Solutions for Medium to Large Enterprises

The breadth of our service range in voice, data and mobile enables us to better understand the needs of the enterprise and to develop solutions that meet your budget and business needs.

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For example, many enterprises have rationalised their disparate communications estates into a single, highly resilient managed communications infrastructure with complete commercial and technical flexibility. This has led to a more future-proof architecture, cost reductions and a more streamlined business and IT function.

“The main benefits of working with Gamma we have seen have been a rock solid architecture that we’ve really been able to build upon. As the relationship has developed, it’s allowed us to do additional things that have delivered some pretty incredible cost savings.”
Owen Williams, Group Head of IT, Knight Frank

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Gamma for Medium to Large Enterprise

The key to success

The top issue for medium and large enterprises is learning how to extract the maximum value from your IT and communications infrastructures by leveraging what you already have in order to create clear competitive differentiation.

The key to success is ensuring that your IT is much more closely aligned to the business and this will deliver real measurable benefits such as improved profitability, better cost management, first mover advantage, market responsiveness and agility. 

For many the main barrier to success is usually the inflexibility of incumbent providers. These service providers are trapped by complexity, rigidity and dated business practices and models at odds with today's more agile users.

Today’s knowledge workers are introducing new technologies and devices that are changing the boundaries from where and how they work, faster than enterprises can support them. Bridging the gap between new and maturing technologies, old and new work practices and places, and new consumer behaviour poses one of the biggest challenges for your enterprise as you try to gain value from your investments in IT or find capital for new projects.

Working the way you want to work

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We work with many enterprises – the service you receive is 24/7 with UK-based support and SLA assured; you get a named customer service specialist to understand your needs, challenges, services and way you like to work. Many of our larger customers have face-to-face executive and service reviews, receive regular reports outlining changes, performance, orders and issues that are backed up with market leading portals which put you in charge when you want to be.

Our success across the enterprise can be best understood by talking to our customers whose businesses rely on the services we provide them.

Gamma for Enterprises

  • Horizon - a hosted voice service that works exceptionally well in a multi-site environment. You can run your voice services over an ADSL or IP network, reducing your connectivity costs on phone lines. You can call other offices for free; dynamically divert calls from office to office when busy, and you don’t need dedicated hardware in each office that becomes expensive to support and maintain.
  • Managed WAN – a fully-managed data services network connecting head offices and branches, providing the right layer of management, security, management information and flexibility.
  • Inbound – Costing you less while answering calls more efficiently. Moves numbers out of the exchange and into the cloud. Putting you in control. Letting you quickly add extra lines for traffic peaks then just as quickly scale them back again afterwards.
  • SIP – Advanced telephony at much lower cost and with vastly more flexibility. An ISDN replacement service ready for the needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Next Generation Securityon premise or in the cloud as part of a managed WAN, a managed security service that allows you to control your user's content via application protection; helping you to meet today’s cyber security and Advanced Persistent Threats and challenges.

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

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We help you get more out of your existing budgets, such as reducing variable costs for budgeting and predictability purposes as no-one’s FD likes surprises! A good example is our next generation hosted telephone system Horizon – there’s no cost to join which is perfect if you’re struggling to find CAPEX.

Business issue

How do you justify the true cost of ownership to your business? With Gamma you get accurate and real time management information to improve your decision making. Our products also help to leverage your business, for example, our Inbound service provides better marketing campaign effectiveness and FTTC Ethernet unlocks convergence and drives cost savings through estate rationalisation.

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We have temporary and fast start solutions for dynamic businesses such as 3G quickstart, so you can open your new site on time even though the business didn’t give you enough warning!

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Getting the most out of our next generation technology enables better employee working and makes your business a cool place to work at. For example, with creative Inbound services, SIP trunking with MS Lync integration and Fixed/Mobile Convergence, Gamma provides better workforce collaboration and better remote working for your staff.