Gamma's Next Generation Network

Gamma is one of the UK's largest providers of voice and data services, switching hundreds of millions of minutes per month over our soft switch infrastructure.

We only provide services into the business market and place huge emphasis on the availability, reliability and quality of the national fibre network that underpins our products. This is complemented by a comprehensive governance structure that assures the security of our platforms and business continuity of our support services. As such, the majority of our products are accredited to ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 14001.

Our network has been designed and deployed to:

  • Ensure very high levels of system availability through multiple layers of technical and geographic resilience
  • Support all the network elements of a converged solution, provided as an integrated solution or as component parts
  • Support the end-to-end automation of customer transactions between our portal and network platforms enabling customers to place orders, configure services and access a range of product functions, as well as providing a suite of tools to manage billing and usage
  • Facilitate the rapid development and deployment of new product functionality
  • Do all of the above whilst achieving the lowest regulated industry price points, so we can compete evenly with all the major carriers

Network architecture

Our network architecture can be broadly broken down into four areas:

  • A deep voice interconnect, an integral part of the UK PSTN.
  • The aggregation of data access services (Broadband and Ethernet), internet peering, as well as a number of locations where we provide direct ‘private’ connectivity to our customers’ networks
  • An IP-based ‘soft switch’ that supports over three million busy hour calls
  • The core application and service delivery platforms that support our products and associated portal interfaces

Network peering

We have carrier interconnects with a number of operators including BT, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Orange, T Systems as well as peering relationships with a number of IP transit providers including Global Crossing, Packet Exchange and Epsilon and an established presence in a number of the main communications hubs such as Telecity 6/7 and 8/9, Telehouse East and North.

As our core voice network is IP-based, this infrastructure is also used to support our data services. We have four interconnects with BT spread across two geographic locations to support the aggregation and management of our data services (Broadband and Ethernet), which provides a high level of resilience and also the ability to assure quality of service (QoS) for Gamma's VOIP traffic.

We also partner with Epsilon who is well placed to provide service across its pan-European network.

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Gamma network map

Network resilience

In terms of resilience our core network is spread across six main locations and our key product platforms are located in at least two of these locations, with the ability for each node to act independently should one fail.  As a result we typically achieve 99.999% availability for these products.

By design, our network is inherently resilient and operates in a load-sharing configuration. It is capable of handling the full design load of traffic with 50% of the elements out of service.

We operate over 2000kms of fibre formed in a resilient 'figure of eight' architecture around the UK. The network incorporates a number of options for the routing of calls, which are invoked automatically, should the primary route fail. We have points of interconnect with BT and points of presence around the UK and we utilise these to their full potential to give us as many routing options as possible to manage our network traffic. 

Our service platforms and billing systems are housed in a replicated server environment with several layers of backup systems and process, including off-site storage.