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"The Gamma bonus structure means that we benefit financially from increased business with Gamma and it's therefore a key determining factor in transferring business from other carriers."

Steve Cartwright
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With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it's essential your customers are able to connect their business and workforce reliably and at high speeds. Our full range of Broadband services includes Fibre Broadband using Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Converged Broadband and Assured Broadband dedicated to our voice services.

Our Broadband is designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers. Our network has been built to provide high-quality products and services and this is supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. Our unique Assured services are designed for IP telephony, whether it's for Gamma SIP Trunks or our Horizon hosted voice service.

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How does it work?

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We deliver services direct from our own network, providing the performance and resilience that business broadband users demand. As an ISP we can offer a series of business ready products at competitive prices.

What services do we offer?


We offer a full range of business Broadband services with speeds up to 24Mbps downstream and up to 1.3Mbps upstream and the following options:

  • Business Care - 22 hour fix time SLA*
  • Expedite the installation time for new circuits
  • Regrade to different Broadband products
  • Additional IP addresses can be purchased (standard is one free static IP)


Fibre Broadband

With speeds up to 80Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream, we offer a widely-available set of Fibre products with the following options:

  • Business Care - 22 hour fix time SLA*
  • Regrade to different Broadband products
  • Additional IP addresses (standard is one free static IP)


Assured Broadband

A specialist Broadband product designed to support our IP telephony services, Assured provides all the elements of the end-to-end IP telephony solution and offers the the following options:

  • Up to 15 concurrent G.729 calls
  • Provision of a quality Cisco router with no upfront costs for longer term contracts
  • Additional IP addresses (standard is one free static IP)


Converged Broadband

Combining Gamma Assured Broadband and internet access using just one circuit, Converged Broadband is underpinned by a stringent SLA and offers the following options:

  • Fibre or ADSL2 Broadband (location dependent)
  • Provision of a quality Cisco router with no upfront costs for longer term contracts
  • Additional IP addresses (standard is one free static IP)

Who do I sell it to?

Business Broadband from Gamma is the ideal solution for:

  • SoHo (Small office Home office) workers
  • Start-up businesses
  • Medium-sized enterprises

We believe Channel Partners look for the following key things in a broadband supplier:

  • Service reliability
  • Value for money
  • UK-based telephone support
  • Service speeds
  • Diagnostic tools available online to help improve customer service

Our Broadband services have been built to the highest engineering standards and use the latest technologies to provide reliable, fast services, all at a price that represents great value for money.


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Product family

The benefits of Business Broadband

Whether your customers are using Broadband for their office or for homeworking, the combination of our product choice and our highly-skilled UK-based support teams makes our Broadband services a compelling proposition.

  • You can offer superfast products
    We provide some of the UK's fastest broadband products so you can meet all your customers' business broadband needs, by offering:
    - A range of product options and monthly usage allowances
    - The replacement of existing copper with fibre, offering faster speeds and greater reliability
    - Great value-for-money Business-only services
  • You can trust our strong engineering pedigree
    From the outset, we’ve built in high-quality and geographical resilience, as standard. Our network is engineered and managed using our expertise in large-scale IP networks, which means you can sell Gamma services with complete confidence
  • We give you 24/7 UK-based support
    Importantly, we provide UK based support teams who are trained in every aspect of our products. You can always speak to someone who can help, whatever time of day or night, 24/7
  • We give you advanced diagnostics tools
    Our web portal-based tools enable business-grade first-line support and they help our Partners add value. Being an online resource, they can be accessed at any time, from any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • It's great value for money from a single supplier
    High-quality service and support supplied at competitive prices give Partners real value for money and adds the peace of mind gained by selling end-to-end services, delivered by a single supplier

Hot topics

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Our network was conceived and engineered specifically for business users. This means that at peak times, your customers’ time-critical and business-critical applications will always be prioritised.

Quality is assured through:

  • Extensive monitoring of all elements and metrics within the call path both TDM and IP including but not limited to, Post Dial Delay (PDD), Answer to Seize Ratio (ASR), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), Mean Opinion Score (MOS), Perceptual Analysis of Speech Quality (PESQ) Score, Call Closure and Error codes for C7 and SIP signalling, Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, Trunk and Circuit occupancy, uptime and trends
  • Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services
  • Appropriate and timely alerts of potential issues and ‘hot spots’ to our 24x7 Network Operations Centre
  • Review of external and internal reports including customer feedback via support desks
  • Strict Change Control and Release Management process aligned with our suppliers and carrier partners to prevent related quality or service issues
  • Oversight through a monthly Quality Steering Group meeting chaired by our CEO that includes input output from our regular Platform Service Reviews, Capacity Management, Information Security and Business Continuity forums
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We recognise that upfront costs have to be kept to a minimum and we regularly offer fresh incentives to support a reduction in installation costs. 

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Access to fibre broadband is growing and fibre will then continue to be rolled-out with current estimates that around 80% of premises will have access to it by the end of 2015.

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If you have premises that you want to check on then please send the details to

Solving business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Business issue

We can provide you with a circuit status update for your customers on Gamma Broadband and whether or not FTTC is available on those circuits. You can send requests monthly or quarterly.

Business issue

Some of your long standing customers will be unaware of the availability of FTTC and the performance improvement that it can offer in comparison with some ageing broadband products. Businesses and home workers will benefit from the increases in speeds using Fibre Broadband - and your customers will thank you for suggesting the change!

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Because FTTC is expanding rapidly with its availability. It provides a great upsell opportunity and in the future most broadband users are likely to be using fibre for some part of their access technology. Not only are the speeds faster but FTTC is also proven to have fewer circuit faults (than other ADSL circuits) and higher customer retention rates.

Business issue

Some of your customers will be reluctant to change anything on a broadband service that works well. The process to install FTTC requires an engineer visit, the appointment can be arranged on an am/pm basis to suit your customer. The process is performed regularly by skilled engineers and the inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

Business issue

In every case, Gamma can offer FTTC to any location that is FTTC enabled, exactly the same as BT.


Our FTTC incentive continues

How can you benefit from this offer?

  • Access to FTTC has grown to 66% of UK premises
  • Speeds of up to 80Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream
  • Churn rates for FTTC are over 50% lower than on ADSL broadband
  • Great opportunity to upsell to your business customers

With the strong demand for FTTC continuing to grow, we want to help you move your customers over to FTTC by offering FREE installation (by a qualified engineer) and saving you £80.00.

How can we help you identify FTTC opportunities?

Send us a request and we'll tell you how many of your customers are eligible. Simply contact us by emailing or calling 0808 168 7663 and we’ll come back to you within 48 hours.