefits that IP telephony brings
  • Reduce supplier and network management costs by getting rid of legacy voice infrastructure
  • Access to increased bandwidth and performance will help your business move into the cloud
  • Purchasing an end-to-end service from a single, trusted supplier means any problems are fixed quickly