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The drive to ROI in every industry is tough, but nowhere harsher felt than in the marketing and media sectors.

Clients are demanding a better understanding of the contribution to the bottom line of above, through and below-the-line marketing spend, and this has seen the trend for pay-per-performance type models start to become the norm in the industry.

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The shift toward this desire has posed some technological challenges for many marketing and media companies as they have had to start to look beyond the larger carrier centric communication companies to offer them the capabilities required.

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Gamma for small to medium businesses

"The whole process of switching to Gamma was completely seamless and didn't get in the way of normal working. Now instead of talking to five people at five different companies to get things done we have one contact at Gamma for everything. It's so much easier and costs us less too."

Stuart Unwin, Sunset+Vine, Menthorn Media, Video Arts, Pioneer Productions.

Tracking calls for specific clients / across specific campaigns

Unsurprisingly, giving clients an instantaneous picture of the number of calls that their content has generated, be it across digital or print media, has become synonymous with the ability to track calls. This data can then be used for a variety of purposes.

For example an agency can illustrate the effectiveness of media by content type or placement and therefore use it as a tool to sell additional services (or re-sign the given client). Another could be for the client to track the ROI of a given media campaign by tracking the calls to orders / enquiries or however the campaign is to be measured.

Flexibility is essential in this market and enabling the marketing director to log in and view call statistics in real time is a major USP. It not only provides instantaneous insight into the success of their activity but also enables them to adjust that activity if required.

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The above image shows typical performance statistics from our Inbound call management system. Advanced statistics are also available which show full call details. 

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Solutions in Marketing and Media

Four key business issues within the marketing and media sector are getting the most attention:

  • The most cost-effective method of sending and receiving large files for marketing images and copy
  • How do I track calls for specific clients or across specific campaigns?
  • My clients are demanding local numbers for their local and regional businesses
  • How do I keep my brand message consistent? 

Gamma products for marketing and media

Our Ethernet and Inbound solutions are ideal for marketing and media organisations to meet their key business issues.

  • Ethernet - Our cost-effective high speed Ethernet provides a faster, more reliable service for everyday file transfer
  • Inbound - Our Inbound call management solutions help to gauge campaign response levels and improve marketing and media placement for better ROI. A range of great call features will also help with brand recognition.
  • SIP Trunks over Ethernet - we connect a 'pipe' between your site and our network which is then used for all your voice and data services with the bonus that you get all your telecoms and datacoms from just one supplier.

Just need a high bandwidth internet connection for all your voice and data services?

Our SIP Trunk service over Ethernet is the ideal solution if you are looking for a high bandwidth connection to the internet that will support all your ICT business requirements. We simply connect a 'pipe' between your office and our network which is then used for all voice and data services. All you need to do is tell us what bandwidth you need and where we need to connect it. SIP over Ethernet gives you a highly resilient, business quality IP-based alternative to ISDN, providing cheaper communications and giving you the convenience of getting all your voice and data from just one supplier.

Local numbers mean more business

Independent research has shown an increase in calls by 50%-70% when local numbers are chosen in place of 08, 07 or 09 numbers. That's because more and more consumers are making calls from their mobiles and there is huge confusion over how much it costs to call such numbers. Also, consumers would rather choose a local supplier with the knowledge that they will be easily reachable and can be called upon if required.

Traditionally, to source and to virtualise local numbers has been a real challenge for larger telecoms companies. It calls for a partner who can provide local numbers catering for all regions and who can deliver advanced services like virtual/call tracking numbers. 

We lead in numbering solutions through our advanced Ofcom-compliant number database and our ACQ platform that links numbers with services. This makes us arguably the UKs leading numbering provider. 

Consistent brand messaging

Consistency of brand messaging via key contact points is crucial. Whether email alerts for missed, answered and engaged calls or announcements on call whispers, it all helps keep your brand uppermost in your customers' minds.