Converged Broadband

"Working with Gamma has eliminated a lot of the lost time dealing with connectivity issues we had with other suppliers. Their products are robust and reliable, coupled with a 24/7 support desk allows us to offer business class solutions with confidence, which has opened up many opportunities."

Sanj Gidda
Director of Sales & Enterprise Accounts - Positive ICT Limited

Our voice-enabled products provide a whole new way of thinking for organisations of all sizes that want to reduce their spend on voice calls and data traffic while at the same time ensuring the highest-quality service is always available. Thanks to the rapid growth of broadband and our best of breed networks and engineering knowledge, we lead the way for converged voice and data products and services in the UK business marketplace. 

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An introduction to Converged Broadband for Channel Partners

Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single line, from one supplier and with UK-based 24/7 support. Prior to provision we test each circuit. And every customer gets a very generous monthly data allowance. Fully Quality of Service (QoS) enabled, the service supports up to 10 voice channels and is backed by a robust performance SLA.

How does it work?

It’s a single broadband connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth. Think of it as the fast lane of a motorway, reserved for priority traffic during busy periods but open to everyone the rest of the time.

Using our intelligent broadband network and the advanced features of the Cisco 800 series routers, we’re able to provide a QoS-enabled service, which means your customers can enjoy consistently high-quality voice, backed by a performance SLA that is unhindered by any other data transferred across their single, converged connection.

Who do I sell it to?

Converged Broadband is ideal for smaller offices and home workers looking to combine voice and data in a cost effective way. The cost savings gained from consolidating broadband and ISDN2 connections widen your target market considerably and will drive the growth of both your IP telephony and broadband margins.

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Product family

The benefits of Converged Broadband

Organisations wishing to take advantage of the full range of benefits available by adopting cloud-based services will find a strong and committed provider in Gamma. We lead by building resilience into all levels of our network; through product innovation and the high-quality, 24/7 UK-based support we provide.

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Our network was conceived and engineered specifically for business users. This means that at peak times, your customers’ time and business-critical applications will always be prioritised and will never compete with bandwidth-hungry residential circuits.

Quality is assured through :

  • Extensive monitoring of all elements and metrics within the call path both TDM and IP including but not limited to, Post Dial Delay (PDD), Answer to Seize Ratio (ASR), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Perceptual Analysis of Speech Quality (PESQ) Score, Call Closure and Error codes for C7 and SIP signalling, Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, Trunk and Circuit occupancy, uptime and trends
  • Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services
  • Appropriate and timely alerts of potential issues and ‘hot spots’ to our 24x7 Network Operations Centre
  • Review of external and internal reports including customer feedback via support desks
  • Strict Change Control and Release Management process aligned with our suppliers and carrier partners to prevent related quality or service issues
  • Oversight through a monthly Quality Steering Group meeting chaired by our CEO that includes input output from our regular Platform Service Reviews, Capacity Management, Information Security and Business Continuity forums
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Each Converged Broadband circuit goes through an initial training period of 10-15 days. At the end of this time we can provide assurance that the circuit will support the number of concurrent calls that you require.

Solving business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Business issue

It provides assured voice quality and allows for internet access using the remainder of your customer's bandwidth capacity. Rather than buying two circuits, one for voice and one for data, both access requirements are available with Converged broadband. Access to at least one of the product options is excellent because it uses ADSL2+ or Annex M. This product also includes the adoption of our Assured Broadband training process to ensure the circuit is stable to support the chosen product.

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When it comes to operating time-sensitive applications such as voice or video over your connectivity, reliability and high levels of availability are critical factors when choosing a suitable service. Our Converged services carry both voice and data where voice traffic is marked with end to end QoS ensuring that your voice service runs smoothly and without interruption.

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Organisations of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony plus hosted applications like collaborative software, email campaign platforms, CRM and design software) and even remotely backing up individual PCs). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high-performance, reliable and fast connections. Our Converged services provide your business customers with this essential foundation.

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Over time we’ve seen faster broadband speeds becoming more widely available to UK and businesses are now much more aware of what does and doesn’t represent good service – whether it’s the way their broadband is performing or the level of service support they receive when issues arise. We're expert in the management of large and small-scale migrations and we work closely with Channel Partners to consult, explain, train, inform and support through every step of the migration process and beyond. It’s one of our real differentiators and one your customers will thank you for.

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Our Converged services are attractive to organisations looking for a hosted IP solution from a single provider, managed to stringent and effective service levels, with support for all elements of the service. Each member of our UK-based support team is fully-trained on every product and we’re available day and night, 24/7 - great for you and great for your customers.

Can I sell Converged Broadband to any business?

We believe business customers look for the following three things in a converged broadband supplier:

  • Service reliability
  • Value for money
  • Service speeds

Our Converged Broadband services have been built to the highest engineering standards and use the latest technologies to provide reliably fast services, all at a price that represents great value for money. Our range includes products that suit SoHo, SME and Enterprise organisations, alike.