Charity and Not for Profit 

The Third Sector covers a wide variety of concerns and needs. It is undoubtedly the most complex area in which we work. That said the priorities are the same: saving money, unifying communications and making the most of existing assets.

Understanding your issues

Gamma is an ethical company and we believe that we need to play our part in assisting charities to maximise their impact with the limited income that they receive. We will therefore commit our time to understanding each of the issues that you face and how we might best overcome them through our innovative and market leading communications solutions.

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We understand that you may service vulnerable clients and that the solutions you receive from us need to be robust and resilient. We will always design our solutions with this in mind and our dedicated account managers that work with you will understand this too. They will take the time to understand what you do, who you do it for and what role we have to play in delivering that service and act accordingly.

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Gamma is committed to making charitable donations to worthy causes. We have adopted The Woodland Trust as our official charity. The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, which aims to prevent the loss of ancient woodland and to increase new native woodland. The trust is also occupied with improving the biodiversity of woods and enhancing people's understanding and enjoyment of woodland. The Woodland Trust cares for over 1,000 sites which cover approximately 50,000 acres.

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Gamma for small to medium businesses


We currently work with a wide range of charitable organisations such as The Salvation Army, British Heart Foundation, United Response and Victim Support. 

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Solutions for the Third Sector

Innovative Call Handling

Incoming call management is a vital part of a charity’s work. Whether for a 24/7 helpline or a donation line for payments we offer a range of inbound call handling solutions that make interaction with your clients and supporters more resilient and more effective.


We recognise that there is a push to enable homeworking. As a direct network operator we can offer a range of innovative products and solutions to drive this agenda, changing work from somewhere you go into something you do. Examples include ‘one number follow me’ hosted telephony delivered to homes via broadband but connected to office assets and directories, and mobility solutions that turn mobile phones into mini telephone systems.

Cost and Management Information Services

Our online portal allows you to keep control of your communications spend and track use over time. It also allows you to track any potential misuse of services. We provide a very relevant and concise set of management reports that allow you to monitor what is happening with your telephony estate at the touch of a button.

Asset Management and Auditing

Some telephone estates are very large and complex. Managing them is a challenge. Such resources have evolved over time and can become bloated with costly yet under-utilised services. Our auditing team can quickly identify and cancel any services that are no longer required, helping save money.