Gamma's Next Generation Network

Gamma is one of the UK's largest providers of voice and data services, switching in excess of 800 million minutes per month over our soft switch infrastructure.  We interconnect to BT at 650 DLE's, which are hosted off our national fibre network.

Our Next Generation Network architecture has been specifically designed to:

  • Support the end to end automation of customer transactions between our portal and network platforms.  This enables customers to place orders, configure services and access a range of product functions, as well as providing a suite of tools to manage billing and usage.
  • Facilitate the rapid development and deployment of new product functionality.
  • Ensure very high levels of system availability through multiple layers of technical and geographic resilience.

Gamma has carrier interconnects with a number of operators including BT, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Orange, T Systems and peering relationships with a number of IP transit providers including Global Crossing, Packet Exchange and Epsilon, and an established presence in a number of the main communications hubs such as Telecity 6/7 and 8/9, Telehouse East and North.

As Gamma's core voice network is IP based, this infrastructure is also used to support Gamma's Broadband service. Gamma has four interconnects with BT spread across two geographic locations to support the aggregation and management of Broadband services which provides a high level of resilience and also the ability to assure quality of service for Gamma's VOIP traffic.

Gamma also partners with Epsilon who is well placed to provide service across its Pan-European network.

Read about the growth and history of Gamma's Next Generation Network.


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